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Sparkly bass guitars

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It's the big day and Emily meets Mikey and Ray on the tour bus.

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This is the final chapter I have pre-written so the next one may take more than a day but I hope it's worth the wait, and hope you guys enjoy this, R&R? xo

Emily’s POV
I woke up that morning so early, I jumped out of bed and onto my stool by my dressing table, it didn’t seem surreal anymore, living next to Frank. In just over a month I’d done some much, I’d moved to America, moved next to Frank Iero, met Frank Iero and Gerard Way, kissed Frank Iero, had Frank Iero and Gerard Way in my bedroom, and had Gerard Way take me to his home town, I’d become friends with Jamia Iero and so had my parents, my sister played with the Iero twin’s daily, my life was -as Gee would say- ‘Fukken Great’. I smiled to myself and started brushing my hair, tugging at the notted curls above my head, then started straightening it.
I put on my thin layer of eyeliner and got dressed, nothing too MCR, grey skinny jeans and a baggy white top with a panda face on it, black converses, the usual, for the night of Honda Civic Tour I packed a black tank top with the words ‘Team Iero’ printed on it, and for the next day I’d wear the same panda shirt as today, and then at the concert wear the same ‘Team Iero’, I’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind.
I sat back down, suddenly realising what was about to happen that day. I was gonna meet the others, not only that but I was also gonna see them play, for the first time. I was going to meet Mikey. The other man who saved me. I was going to be able to hug Ray, the man who gave me strength. What was I gonna say to them? Would I be able to speak? Maybe I’ll get Frank or Gee to do most the talking.
I carried on getting ready, packing clothes for Reading and true to form I packed my MCR band tee-shirt, and a black pair of skinny jeans and wellies, and other general stuff. It was only 9am but I was already up and ready to go, I carried my bag downstairs and put it by the door, I walked (more like jumped) into the kitchen, where my mum and Jay were, eating breakfast. I started making myself a coffee and some cereal,
“You ready?” My mum asked, and she could tell by the massive smile on my face, that I was ready and desperate to leave already, “Well you haven’t got long, Frank wants you at his at 10”
I sat down with my bowl of cereal and coffee, “Thank you mum” I said, and she just hugged me, and I started eating my cereal, counting down the minutes.

Mikey’s POV
While me and Ray were on the bus going to pick up Frank and Gerard, Meddy came in and informed us that there would be a fan on the bus with us. I tensed.
“Why?” I asked,
“Gerard and Frank wanted her to come, something to do with Reading I’m not really sure. I’ve met her, she’s pretty sound” he said,
I smiled,
“oh okay then, what’s her name?”
“Emily I think” and he walked off, Ray was sleeping so I just text Gerard
“what’s this girl like then?”
I waited for a reply but un-surprisingly I didn’t get one, I sighed, ‘there’s no point being awake right now’ I thought, so I went and climbed into my bunk to try and sleep.

Ray came and woke me up what felt like 10 minutes later,
“Here dude,”
I grunted as I climbed out of my bunk, quickly fixed my hair in the mirror and walked to the centre of our bus to be greeted by Gerard, Frank and a girl and presumably the girls mom.
The girl looked at me and Ray with a massive grin on her face,
“Hey” I said, she looked up at me and hesitated for a while,
“Hi Mikey! Can I have a hug please?” she paused “Sorry. I just. Please?”
I laughed, and nodded and the girl wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear, “Thank you for getting better” and let go,
“Well. I’ve hugged Mikey Way. Now alls I gotta do is hug Ray Toro and life is complete” everyone laughed and she gave Ray a hug,
“So you’re Mikey Way? You’re Gerard’s brother?” her mom asked, I laughed,
“Yeah, nice to meet you”
“Look after my little girl. She really looks up to you, all of you. Never stops going on about playing guitar ‘Mum can I have a bass guitar? Mum can I have Mikey Way’s bass guitar? Mum I want a sparkly bass guitar!!’ always, luckily for me she settled for a pink one” I laughed, and turned to the girl,
“You play?” I asked her, still not remembering her name,
“Yeah I guess, not much. I’m trying to learn how to play Famous Last Words” she beamed,
“I guess I could teach you a bit while we’re on the road” she smiled,
“That’d be awesome, mum can you go get my bass?” she asked, her mum rolled her eyes and went to get her guitar.
“So what’s your name?”
“Oh. Right. My name is Emily” she smiled, I sat down and gestured her to sit next to me, Ray, Frank and Gerard were all sorting out their bunks and Meddy was sorting out Emily’s.
“Cool. Nice name.”
“Thanks…Mikey can I ask you a question?” she asked, I thought for a moment,
“Uh, yeah sure I guess…” She smiled,
“What does it feel like, when you play Famous Last Words…Like you know…With it’s meaning and everything…”
I sighed, “ Well kid, I don’t really know, I’m usually more nervous about mucking up so I guess I don’t really think about it…Nobody’s asked before”
“oh…Sorry for asking I just… am nosey I guess”
“nah it’s alright,”
“Emily we’re leaving shortly so say bye to your mom” Meddy came in and told us, Emily stood up and rushed out the bus to find her mom ,
“She’s cool” I said to Gerard,
“Yeah she is, she deserves this” he said, sitting next to me,
“So how’s things?” I asked,
He grunted, “Not great but not bad either, Lyn-z is gonna get custody on Bandit, I guess this is for the best”
I sighed, “yeah” I paused “You’re still clean right?” Gerard laughed,
“Of course I am.”
“only askin’ cause I care bro” I added,
“I know” he replied.
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