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headless chickens and pre show jitters

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Meddy gets to say i told ya so

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Here you go my lovely's :)R&R

Gerard’s POV
Me and Emily hugged for five minutes, I would of gone on forever if Emily hadn’t pulled away,
“Gerard…I don’t want to get hurt.” She paused, “Especially not by you”
I looked at her and thought for a minute, did I really like Emily or just need her? I rubbed my hand through my hair and looked Emily straight in the eyes and said,
“Emily, I would never hurt you. Not on purpose.” I sighed, “I don’t know how to explain this, but you make me feel different, I get butterflies when I see you smile. You’re different Emily and I like that about you, you can have a laugh and you accept me for what I am and who I was. I promise you’re not just the rebound.”
“I…I dunno Gerard what if I hurt you?”
“How could you?”
“Get you in loads of trouble”
“It’d be me and you against the world”
Emily sighed,
“What does this mean then?”
“What do you want it to mean?” I asked,
“Don’t play mind games Gerard.”
“How do I say this…?” I paused, “Emily, will you be my girlfriend?”
“I…guess…so…I mean…are ya sure?”
“Yes I’m sure quit asking before I do change my mind!” I joked,
“Then, of course!” she smiled, “One thing though, I’m not stopping being a fan of this band because of this. This band is my entire world.”
“I wouldn’t want it any other way” I pulled Emily into a hug,
“Do I have to be a secret?”
“Only if you want to be”
“Nope. Secrets never work.”
I laughed, “You should be happy more”
“I am happy, I’m just realistic.”
I kissed Emily on the head and walked out of the bathroom with the biggest smile on my face,
“What you smiling about” Meddy asked as he walked past me,
“You know”
Meddy sighed, “ Told you so”
“Yeah let’s just see how this goes”

Emily’s POV
Gerard left me stood in the bathroom completely gobsmacked, was I? Emily Shorte? In a relationship with GERARD WAY? Calm it Emily. I look in the mirror and I’m smiling like an idiot, I pick up some eye liner left on the side and put some on. I take a few more breath’s and walk outside. I chuck my white top in my bunk and walk into the living area, I sit down on the sofa trying to stay out of the way while the guys all run around. They look like headless chickens, I start laughing and can’t quite stop, Frank stops and looks at me and raises an eyebrow,
“What’s so funny?” he asks, beginning to laugh himself,
“You all look like headless chickens” I nearly choke on the words, Frank still looks confused, I stop laughing “Don’t worry get back to whatever you’re doing…Can I help?”
“Pre-show jitters, we get them everytime” Frank sits next to me “ So tonights the night eh kiddo?”
“Ya know, there is a small, and that part is really small, that wishes I wasn’t on the bus with you guys so I could fan girl a lot.”
Frank laughed, “Do it, the guys haven’t seen it yet”
“And they never will”
“Tonight we will”
“Because when you’re in that crowd, you’re all Gee’s gonna be looking for” Frank winked at me,
“Excuse me?”
“He told us, congratulations” Frank quickly hugged me,
“Oh right…”
“You don’t seem too excited”
“I don’t want Meddy to think I just want the fame or the money”
“I get ya, Gerard doesn’t think you are…I don’t think you are…Mikey and Ray don’t think you are”
“But Meddy does, and he’s scary”
“Nah he’s a big softie. He likes you really he’s just protective, and you’re like a part of this family now, so that includes you kiddo. You gonna be okay in your first concert tonight then?”
“It isn’t my fist concert, it’s just my first MCR concert. I’ll be fine.”
“Oh cool, will I get to go into the venue early with you guys?”
“Er yeah I think so, why?”
“I can get a barrio spot” I smiled, Frank laughed
“Oh cool”
“You got twitter on your phone?” I asked, Frank looked confused
“No but we’ve got internet connection…Why?”
I got up and picked up the laptop and brought it back over to Frank and sat down,
“Let’s make some fans day”

Me and Frank sat on his twitter for about 25 minutes, we were just replying to people, re-tweeting people, Frank didn’t realise but I knew for some people that would make them so happy.
In the venue was weird, I suddenly got all nervous, the inside was just like one of the gigs I’d been to in the UK only a bigger stage. The walls were black and the bar at the back was lit up with pink lights, it took forever to set up the bands equipment, I just sat on the floor and waited. The guys came on the stage to do their sound check,
“1,2” Gerard said into the mic as he tapped it, “Cool, guys lets do…nanana?”
Then all the guys joined in and started playing nanana, the first few times the guitar’s weren’t working or Ray and Frank’s mic’s weren’t working but eventually they got through most of the song and their sound check was done, Gerard looked down at me and winked,
“You alright?” he said into the mic, I laughed
“Yes. Now shut up!” I joked, Gerard laughed and walked off stage and then Blink 182 came and did their soundcheck. I sat and watched in awe, and was joined by Gerard,
“You alright?” he asked again,
“I’m okay, trust me” I joked, Gerard laughed,
“Very clever. You like these guys then?” He asked, meaning Blink 182
“Well yeah of course, though I’ve only ever heard their old stuff, I mean whatever they play on kerrang I’ve heard”
“Fair enough”
“Haven’t you got work or something to do?” I laughed,
“No? Don’t you want me to sit with you?”
“It’s not that, I don’t want to get you in any trouble”
“Baby, it’s fine. Honest” he looked into my eyes and leant to kiss me, but I turned my head away,
“Not here. Not yet. I want it to be special”
Gerard smiled, and just put his arm around me and kissed me on the head, I couldn’t help but smile, I was probably blushing a lot too,
“It’s nearly time, I better go backstage. You coming?” He stood up and offered to help me up,
“Yeah but only for a bit, I want to be at the barrier”
“You think you can handle being barrier?”
“Of course”
“Oi, love birds stop flirting I’m gonna puke” Frank joked as we walked past, somehow mine and Gerard’s hands had intertwined without me noticing. His hands were warm and soft, exactly how I expected them to be.
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