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Your Beautiful, Stay Away

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Franks a Dick. And I think I gave the prostitute lady two names...

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(Disclaimer. I do not own My Chemical Romance if I did I would be having copius amount of unadultereated gay sex...That said here we go)


I let Frank drop me off at my apartment.

Its not like he's a serial killer or anything.

We exchanged numbers at his house but he was silent on the way here. He asked how much I charged. I felt so dirty taking his money, but my dad would kill me if I was out all night and didn't bring anything home.

"How much?"

I was lost for a sec,

"Oh, I- I'm sorry. uhhh"

"For what I had a great time."

There was a sharp tone to his voice. He continued.

"Its not every night I meet such a cutie"

"Oh you do this often?" I joked

"yeah" what?

" You don't seem like the whore buying type"

"You don't seem like the whoring type" he said plainly but there was an edge in his voice.

"I guess... I don't really know you, ...its just...felt like I did maybe we can make this a regular thing...?"

I stuttered out.

"No, I never do the same guy twice. I liked you Gerard, its been fun. But I don't want to grow tired of you."

He stumbled avoiding my eyes

" Like a book. Yeah you were good but not something I'd re-read. Here this should cover it"

He handed me a roll of cash and drove away.


Ten fifty dollar bills. I took four of the bills and stuffed them into my boot. My ankle still hurt but I suffered through the stairs. Up and into the door way to my apartment.


One thing I knew is that part of me wanted to fall in love with this beautiful boy. And part of me already was. Part on me wanted to save him. Part of me knew that if I saved him I would kill him myself. And I almost didn't care. But I did, and I couldn't – wouldn't kill him. I said my good byes to Gerard acting like every other jerk-off he'd ever had to deal with.

I'm sorry.


My father held me by my throat against the door way to his room.

"Let go of him!"

My little brother Mikey yelled.

"Dad st-"

He pressed harder then dropped me. I tried not to make a dramatic show of gasping for air.

"Mikey go to your room and don't come out ."

He glared at my dad and nodded. He was eleven but he barely said anything since mom died and the only time he would speak to dad was in my defense. Mikey left. Dad grabbed me by the hair, his breathe was hot on my ear.

"He fucked you."

It was more of accusation a than an statement.

"You little fucking whore"

"But- You made me..."

I automatically regretted saying anything. A hand collided with my face

"Did you just correct me! You dirty fucking fagot. "

I felt my head slam against the wall. Something warm and slimy dripped down my spine. Oh god blood? I slid back against the wall to my knees curled in a ball covering my head. This is it, I thought. Hes gonna kill me, hes gonna fucking kill me!

I waited for a blow that didn't come. Instead a thump came from beside me and my father slid down the wall to his knees.

"I'm so sorry Gerard I'm so sorry."

All of the anger had drained from his face. His features had taken on a mask of disappointment and mournful sorrow.

I didn't move

I didn't speak

I didn't sob.

Dad got up and procured a wet wash cloth from wherever I had put the clean towels. He squatted beside me pressing the cool rag to the back of my head. He laid the wash cloth there and put his arm under my knees picking me up and carrying me to his room. He laid me on the unmade sheets. And left.


I pull up to east 7th st.

"Hey arn't you the-"

"Get in!" I said to a chesty red headed woman.

"Okay Okay, Jesus." She said with a southern twang.

I drove for a bit in silence before pulling over at a rest stop in Marksman's point.

"I need you to tell me everything you know about Gerard"

"Oh you mean Gee oh ain't he a button, only been out here for 'bout a week. Say whats this all about?"

I glared at her and her face dropped and turned to anger

"You ain't done nothing to him right. Cause I will have the law on your heel faster than you can say

' That bitch is crazy!'"

I sighed This woman was growing on me

"No I haven't and I won't, I just want to know about him...Please"

"Buy me dinner?"

I did

We sat in a diner outside of Belleville where Ginger threw her pumps under the table and put her feet up an the aging vinyl of the booth seats.

"Listen Dear, How old are you- wait no not s'possed to ask that. Lets just say I've been turning tricks for twelve years. Prob'lly over half your life. And I know that every worker of the night has some story that nobody wants to hear, cause it'll break your heart seven over. And all we want is a listenin' ear."

She put her hands on the table leaning down till we we're at eye level.

"My fiancee got drunk and raped me. I didn't want to and when I made that clear ripped off my clothes and he put me in a car and we drove to that corner where the girls back then new his face by heart from how often he cheated on me. He threw me out naked there on a night as cold as stone. And I been there ever since. "

She continued

"In all my life I never thought I'd here a story as sad as I thought my own was. And then I met that scared little boy."

She told me about Gerard and his mom and his little brother. What his dad does. What he makes him do. I felt like lashing out at her. But they always say don't shoot the messenger...
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