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Astro Zombies.

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Just realised, my title is only relevant for the first couple of paragraphs :L . Nevermind. Frank has a nightmare and gets scared. This Summary sucks. Trust me, i think the story is better than the...

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*Frank Dreaming*
“Frank? Frank are you o- OH MY GOD! What happened to you?” Gerard was screaming, trying to get bits of cloth to cover up Frank’s wounds. He was covered in blood. There was a huge wound on his stomach and Gerard didn’t know what to do. “C’mon Frankie? C’mon get up; we’re going to get you inside, away from these maniacs.” He said, getting Frank up off the ground and trying to pull him inside. When Gerard said ‘maniacs’ he was referring to the psycho, killing, flesh eating zombies that had taken over the world. “Frankie, talk to me. Please just talk to me!” Gerard cried. He had feared this would happen if he left Frank on his own. Gerard thought to himself, ‘What happened to them? If it was the Zombies that did this, then wouldn’t they still be trying to eat him?’ “W-What happened to the Z-zombies?” Gerard managed to get out between cries. Frank opened his eyes ever so slightly and tried to speak.
“The-They got... D-d-Distracted. S-some girl r-ran in the other d-direction.” He coughed, flinching from the pain when he did. This made Gerard cry even more. He couldn’t think of anyone hurting his Frank. They finally got inside and Gerard lay Frank down on his bed, and got the blankets to wrap around his wound. “Everything’s gonna be okay, okay? I love you Frankie” He cried even more when he said this and he placed a kiss on Frank’s lips. He stepped backwards knowing that Frank would turn any minute, and he was right. Frank got up and looked around searching for something. Then it hit Gerard. If he was a zombie then he would be searching for him. Frank found Gerard and he ran towards him, grabbed hold of his neck and bit down and Gerard’s haunting scream echoed throughout the building...
That’s when Frank woke up. He was panting and sweating as he looked around, looking for Gerard. Gerard was awake rubbing at his eyes. “Frankie? Are you okay?” He said, fighting the tiredness in his eyes. Frank jumped off his bed and grabbed Gerard, hugging him so tight that he could barely breathe. “Sup?” Gerard looked into Frank’s eyes with a questioning look.
“Bad dream that’s all, but it was the most horrible dream ever. It felt so real” A tear ran down Frank’s cheek, and Gerard kissed it away. “Frankie. Hey? Look at me?” He pulled Frank’s chin up so he was looking at him. “It was just a dream. It’s okay. Besides, you’ve told me now so it won’t come true.” He smiled reassuring Frank that everything would be okay. Frank kissed Gerard’s cheek and started to get off his bed. Gerard pulled his arm back. “Where do you think you’re going? You’re staying here” He laughed.
“Are you sure? I mean it’s not the biggest bed.” Frank looked at Gerard, his eyes were still red and wet from tears.
“Sure, we don’t want you having another nightmare now, do we?” He looked at Frank through his eyelashes. Frank climbed back into Gerard’s bed and Gerard cuddled up to him.
“No we don’t.” Frank agreed resting his head on Gerard’s shoulder. “In the dream, I Ate you.” Frank laughed at his own words. Gerard let out a small laugh,
“Well I hope your dream doesn’t come true because I don’t want to be eaten by you.” He smiled and closed his eyes, cuddling closer to Frank. “Night Frank... again.”
“Night Gee.” Frank said closing his eyes too...
Mikey came down to them at 07:00 in the morning, but they were still sleeping. He shook them gently, trying to wake them up. They both stirred and then opened their eyes. They looked shocked when they saw Mikey and started to get up.
“No. Stay there. I just came to tell you that mom and dad are going out to town, getting some shopping, and some fireworks for Friday. They just wanted to know whether you were coming. They were going to come down and asked you if you wanted to come but I think it’s good that they didn’t.” Mikey smiled. Frank threw his head back and moaned.
“I’m staying here.” Gerard said, “How about you Frankie?” He’d fallen back to sleep already. Gerard laughed, “I think he’s staying here too.” He stroked his cheek. Mikey rolled his eyes and walked back upstairs leaving the two men to sleep...
It was 11:15 when they woke up, and they both had the biggest smiles ever on their faces.
“Did you sleep well?” Gerard yawned stretching his arms out.
“Apart from my nightmare, it was the best sleep I’ve had since I was 2” He yawned too because he had watched Gerard yawning. Gerard pressed their lips together and whispered “me too” In Franks ear.
“Do you wanna get breakfast? My mom’s probably left us pancakes or something.” He got up off his bed and grabbed Franks hand.
“Yeah sure.” He replied, getting up off the bed and following Gerard up the stairs, towards the kitchen.
