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Buried Alive By Love.

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The rest of Franks birthday. Lots of blushing...

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As they returned upstairs, everyone was waiting around the table eating left over party food. The lights were suddenly turned off and everybody got up and walked to the corner of the room. Donna had her back turned and there was an orange glow filling the room. She turned around holding a chocolate cake with Frankenstein printed on it. There were 20 candles around the edges all lit. Frank started to blush when everybody started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. He looked at Gerard who was smiling and then looked to Mikey who was pissing himself laughing. This made Frank blush even more so he had no option but to duck his head. Donna laughed at him pulling his chin up so he could blow out the candles. Frank hadn’t realised that his mum had came back. He blew out the candles and immediately ducked his head again. Linda leaped up to him and hugged him tight.
“Happy Birthday sweetie. Have you had a good day?” She moved away from him, getting a proper look. Frank looked over at Gerard who was still smiling.
“You have no idea ma.” He grinned. Linda followed his gaze, but she couldn’t quite find what he was looking at, because Gerard had gone to get some cake.
“Well I’m glad you’ve had such a great day. I love you honey and don’t ever forget that okay?” she Cupped his face in her hands and kissed him on his forehead. “I really better get going now though.” She smiled giving him one more kiss on his cheek and said goodbye to everyone else. When she passed Gerard she smiled and hugged him. Franks heart stopped. Did she know? Did Mikey tell her? He started to get really worried. He walked over to Mikey and pulled him aside.
“Did you tell my mom?” He was getting quite angry as he was asking this.
“What? About what? And I’ve only just came upstairs, where the hell did I find the time to talk to your mom?” He looked confused, pushing his glasses up his nose.
“About me and Gerard...Wait so why did she hug Gerard?” Frank looked equally confused as Mikey.
“You couldn’t stop smiling at Gerard. Maybe she just knew. I mean, you are her son after all. She knows you more than anyone else...” At that, Gerard had walked over. He really couldn’t stop smiling could he? Every time Gerard smiled, Frank smiled and his cheek began to hurt after a while.
“Hey!” Gerard greeted. Still smiling. “Everyone’s going home in about 10 minutes. I just wanted to know whether you were staying or going home. ‘Cause mom said its okay for you to stop if you want.” He was swinging one leg and he had the tip of his finger on his cheek and he was still smiling. Frank smiled at him and then blushed again when he realised Mikey was staring and laughing silently. “Um, sure!” He agreed almost as soon as Gerard had asked.
“Great. I’ll sort your bed out and stuff. Mikey go tell mom that he’s staying?” Gerard sounded excited.
“Aw’h why can’t you?” Mikey hung his head and walked off towards the living room where his mom was bound to be. Gerard spun round to look at Frank and walked over to him slowly. He smiled the lopsided smile that Frank loved and his heart melted.
“We’ll have to go up to Mikey’s room to get the bedding and stuff...” he gestured for Frank to go first up the stairs and Frank couldn’t help but feel like Gerard was staring at his butt. Frank felt sort of awkward when he reached the top of the stairs but he didn’t know why.
“Just go right in. They’re in his cupboard.” Gerard noted, nodding towards the door. Frank nodded back and opened the door. He walked over towards his cupboard, opened it, and took all the stuff out. He walked back towards the stairs and Gerard wasn’t there. But Mikey was.
“Hey Mikes. What you doing?” Frank asked looking a bit dazed.
“Going to bed. This is my room, remember?” He laughed. Walking past Frank and smiling, “Gerard’s in his room. He’s waiting for you. You make a great couple!” He laughed again, but this time, he was in hysterics. Frank rolled his eyes and punched his best friend in his arm.
“Why do you always feel the need to tease me, mikes?” Frank moaned blushing, yet again.
“Because you’re my best friend, and Gerard’s my older brother. It’s hilarious. But you know I’m just kidding right?” Mikey looked at Frank through his glasses.
“I do now. And thanks for not telling anyone Mikey. It means a lot.” Frank hugged Mikey with the arm he had free and made his way downstairs to Gerard’s basement. Gerard was sitting on his bed, drawing. Frank couldn’t see what he was drawing, but he knew it would be pretty fucking epic. He walked over to Gerard and sat next to him. He was wearing his batman top. The one he was wearing when he had first met Frank.
“Y’know, we still have the ending to Shaun of the Dead to watch.” Gerard winked. Frank laughed and kissed Gerard on the cheek.
“I’m pretty tired, I think we should leave the film for another day?” Frank asked, taking Gerard’s hand. Gerard could feel himself getting red hot so he nodded.
“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” Gerard kissed Frank back, on the lips this time. Gerard lay down in his bed and Frank lay down on the blow up bed. “Goodnight Frank”
“Goodnight Gerard.” Frank breathed smiling as he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
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