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'so this is where it all began.'

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Gerard meets up with some old 'friends'

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A young Gerard and his little brother Mikey threw a ball playfully to each other from different sides of the street, their mother had told them to be careful, and although she trusted 12-year-old Gerard to look after Mikey, she still cast a watchful eye over him every now and again.

A small boy with a baby-afro ran down the street and joined in the game, they were silent to Mrs Way who could only see their lips move, but from the grins on the children’s’ faces, they were having a laugh.
As the mother decided the boys were safe, Gerard turns to wave at her, she waves back, but her face twists into a picture of pure horror as young Mikey runs into the road after the ball.

Mrs Way gasps as Gerard flicks his head around and sprints into the road where Mikey had frozen, tackling him into the curb. The younger boy looked up at his older one, dazed. He mimed something that was unintelligible to Mrs Way before throwing his hands around the older boy’s neck.

Gerard turned to face his mother, as he moved, Mikey stood up, a trickle of blood seeped out of his nose and Gerard wiped it away with his sleeve. The other boy, ray, ran over the brothers and looked them over before nodding to Mrs. Way, showing they were both safe.

‘Bad dream?’ Mikey asked Gerard, who had a trickle of cold sweat running down his face. He wiped it away quickly and stared at his brother in disbelief.

‘what’re you- get out! I’m fine, I just need to clear my head.’ He threw off the covers, still fully clothed from the night before.

‘what’s that?’ Mikey’s criticising tone asked. Gerard’s looked down at his jeans; the blood had dried up and made a faint red outline on them.

‘Sauce.’ Gerard replied coolly.

‘Don’t lie to me.’ Mikey spat, he drifted towards Gerard, standing in front of him and glaring into his eyes. ‘Who deserved it this time?’

Gerard chuckled darkly at his brother’s sick humour. ‘just an old friend of ours, from high school. Bit of a bully, if I remember rightly...’

‘And you bumped into him by complete accident I assume?’

‘Of course.’ If following the guy home for 5 weeks, finally finding a dark rainy night where he was walking alone, bumping into him and dragging him off down an ally after lightly tapping his temple with his Gerard’s foot could be seen as a coincidence.


‘divorced, had a son called Jim Jr, just like his father, complete ass’ Gerard’s voice filled with venom as he thought back to how Jim’s dad had used Gerard’s little brother as a punching bag for the best of four years.

‘I was fine.’ Mikey replied, obviously guessing what his big brother was thinking.

‘you still have the scars, Mikey! You were not fine! Anyway, I have stuff to do, leave me alone.’ Mikey disappeared silently from the room without another word, not even questioning the “stuff” Gerard had to do.


Gerard pulled up outside a perky white house, he held up a photo to the frame, and decided this was defiantly the house he was looking for. Lucy Hoy, complete slut, slept with anything with a pulse, Mikey had told him in detail as he sobbed to his big brother after she stood him up at prom.

He shoved his pistol into the side of his newly-washed black jeans and pulled a thick leather jacket over the top. He slammed the car door shut and sauntered up to the front door. He knocked loudly on the cute stained-glass of the house; it would be a shame to have to smash it.

A figure appeared in the doorway, and the door swung open. A small blonde girl, the same age as Gerard stood smiling sweetly at the door. Her grey vest and baggy sweats clung to her petite frame; her eyes were big and blue, shame really. Such a pretty girl, not such a pretty reputation, that’s soon going to have a very un-pretty end.

‘Hi!’ she beamed. She clearly had no idea who he was.

‘hi, erm, I'm Gerard, we used to go to school together...i was in the n-‘

‘Oh my god! Gerard? As in, Gerard WAY?’ the girls eyes widened and she pulled him into a hug, he stood with his arms pinned awkwardly to his side until she lessened her embrace.

‘can I co-‘

‘sure! I’ll just get some...Drinks!’ she winked and walked tartly into what he assumed was anything but the kitchen. He looked around the hall as he shut the door, he clicked the look quietly. This would be easier than he thought; he placed his hand on his pistol, and awaited Lucy’s return.

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