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Frank and Gerard surprise Emily

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Gerard and Frank surprise Emily with some important and exciting news.

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Another chapter up, hope you enjoy R&R xo

Gerard’s POV
“Gerard, what the fuck?” Frank shouted,
“What?” I replied innocently,
“You went out this morning at stupid a clock! Woke up the twins!”
“Sorry, I just had to get out ya know?” Frank sighed, and rubbed his fingers through his hair,
“Yeah, sorry dude…what did you do all day? I heard a car pull up, Meddy come and get you?”
“Yeah, took Emily out for the day. She’s really funny. Oh yeah! She gave me something!” I jumped out of seat and walked to the envelope o, picked it up and walked back to Frank, handing him the envelope it read ‘My Chemical Romance Letters’,
“Should we open this?” Frank asked, a smile growing on his face,
“Yeah, I’m guessing there is different ones in their for all of us? We’ll just read ours.” Frank nodded, and started opening the brown envelope, and pulled out 7 small envelopes, he picked out one for himself and picked out one for me, we both opened our envelopes and started reading,
‘Sup Gerr’d, yeah I call you that… How do you start letters like these? I wouldn’t have a clue this is the first I’ve ever written, actually I lie, I once wrote a letter to David Tennenet asking for his autograph but no reply…sadly. This is slightly different though… No olot different. I guess I will start with this:
I bet you weren’t expecting that were you.”
I laughed, and carried on reading,
‘Basically this is a letter to say thank you. Thank you for getting better, and thank you for helping Mikey get better you two (and Ray and Frank) are my hero’s and the reason I am who I am today. I’m olot like you really Gerr’d…I’ve been there…Where you’ve been…I’m a good 20 years younger than you and I’ve already been, there. And I don’t think I would of ever overcome it if it hadn’t of been for you. I pray, pray, pray that I will one day meet you and be able to thank you in person, but for now, this will do.’
I looked up at Frank, “why you smiling?” I asked,
“Just this, she’s really...inspiring. This is the reason I love the band so much.”
“Yeah, me too. D’ya reckon we’d be able to take her back to the UK for Reading?”
Frank sighed,
“Well this morning I was talking to her mum, and she said that Emily had tickets to see us for the first time at Reading festival but she can’t go because she lives here now…It’s okay with her mum for her to come with us and I said she could bring a friend too…”
“I think that’s a great idea…What about getting a plane ticket for her now?”
“I’m sure Meddy can sort something”
Frank nodded and went back to reading his letter, I put mine back in the envelope and pulled out my phone and rang Meddy, I walked into the kitchen just as Meddy answered,
“Gerard.” Meddy sounded tired,
“Did I wake you?”
“It’s okay, what do you want?”
“I was wondering if we could take Emily with us to the UK? For Reading Festival, and her bring a friend,”
“Emily can come but we have no seats left on the plane”
“Oh, her friend is from the UK”
“Then yeah that’s fine. I’ll get that sorted now and get a car sorted to pick her friend up and talk to both girl’s parents, get me phone numbers asap okay?”
“Yeah sure I’ll do it now, thanks”
“No worries Gee” and Meddy hung up, poor guy he was asleep, I walked back through and started putting on my trainers,
“Where you off to now?” Frank asked,
“Only to Emily’s, need to talk to Abbey”
“Oh cool, I wanna come too” Frank walked over and put on his vans, “Jamia we’re going next door!” he shouted upstairs and we walked out the door.
Emily’s POV
I was sat on my bed listening to ‘Sing’, crying when Gerard and Frank walked in, I didn’t even realise they were here. I jumped as they opened my door and quickly stopped crying and wiped away my tears. Frank and Gerard stood at my door looking worried but I smiled at them,
“Make a choice if the music drowns you out” Gerard sang along with my music, I laughed, and Frank joined in at the chorus. They walked towards me, still singing along and sat on my bed with me and I turned down the music,
“Ya Know Gerard, you’ve got a good voice…You should be in a band!” I joked, they laughed,
“Whatup?” Frank asked,
“Not olot, just sat, listening…”
“No I mean why were you upset?” he persisted,
“Oh. I was just, um, I had tickets to see you guys play at Reading Festival for the first time, but I moved here before I could actually go, and I was just listening to the songs I thought you’d play”
Planetary (Go!) started playing and I blushed “one sec” I said as I stood up and turned the music up louder and when the chorus came on I jumped up and down, a huge smile on my face, Frank and Gerard just smiled at me, slightly confused. I sat back down when I got tired and laughed,
“What…What…What was that?” Gerard asked smiling, slightly laughing,
“What? Planetary is ma jam!” I answered, Frank laughed,
“Anyway…Emily we have something to tell you…” He said, I tensed, “We’re taking you to Reading Festival”
I screamed, Frank and Gerard laughed, I held my hands up to my mouth to stop myself screaming and crying,
“You’ve gotta come with us on two nights of Honda Civic Tour” Gerard continued, I started crying still holding my mouth shut, and Gerard carried on talking, “And you can invite a friend to Reading, and you’ve both got backstage passes, ” I stared at them both in shock,
“I hope you don’t mind” Frank teased, I breathed in and counted to ten, wiped away my tears and hugged Frank and Gerard,
“Thank you so much!” I let go of my grip on them and they just laughed at me,
“No worries kido,” Frank smiled,
“Right, we best go, you’ve got a busy 6 days ahead of you, be ready to leave tomorrow by 10am, and pack enough clothes but maximum 1 bag” they stood up and began to leave my room,
“Thanks, I’ll be ready” I said, and they walked out and downstairs, I waited until I heard them both leave and then ran out of my room downstairs.
“Woah slow down!” Mum laughed,
“ stand up” I ordered, my mum obliged and I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed tightly “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!” I cried, my mum laughed,
“It’s ok sweet, now go and get ready, you won’t have much time in the morning.” She sat back down,
“Yes mum,” I ran back upstairs and started running a bath and ran into my room and brushed my hair.
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