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Finale- Goodbye, cruel world.

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Here is the finale to the short story, has Gerard accomplished what he needed to?

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note: so this 'epic' stroy comes to a close, but whe one door shuts, another opens...

Gerard, Frank and Ray sat on the sofa in Gerard’s living room. At first the atmosphere was tense, but with a few drinks and some friendly digs, the night livened up and the friends were finally getting on like old times. Gerard finally felt like he had done what he promised he would do.

‘You know what?’ Gerard slurred a little, but the guys turned to face him. ‘forget those other two assholes, there’s just one more job I have to finish and then It will be all over.’

‘So who’s going to be “Gerard the rippers final victim”’ frank laughed, almost spilling some off his drink as he tried to stand.

‘Come to the middle of town tomorrow, and you’ll see.’ Gerard winked before finally drifting off on the sofa.


People gathered in the street as Gerard stood on the steps outside the local city hall. He had a black bag sat at his feet and his black leather jacket resting on his arm. He put the bag on the floor and grinned as he say frank and ray appear at the front, police were trying to move the crowd on, but they all wanted to know what this odd man was doing.

A certain police officer who stood in awe was PC Althea, who was the younger sister of Lucy Hoy. She clearly remembered Gerard too, but looked to scared to approach him.
As soon as Gerard felt the crowd was sufficient, he started his “speech” talking in a loud, sinister voice.

‘You all know about the murders lately, most of you knew the victims or were close to them. No one knows how they are happening and don’t let these cops fool you. They have about as much information as you.’ He pointed to a small boy in the front with a blond bowl cut, the kid stared at him in horror.

‘Most of you here went to the local high school around the same time as me, some the same time as my brother mikey. Anyone remember him? Of course you don’t. but I bet you all remember the headlines a few months back.’ There was a low mumble from the crowd as his old classmates exchanged knowing glances.

‘So I gathered you all here today so that you can witness my statement. I know it will be twisted and warped, but you will all hear the words come out of my mouth yourselves, so you will know the truth.’

The few members of the police moved forward slightly, frank reached out and grabbed PC althea’s shoulder and whispered, ‘let him finish, it’ll save you a shitload of time.’ To which she ordered the others to back down.

‘I killed all those people, because they were all asshole to my little brother. They made his life hell and now he’s gone. That’s right fuckers! Mikey’s dead! I know most of you heard the tragic story of him being driven insane, well that was bullshit! He was so feed up with people and knowing that he would only meet more people like that the further he ventured he just couldn’t take it.’

The crowd stood in silence, no one moved, franks hand was still clamped firmly on the PC’s shoulder. Gerard reached down carefully and pulled his faithful pistol out of his bag and held it to his head.

‘Now, mikey was my best friend as well as my brother. He’s here with me now. He doesn’t want me to do this, but I can’t stand it anymore. Goodbye, fuckers.’

The last thing Gerard saw was mikey running towards him, Gerard smiled and closed his eyes, the police surged towards him, frank and Ray close behind.

It was too late, but mikey and Gerard had finally been reunited. ‘you’re an idiot, but I’ve missed you.’ Mikey smiled and for the first time in months, Mikey’s arms wrapped tight around his big brothers neck, just like the first time Gerard saved his life.

‘I missed you too.’

A/N: there it is! its all over! i hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully i will be starting a new one/finishing my others soon! please rate and review and show your support, i do reward as a certain name drop will know;) the PC was someone who supported this story from the begginig, i know there was others, but you must show yourselves to be credited! thanks for sticking with my random crap:3 -ash
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