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Sex and Sin and Rape and Love

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Stuff happens,

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Mind reader...

Gerards POV

I got up this morning to the sound of my dad beating on my door

"Gerard! You piece of SHIT! Faggot. Get the fuck up. I'm hungry! Goddammit you little cunt"

I got up and edged to the toward the door. I unlocked it and stepped back 5 feet. It swung open to my father in a rage. He had a cheap bottle of whiskey in his hand.

"Yes, Dad. Calm down. What do you want to eat?"

He struck out at me and I ducked under him.

"Dad! Calm down." I yelled. "Shuttup faggot"

He caught me by the hair dragging me into the kitchen and pinning me into the counter.

"Shit, Dad!"

I gasped. He sat down the half empty bottle on the counter. Forcing me down with the other hand. "Please no please! Dad! Please stop!"

He unbuckled his pants.

"Did you just fucking say 'no' to me you dirty little faggot. You love this."

He pushed my face into his dick. I choked

"please" I pleaded.

SLAP His hand collided with my cheek with a wet thud.


And so I did.

He finished. Slamming my head into the cabinet as he came down my throat. Fucking bastard I fucking hate him. I wish my mom were here. She died two years ago when I was twelve. She'd never let him do this, but now she's gone.

I sat leaning against a brick wall in the back alley of 7th street. The girls on the street said they'd tell me if anyone wanted a boy, but I wasn't allowed to walk up and down the curb because last time I got mistaken for a flat chested girl. And the guy almost beat me up in his car. I'd only been out here for a week and I was still learning the ropes. I looked up at Carey (though she goes by Ginger on the street) "Hey Gee, you've got a rather rude twink looking for a boy better go catch him."

I must have looked surprised or scared because she pulled me up and into a hug pressing a condom into my hand

"Here sugar, its cherry flavored. You'll do fine"

I smiled at her and walked towards the car. I was focusing on walking in these stupid fucking heals when I noticed how beautiful the guy in the car was. Shit! My heel caught on the curve. I twisted it and went down with a thud. Oh man I'm cool I'm so cool. I was getting back up and brushing off my butt when I heard the guy from the car ask if I was okay. I smiled at him, most people are just ass holes. I closed the distance between us. The usual line is 'Hey you looking for a date?' but I think that would've been awkward so I babble out something twice as awkward. He laughed and invited me into his car. This was my first time actually going somewhere with a dude. My ankle throbbed and my heart pounded.

We got to his place, its really dark and its set up like some punks layer, its beautiful. He told me to sit on the bed. I hope I'm good, this is my first time doing it. Dad thought I had some kind of gay orgy with my friends but I'd only made out with another guy until him. At least I wasn't gonna lose my virginity to my own father. This guys actually pretty cute and he seems nice enough. ….and he obviously has great taste in men...well boys...wait I'm a hooker. :/ I look up and Franks there with an ice pack in hand, he takes my boots off and looks at my ankle. No ones cared for me this much for a long time. I miss my mom. He sits down and flips the TV on. We talk a bit, hes a Final Fantasy nerd.

I don't think we're going to do it. But now I actually want to. We played Silent Hill two and drank coffee, I cringe and hide behind him during all of the scary moments. All the sudden its three am. I know my dads not worried so I don't care. The way the light hits his face make him look godly like he's glowing. Green like a beautiful intergalactic creature. His lips are perfect and his eyes are deep. He glances over at me. He can tell I was staring at him. I avert my eyes to his wrists. He has two horizontal scars down his right wrist and one down his left. They're both strategically covered by tattoos. I take his hand and brush over the tattoo with my thumb

"I wish I were a ghost too"

I say referencing I'm afraid to look up at him afraid he'll be looking down at me.

"Yeah it seems like it would be a whole lot easier"

I didn't know what to say so I didn't reply. I felt his hand on my chin.

He turned my face towards his.


I held Gerard's delicate face in my hand. I wanted so badly to jump him, to peel off his tight clothing away from his body and feel his skin pressed against mine. But some how I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I looked into his deep green eyes. No way he was was even my age maybe sixteen. I just couldn't. I pulled my hand away, averting my eyes from his.

"So, do you want the futon or the bed?, dumb question I'll take the futon"

I started to get up


I stopped, Gerard looked like he was going to tell me something but instead he just said he'd rather take the futon. I guess I got kind of excited because when he said that my heart dropped

. What did you think he was gonna say?

I helped Gerard over to the futon despite his protest to the assistance. I climbed into my own bed and lay there. Hours passed, I could here Gerard's slow and steady breathing. I closed my eyes.

I see him, Gerard.

He's on my bed. The sheets are wet.

He's naked except for the little black ribbons adorning his body.

One on each wrist.

His skin is pierced wrist to elbow in a straight line 21 hoops up both sides. There's blood slowly leaking from each piercing.

Its not till I'm directly over him that I see the the same 4mm tiny hoops pierce up both of his sides. Blood trickles from those too.

His hips are pierced. Again silver hoops four on each side of where his bones jut out.

The black silk ribbon pulls both sides taught, stretching his skin so that the other end of one puncture is available to see through.

Both sides have matching black ribbons. I put my hand on my black sheets preparing to craw over to Gerard. He's now so much farther from me.

I look at my hand.

It comes away red

My sheets are soaked in blood.

Gerard sits up. His lips are sewn shut .