“Aw, crap my mom didn’t leave us anything... Sorry” He shrugged. “I can see what we can make though.” He searched through the cupboard, taking out flour, eggs, caster sugar and icing. “We’re making cakes.” He winked.
“The last time I made cakes, they were burnt to death. There was no way you could eat them. I’m pretty sure you could get food poisoning from the ones I made. I think I’ll leave you to the baking.” Frank winked back.
“Yeah that’s fine. I'm not very good with the actual presentation anyway so I’ll leave YOU to do that” He put everything down on the table. “You know how to start these things off right?”
“Yeah, we’re gonna need margarine though, and a whisk, or spoon. Oh, and a knife to cut the margarine, and scales so that we get the right amount” He said this all professionally and left Gerard staring after him in complete confusion.
“Right, I’ll pretend like I understood everything you just said.” He giggled. “Could you say it slower this time?”
“Fine... We need margarine?” Frank said, really slowly.
“Got it!”
“A whisk or spoon?”
“Got both” Gerard laughed banging his head on the top cupboard as he got back up off the floor. “Ow. That frickin hurt.”
“Aw’h” Frank sighed and kissed him on the head, “You’ll be fine” He laughed. “By the way, we need a knife and scales?”
“Yeah I got both of those out earlier. I just forgot to put them on the table.” He sat down on the wooden stool, rubbing his head.
“Oh okay.” Frank said and started to get to work... Once he’d got to the floury part, Gerard put his hand in and flicked flour all over Frank. He looked up laughing, flicking flour back at Gerard. They did this for 10 minutes straight. Gerard walked over to Frank and planted a kiss on his lips. He breathed and then kissed him again but for longer this time. Frank let out a moan, as he kissed hungrily at Gerard’s lips. They both staggered, and fell to the floor. They were both laughing, kissing each other sweetly. There was suddenly a bang at the door and they both got up off the floor quickly and pretended like they were just doing cakes. It was just Mikey. “Dude, you sure know how to scare us.” Frank said, brushing a hand through his hair.
“Shhh, mom and dad are here.” Just as Mikey had said that, his mom had walked into the kitchen.
“Hey Gerard, I got you some- OH MY GOD! What have you been doing!?” She was furious.
“Making cakes,” Gerard looked so innocent.
“I was going to clean it up Donna. I don’t even know how this happened...” Frank looked up at Gerard who had just laughed.
“This isn’t funny Gerard. I hope you’re going to help Frank clean all this up. Go to your room and get you and Frank so clothes to wear so that I can wash these ones.” She tutted, leaving the two boys to go and get changed. “I don’t know what’s gotten into those two just lately.” Mikey smiled,
“Me neither ma. I’ll help tidy this up too, though. It’s not like it was done on purpose...” He thought about it and then was disgusted with what he imagined. He shook his head and took a wet cloth from the sink and started mopping up the floor.
Gerard and Frank had got changed and brought their clothes upstairs to Donna who put them in the washer. They all went into the living room and watched TV. Frank glanced at the clock and it was almost 3pm.
“Shit!” Frank yelled. “I am so sorry but I told my mom that I’d be at her house by 3 for dinner. I haven’t been round in a while so I promised her that I’d go and see her.”
“Oh, okay. You’ll be back though right?” Gerard asked, staring at him.
“Sure. I mean if that’s okay with Donna.” He looked at her.
“Frankie can come round here whenever he wants.” She smiled, hugging him as he got up.
“Thank you so much. I really better get going. I’ll see you later.” He waved and was out the door in less than a minute. He was about to get in his car when Gerard called him and he was running down towards him. He brought him into a hug, and kissed him on the lips once more. Gerard whispered in Frank’s ear. “Promise you’ll be back?”
“I promise” He smiled, hugging him tighter, not wanting to let go.
“Okay, bye Frank.” He said, not wanting to let go either. Finally, he had to. So he let go slowly and watched Frank drive away. He walked back up his driveway and into the house. Donna was smiling at him when he got in.
“What?” he asked confused. Donna carried on smiling.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked, still recalling what she had just seen.
“About what?” Gerard’s heart was nearly beating out of his chest.
“You and Frankie. How long’s it been going on?” She was attacking him by now. Hugging him so tight that he could barely breathe.
“What? When? Erm... Yesterday, when you were all out. I didn’t want to tell you incase you were ashamed of me. Oh, please don’t tell dad?” The blush on his face got brighter and brighter by the second.
“Aw’h I’m so happy for you honey, and no matter what it is, you can tell me anything. And don’t worry. I won’t tell your dad. I love you sweetie.” She kissed him on the cheek and left the room. Gerard walked to his room and sat down by his drawing desk. He hadn’t painted in ages so he thought now was a good time to start. He didn’t know exactly what he wanted to paint, but he tried anyway. He was just going to draw what his head was thinking about. Frank.
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