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'its almost over.

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Gerard has nearly finished what he's started...

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A/N: okay, your all gonna hate me but, i'm not posting the last chapeters until these four have been rated and reveiwed abit more. so tell me what you think, and i will reward:3 -ash

‘Who is it this time?’ Mikey’s voice made Gerard jump and slam the car door shut.

‘What are you doing?! Get out!’ mikey stepped out the car but held onto the frame.

‘Howard Jonson? That’s your next victim? He moved away in fifth grade, why would you spend all that time attempting to track down someone who isn’t even in the state anymore?’ Mikey’s dark eyes bored into Gerard.

‘He moved back seven months ago, I was just… busy.’ Mikey’s glare became more intense. Gerard hit his head against the steering wheel, ‘just leave me be, mikey!’ when Gerard looked up, mikey was gone.

Gerard drove away from the house as quick as he could, it was almost dusk and the roads were empty, he sped down the highways to the address of Howard Jonson.

Howard Jonson seemed like your average asshole, but he could be so much more given half a chance. Gerard’s mind flicked back to ninth grade when Howard and his ‘crew’ would follow mikey home, keeping a short distance but shouting anything they could think of. Gerard started walking mikey home, but it just made matters worse, mikey started leaving school late so that Gerard had no choice but to meet him back at the house. A few weeks later mikey would come home with cuts and small bruises, which soon turned into big cuts and bigger bruises.

‘You can’t let them do this to you, mikes, let me help, or let frank help, or ray? Why don’t you just walk home with them if you don’t want to walk home with me? Please, mikey.’ But he just pushed past Gerard, clutching an ice pack to his swollen face.

‘Always so proud.’ Gerard muttered aloud. Just then his phone began to buzz in his pocket. ‘fuck off, mikey.’ He muttered, only to see that it was ray that was on the other line.

‘How’s things?’ ray’s voice chimed as Gerard wedged the phone in between his ear and shoulder in an attempt to try and keep both hands on the wheel.

‘Oh, great, wonderful, amazing-‘

‘Sounds it. Wanna talk about it?’

‘Not really. You know, I’m a bit busy at the moment, I’ll call you back when I’m finished.’

‘I thought you’d stopped.’ Ray’s voice was a whisper as it dawned on him what Gerard meant.

‘I never stopped, and I never will stop until this is finished. I’ll chat later.’ Gerard hung up and dropped his mobile into the foot well. It vibrated constantly with messages from ray, and probably frank but he just ignored them.

’73 assholes down, 3 to go.’ Gerard mumbled happily as he got out the car and looked up at Howard’s house, his leather jacket was now worn and his jeans were torn and ragged. The only thing that kept him going was knowing that he was nearly finished.
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