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I'm taking back the life you stole.

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everyone has their opinoin, but Gerard feels some should be left unsaid...or splattered over an alley.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Horror - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2011-11-23 - Updated: 2011-11-23 - 467 words

Gerard wiped his bloody hands down his black jeans, knowing it wouldn’t show. He had gotten quicker and better over the years, covering up what he had done was easy, and it was finding victims that were the hard part.

Yes, you could argue that picking a person to kill was not hard at all, just wander down the street and pick off people who were alone. Gerard, however, didn’t like to do things the easy way. Con-men, murderers, hustlers, and just general whores were the kind of guys Gerard would go after, always saying ‘why should scumbags like you deserve to live when, he can’t, what people like you did to him, can never be reversed.’ Grinning smugly, he would then watch his victim cry out as he pulled the trigger slowly, letting the body drop to the floor before walking back to his car as if nothing had even happened.

Gerard hadn’t always been like this, he had once been happy, had plenty of friends, a loving family and a good paying job. The job went first.

‘I’m very sorry Mr Way, but your drinking…issues, have become somewhat worse since you joined us. I am asking you politely to leave, don’t make me have to ask again.’ Gerard replayed his boss’s words in his mind as he sat in front of the fireplace in his house, the small yellow glow lighting up his gaunt face.

‘I didn’t really like that job anyway, never paid well, never liked those assholes.’ Coincidently his boss was found in a river a few weeks later, cause unknown, Or so the public thought. Even back then Gerard was smooth.

‘He didn’t deserve to die though did he?’ Mikey’s voice spat icily into the silence. ‘So he fired you, big deal. So he made your life hell for a few years, you’ll get over it.’

‘I will never get those years back mikey!’

‘And his family? They will never get him back, he had kids right?’

‘A girl, soph, 14.’ Gerard sighed, he felt sorry for soph, but her dad was an idiot, he couldn’t overcome that.

‘And how do you think she feels?’

‘Don’t you dare!’ Gerard cried, he shoved his face into his hands and screwed his eyes up tight. When he looked up mikey had gone, as if he was never even there.

‘I need to get some sleep.’ Gerard muttered before dragging himself up the staircase to his bed.

a/n: so, let me know what you think, sorry its abit short, i kinda threw this together and if i made it any longer i would have ruined some of the suprises;)-ash

note: if i get this to green, i might cry:P
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