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'goodbye, old friend.'

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does Frank know what gerard does for a living?

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‘You monster.’ Lucy gasped as Gerard’s hand pressed her throat down hard. He held the pistol to her head, pushing it in slightly. He grinned evilly.

‘You remember my brother mikey?’ he asked, Gerard like to play with his victims.

‘Erm…I don’t know!’ she cried, tears began to spill down her face, she squeezed her eyes shut and her face flushed a deep red.

‘Well, you should.’ Gerard pulled the trigger as the grin faded from his face. ‘such an ugly crier for such a pretty girl.’

Her head hit the floor and her blood seeped down the white walls, painting them a deep crimson. Gerard watched the blood trickle for a few seconds.

‘Look Lucy, look what you made me do. I spilt your blood on your wall and now I have to clean it up, silly girl.’ He wandered carefully around the house until he found the bathroom. He took a flannel and soaked it in warm water before trailing back to where Lucy was laying.

‘Don’t you dare drip on the carpet.’ Gerard said absent-mindedly as he rested her head on his foot while he cleaned the blood delicately off the wall.

‘You always wanted me to take you for a drive back in high school, guess this is your lucky day.’ Gerard threw Lucy’s limp body over his shoulder and walked briskly back to the car, thank fuck for the night.


‘Where have you been?’ Mikey’s voice was cold as ice. Gerard slammed the door and strolled into the kitchen.

‘You’re still here?’ he asked angrily, but when Gerard walked into the kitchen, it was frank who was sat on the worktop, not his little brother.

‘I only just got here. You left the door unlocked and-‘frank looked slightly hurt by Gerard’s comment.

‘It’s fine, I just- I thought you were someone else, that’s all.’

‘Who else would be here?’

‘Oh, no one, it’s just me still.’

‘Good, so, how’s the job.’ Gerard flinched, his hands clasped around the glasses of cola he was pouring. Did frank know?

‘I got fired.’

‘I didn’t know murderers could get fired, what did you do? Piss off your gun?’ frank giggled at his own joke, Gerard’s lips cracked into a tiny smile.

‘You know?’

‘Mikey told me.’ Of course, mikey told frank. Frank knew everything.

‘Did he tell you why?’

‘He didn’t know why.’

‘Good.’ Gerard slammed the glass onto the worktop a little too hard and it shattered into fragments, some digging into Gerard’s hands.

‘Must feel weird to have your own blood on your hands for once, right?’

‘Yeah, it kinda does…’ Gerard ran his bloody hands under the cold tap, it was weird to see the blood keep coming back to his hands.

‘You need a bandage.’ Frank said soothingly, taking Gerard’s hands and a clean cloth. ‘and some sleep, you look like a dead person, thought that was your customers job.’ This time, Gerard laughed, a cold, high laugh.

‘But I have something to do tonight.’ He protested through the giggles.

‘Fine, then get some sleep. Oh, the hardships of being a serial killer.’ Frank sighed sarcastically.

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