His eyes are clouded with lust.

He touches himself , moaning. Blood is leaking from his neck his hair is slicked with it.

His moans get louder and louder.

He arches his back and blood pours from his wound.

"Uhhhh uhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

My eyes open. Oh god. I'm fully erect.

Gerard is breathing deeply. I hope that he's asleep.

I reach underneath the covers, I pulled my boxers down . I feel for my member. Pulling it out I stroke the sides of it. Its so sensitive. I gasp as I touch the tip. I begin moving my hand up and down slowly dragging and pulling the foreskin. "Ahh ahh ahh" I think about Gerard.


I can hear the pants and moans coming from franks bed. God I want him so badly. He probably thinks I'm asleep. But I'm not. I stealthily climb out of the futon and make my way over to Frank.


he whispers. I stop a foot from his bed,knowing I'm caught, but he continues. His eyes are closed still as I reach my hand over his, gliding over his shaft. He opened his eyes.


My hand still on his length he pulled me into him. Our mouths crashed together like two wild animals trying to consume the other. Frank grabbed my ass, rolling over so that he had positioned himself on top of me. We were both already in our boxers. He pealed them down exposing my hips he kissed each one sucking on and biting down both shallow crevasses. He kissed my wrists lightly teasing my arms and sides with his mouth until I grew completely erect. I felt his hand creeping between my legs.

"ow" I said panting more then I had meant to.

"Jesus, Gerard your so tight, even tighter than I was when I was a v-"

Franks eyes got wide.

"Gerard are you a virgin?"


Frank slid another finger in

"Unghh., I ahhh"

Frank fucked me slowly at first with his fingers. He gradually became rougher slamming his hand into my ass harder and further each time. With each wet pump my dick grew, pre-cum dripped from the tip. "Ahh ah ah ah uh uh uh."

Frank was looking over me with an amused smile on his face.

With his other hand he grabbed hold of his cock. I felt the two fingers split in my ass stretching me open. I gasped. I hurt so much but felt so good I wanted to scream. Gerard shoved his length between my legs.

I called his named as cum shot from my dick. It landed, covering my chest in milky white liquid.

"Heh, you were."

Frank said before he continued thrusting.

"Shit. Frank. Condom!"

He ignored me. Instead he groped my side hammering into me even harder. His other hand found its way to my newly growing length pumping it in time to his fucking. I held on to the sheets moaning. Oh God! this was amazing. Frank looked me over, moaning as he drummed against my ass.

"uh uhh uh uh uhhhhhhh!"

He pulled out climaxing, blowing his load on my stomach.

Frank leaned down sticking the tip of his tongue in the semen pooled on my stomach. He licked dragging his tongue from my torso, up my shaft to the tip and back down to my ass and back to my tip. He opened his mouth swallowing my hardness. Sucking He massaged my hole with the pad of his thumb. He pulled off kissing me hard against my lips. It was sloppy like he'd wanted it to be and tasted like hotness and orgasm. I string of spit hung between our lips before he went back down on me. It must have really set me off . Not that I wasn't before. Frank pulled me into his tiny mouth. I grabbed the back of his head forcing myself all the way inside. I felt him...convulse. Like nothing I'd ever felt. "F-Fra-" I shot down his throat squirting 3 times each one directly followed by a suck and a gulp. I release his hair. He crawls up next to me, we explore the insides of each others mouths and fall asleep spooning naked in a mess of cum.


I didn't have a single nightmare

I awoke the next day in a tangle of naked creamy white limbs. My mind wondered (something I rarely let it do anymore) I've never really gotten off on sex. Just gore and blood. God! I want to cut Gerard into little boylett sized pieces and eat his little cubes with the sharp tip of a steak knife as a tooth pick. At the same time I wanted to do it again it felt so satisfying -not just the sex even though that was ...Jesus it was great. But feeling him, to hold onto the next day. Not just a mess of gore that had to be cleaned before it began to stink.

And rot.

Dried and sticky boy-juices soiled both Gerard's and my body. He turned a little, mumbling. He looked so on guard as he slept. Most boys we're so vulnerable- so ripe for the slaying- but he looked ready for evil to fall from the sky. I showered and dressed in my usual attire: lace up combat boots, black skinny jeans, black Iron Maiden T and a green tie. Gerard was still asleep but he squirmed and rolled his head into the pillow

"No- Dad! Please! ...please stop..."

I stood there slack jawed, his daddy's fucking him up. I was quite familiar with that pitch, the sound humans make in distress -sexual duress. I'm all for pre-damaged goods but that's a level of paternal evil I've never been affected by. I tapped Gerard's side almost hesitantly. As if I were afraid to touch something so beautiful, though I had just embraced him last night and it was my cum that lie crusted on his naked hairless chest.

"Frank !"

I jumped but Gerard was still asleep

" ...I'm glad it was you...and not him."

Gerard sat up punching straight into my left shoulder.

"Ow, man!"

Gerard opened his eyes widely.

"Oh I'm so sorry, ...I had a bad dream."

He seemed to notice he was naked then, his cheeks flushed a too-red shade.

"I know"

He looked at me and looked away

"Can I use your shower frank?"

"Why would you want to? Cum's in style now."

I flashed a grin at him. He made a face that seemed to embody a disgruntled pout and and a laugh. He jumped in the shower.

I sat down head in hands.

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