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Best day of Franks life.

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It's halloween, and everyone throws a surprise birthday party for Frank.

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When Frank got home, he was a bit confused and upset at the same time. Had everyone forgotten that it was his birthday today? Even his mom hadn’t called to say happy birthday. He sat down on his bed and put his stereo on. While he was listening to that, he logged onto his computer. Just one email. Frank opened it, thinking it was gonna be about one of those stupid games, but it wasn’t:
Hey, do you mind coming over later? I just need someone to talk to, and I think you’re the best person for that. Come about sevenish?
Love Gee xo
Frank was shocked. Was Gerard okay? It had only been 10 minutes since he left him. What could have possibly happened in that amount of time? He rubbed his head trying to get his head around it, but he just couldn’t think of anything that could’ve been bothering him. From now until 7pm everything dragged. Frank found himself tidying the whole flat, and it was still 4pm. He took a nap for the next 3 hours. When he woke up it was 7:30 pm. Crap! He thought. He jumped out of bed and pulled his Misfits top on and some black skinny jeans. He quickly went over his eyeliner and set out to Gerard and Mikey’s house...
When he got there, all the lights were off, so he knocked on the door. It took a whole minute before Gerard came to the door...
“Frankie, hey. Thanks for coming over. Come on let’s go in, it’s freezing out here.” Gerard and Frank linked arms and walked into the house. Frank looked at Gerard with worried eyes. “Are you okay? You’re email sounded kinda worried.”
“Yeah I’m fine, I just wanted to talk that’s all.” He smiled, telling him to cover his eyes.
“Dude there’s no point. All the lights are off and I can’t see anything anyway so...” But he did so anyway... Gerard led Frank into the front room, where about 20 people were waiting, and yelling surprise. Frank put his hands on his face, like he was embarrassed. Linda ran up to him, hugging him.
“Honey, you don’t realise how hard this has been for me to not say Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday sweetie.” She hugged him tighter. Frank had noticed that, Ville and Brandon had made it, and Ray. Even Bob was here. Now that was shocking. Obviously, Mikey and Gerard were there, along with their parents. Behind them Travis and Ryan, were looking at the food. Frank laughed and turned to Gerard and Mikey and pulled them both into a hug.
“Did you guys organise this?” He asked them, still hugging the tightly.
“It was Mikey’s idea” Gerard said and let go of the hug, and walked over to a table full of parcels. He held an arm out showing Frank the presents that were stacked up. “Open mine first!” Gerard demanded eagerly. Gerard’s was the biggest box. Frank started opening it. Frank gasped in shock. It was a new guitar.
“Oh my God Gee, thank you so, so, so, so much!” He threw his arms around Gerard’s neck to hug him. He pushed Gerard’s present aside for a moment while opening all the other presents. They were mainly just clothes or Deodorants. Frank left his mothers and Mikey’s till last. Mikey had gotten him a Black Flag T-Shirt and a new guitar stand for his new guitar. His mother got him tickets to go and see one of Frank’s favourite bands in LA. Once Frank had opened everyone’s presents they all ate. It wasn’t shocking when Travis and Ryan were the first ones there.
“Everyone’s going trick-or-treating later. Was you planning on going or?” Gerard asked, looking slightly awkward. Frank replied with a smile,
“Actually, I was going to stay in and watch a movie or something...”
“Me too, do you mind if I watch the film with you?” Gerard asked, unsure of the answer he was going to get.
“No not at all.” Frank smiled, and got up off the stool and went to go get some food. “You want some?” Frank asked.
“Yeah I’ll be over in a minute.” Gerard grinned, and left Frank to go get his food. Frank came back with two plate fulls (and I mean full) of party food.
“Choose one” Frank laughed, handing the one to Gerard that he’d chosen. “I can’t remember the last time I had party food.” You could tell Frank was enjoying his night already. Linda came over to Frank,
“Hey honey, I’m gonna get going, I’m so tired. I’ll see you in the morning. Remember I’m cooking your favourite food.” She kissed him on the head, said goodbye to Gerard and left. Not long after that, everyone had gone out trick-or-treating, leaving Gerard and Frank in the house alone. They went down to his bedroom and sat down on Gerard’s bed. It was silent for a couple of minutes, before Gerard broke the silence.
“So... What film’s it gonna be?”
“Depends what you’ve got.” Frank clasped his hands together and relaxed on Gerard bed.
Gerard threw a few DVD’s on the bed next to Frank. “Comedy, Comedy/Horror, or Horror.” Franked looked at them all and then picked one out. Shaun of the Dead. He pointed to the one he wanted.
“This one. I can literally quote this film.” He laughed shaking his head.
“It’s one of my favourite films.” Gerard smiled in response. He put it in the DVD player and pressed play, then moved over to the bed and sat down next to Frank. “Oooo crap, wait. Popcorn” He giggled and ran upstairs and was back in two seconds with a bowl full of popcorn. “Sorted” He sat back down on the bed. “Shall we try again?” he grinned. Frank laughed back,
“Yeah, that’d be good”
They both sat in silence watching the film and they both for popcorn at the same time again. Frank looked into Gerard’s eyes, and Gerard looked into Franks. Slowly, their heads get closer and they press their lips together. This was the best day of Frank’s life. They stay like that for about 2 minutes and then quickly pull apart when they hear footsteps on the basement stairs. It was Mikey.
“Were you two just doing what I think you were doing?” Mikey smirked.
“Depends what you thought we were doing.” Frank looked at him through his eyelashes.
Mikey put his hand over his mouth, pointing at them both with his free hand. “You kissed.” He gasped.
“What, no we didn’t!” Gerard defended himself. Both Frank and Gerard had red cheeks.
“Yes you did. I saw you, and if you didn’t, why are you BOTH blushing? It’s not like Frank to blush Gerard!” He was very amused by all this. “Oh my God, this is great!”
“We didn’t do anything Mikey.” Frank backed Gerard up. “We were watching the film.”
“So why did it finish 15 minutes ago? Why haven’t you changed the disc? Oh my God, I have to tell mom.” Mikey started to run up the stairs but Frank pulled him back down just in time.
“No, you can’t tell anyone Mikey!” he whispered.
“So you did?!” Mikey was getting over-excited. “It totally makes sense with why you ditched me.” He laughed.
“I didn’t ditch you Mikey, and Fine. We did.” Frank looked over to Gerard who was surprisingly smiling.
“I promise I won’t tell anyone.” Mikey said, pulling fingers across his mouth as if he’d just zipped his mouth up. Frank and Gerard sighed in relief, and went upstairs to join the others.
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