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Rumours and complications

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Emily is accused of starting internet rumours and Gerard has to deal with some un-wanted feelings.

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Hope you guys enjoy, just beginning to add in the drama, hope you enjoy, R&R xo

Gerard’s POV
“Gerard…” Emily whispered, as she sat down next to me. I wasn’t angry at her. I wasn’t really upset either, I knew what she was going to say I just didn’t want to hear it.
“I know Lyn-z hurt you a lot, and I will never forgive her for doing what she did. But…” she sighed, “She will always be the reason I picked up a bass guitar”
I looked her in the eyes, she was starting to cry, I felt bad so I put one my arms over her shoulder and pulled her close to me,
“It’s okay, I just hadn’t really thought about her much since really, that day at Frank’s. I’m sorry I made you upset”
“You didn’t make me upset Gee” she nuzzled into me, I laughed
“Then why are you crying?”
“Cause I’m a stupid fangirl”
“Minds to me”
“Gerard my back hurts can we like move or something” she asked, moving subject
“yeah sure. I don’t wanna go out there so we’ll have to lie down” I moved so that we were both lying down and I had my arm around Emily again, “you still haven’t answered my question…”
“You’re a persistent little fucker aren’t you?” she laughed, then sighed, “you’re gonna think I’m a stupid fangirl, but…I’m on tour with my favourite band, I’m led in the lead singers bunk and his arm is around me. I am so happy right now”
She nuzzled into me again, it felt good to have somebody want to be in my arms again. At least I wasn’t useless to Emily,
“Good. I’m glad I—we make you happy”

Me and Emily talked for a little while longer but eventually we both fell asleep, it felt so nice to fall asleep with somebody holding onto me. She fell asleep before I did and in her sleep and placed her hand on my chest, this made me fall asleep pretty quickly after.

I woke up to find myself alone in the bunk, sat up and climbed out. I groaned as my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw Emily’s bunk opposite mine, it was empty. She must’ve just gotten up Gerard thought. Gerard walked through to the living area and found Meddy, Frank, Mikey and Ray sat on the couches, and Emily sat opposite them, with her head down. Meddy looked stern and Frank looked disappointed.
“What’s going on?” I asked, sitting next to Emily
“Er, just some. Complications, nothing to worry about” Meddy sounded stern and angry,
“Complications?” Frank laughed, “What if she’s telling the truth?” Frank looked at Emily, concerened,
“What’s happened” I ask again, I was beginning to get worried,
“They think I started rumours” Emily mumbled,
“They think I started rumours” Emily repeated, lifting her head up so I could hear her, I saw that she had been crying, I grabbed her hand under the table but she pulled away instantly,
“Rumours about what?” I asked, Meddy turned his laptop around and showed me the twitter homepage, the most talked about trend was ‘gerardsnewomen’ and then a few other topics that related to the same thing, “oh…”
He opened up another webpage on tumblr and the articles heading read ‘Gerard’s new woman?’
I read the article, and Emily read over my shoulder seeming just as surprised as I did,
Gerard Way doesn’t seem to shocked by the fact his wife cheated on him as he has almost instantly got himself a new, younger woman. The question is, how MUCH younger is this women? Rumour has it that the ‘woman’ is still under 18, internet forums suggest the girl is 16. Has Way pushed it too far this time?”
The article read on about my past alcohol and drug related illnesses and said a few times I was on a relapse. I turned the laptop back round to Meddy.
“Prove Emily did it.”
“Well Gerard, I’m not sure if you know or not, but Emily sneaked into your bunk while you were taking a nap. I found her with her arms around you, sleeping next to you. I woke her up and then started talking to her about these articles”
“She didn’t creep in”
“See Meddy I told you, this girl ain’t a creep!” Frank protested,
“She didn’t creep in, she saw I was upset and came and talked to me about to make sure I was okay. Then we just got talking about well, her life, and then we just both fell asleep. I knew her arm was around me the whole time” I looked at Emily and she looked into my eyes, “ I didn’t mind”
“Okay fine, she didn’t creep in. Who started the rumours? Nobody knows she’s on the bus apart from her and her family. I doubt her mum would of done this”
“Emily didn’t do it” I protested,
“I swear I didn’t do that. I would never do anything to harm the band”
I put my arm around Emily and she wiped her tears away, Meddy looked at us and sighed while closing our laptop,
“Are you two in a relationship?” he asked,
I knew I wasn’t in a relationship with Emily, but a part of me wanted to say yes. It was weird, I shocked myself with my own response,
“I don’t think so” I stuttered,
“No.” Emily said, sternly. “No we’re not and will never be”
Meddy looked at us,
“okay Emily, I believe you. Gerard can I have a word please?”
He stood up and walked to the back of the bus to the recording studio, the room was sound proof, I got up and followed, I saw Frank stand up and sit next to Emily and he put his arm around her. I felt jealous.
Meddy shut the door of the recording studio and sighed,
“Do you have feelings of the girl”
I knew he was going to ask me that, I had been dreading it since he asked me to ‘chat’ I didn’t know whether my feelings for Emily were genuine or were just because of the divorce, either way there I had feelings for Emily.
Meddy sighed again,
“Gerard, she’s half your age, not even. She’s under 18. She’s a fan.”
“What’s so wrong that she’s a fan?”
“She could just be after your money, or your fame”
“She definitely isn’t, she asked if we’d keep it quiet she was coming on the tour bus with us, or going to Reading. She doesn’t want people to think what you do”
“Have you told her?”
“Don’t break the girls heart Gerard, it could turn ugly.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“She could just be a rebound, and she could fall hard for you, and you could break her heart”
“I wouldn’t” I paused, what point in this conversation did I say I was going to tell Emily, “When did I say I was going to tell her?”
“Because I know you Gerard, everyone can see you do have feelings for this girl. Some of them may even be genuine, that part I can’t figure out.”
“She would never believe me”
“She would die to have” he put on a high pitched girly voice “ Gerard Way” he went back to his normal voice “as her boyfriend, anyone can see that too”
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