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Gerard get out

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Gerard tells Emily how he feels, does she believe him?

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Sorry this is so short, but i hope you guys like it! R&R? xo

Emily’s POV
Even though today didn’t go as I had planned, I was so excited when Meddy shouted down the bus that we’d soon be arriving at the venue, I ran to my bunk and rummaged through my bag and found my team Iero tank top, I grabbed it and walked towards the bathroom.
I went to lock the door but it was stiff and wouldn’t lock, I left the door unlocked and took off my top and then the door opened, I jumped and put my top crumbled over my body,
“Oh…oh..sorry” Gerard said, shielding his eyes but continuing to walk in and shutting the door,
“Er Gerad? Get out” I laughed,
“I need to talk to you”
“What now?!”
“Well. Yeah, actually” He had his eyes all scrunched up so he didn’t see me, he looked sort of worried and sad,
“okay…Well turn around and make sure you keep your eyes shut” he turned around and I slipped my ‘team Iero’ tank top on, “okay you can turn around now” I said, and he turned around and looked at my top,
“Where’d ya get that?” he asked,
“Um…I made it?” I thought what Gerard wanted to talk to me about was important?
“Oh cool..” he drifted,
“Yeah, I was reading this fanfic about you guys and then in the story the character made these like shirts an—“
“Wait you’re into all that shit?” he asked, slightly angry
“What shit?”
“Like, all the shit fans write about us having sex”
“Well, no. The one I’m on about is like the story of the I’m Not Okay video with added bits put in, it’s really good. No sex or anything, shits weird. I read some of that stuff though…freaked me out”
Gerard laughed, “good”
“Anyway, what did you want to tell me?” I leaned against the wall,
“Um, well…err..” he stuttered, “I was wondering, Emily, if you’d find it weird if I, say asked you for a date”
My heart stopped beating for a second, I almost smiled but I stopped myself, a thought of dread grew in my mind,
“lyn-z” I whispered,
“Lyn-z” I stuttered, “I’m just the rebound for Lyn-z”
Mine and Gerard’s eyes caught each other’s gaze and we stared at each other for a while, he looked hurt,
“What if you weren’t”
“But I am”
Gerard sighed and pulled me into a hug, I fell in his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck, I felt safe with him holding me, I wanted to jump up and down with happiness but I couldn’t help this feeling of dread that he didn’t mean it. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.
Me and Gerard stood and hugged for ages, it felt like I was sleeping in his arms again.
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