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The Start Of Everything

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Frank makes friends with Phin! This is how it all began people!

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If you don't read Back In The Day first, a lot of this isn't gonna make sense. So read Back In The Day!

This is Frank and Phin's first meeting. Tell me what you think!

Frank is thirteen, Phin is fourteen. Jared is fifteen and Lissa is fourteen.


He was just trying to stay out of trouble. Minding his own business and trying to ignore the cruel jibes that were shot at him every few minutes. After all, thirteen year old Frank Iero wasn't the toughest person on the planet. He was short for his age and almost continually sick. As though that wasn't enough to be a target for bullies, on top of that, he dressed mainly in black and wore eyeliner around his large brown eyes. And the icing on the cake - he had been caught making out with a guy by some of the biggest homophobes in his school.

So he was currently having the shit beaten out of him. It in a secluded part of the school; the only place they could be seen from was the playing fields. Frank lay on the asphalt, just taking the kicks, fist and insults that rained down on him. At first he'd tried to fight back but there were five of them and one of him, and he'd never been particulary strong. After they pushed him over, he just cleared his mind, closed his eyes and tried to ignore the pain. It wasn't exactly easy though - the boy was going to have some bruises tomorrow.

At last the beating stopped. All thanks to a cool female voice that came from the girl nearly every guy in the school wanted.

"Hello again boys."

Frank cracked a lid open to see a tanned girl - possibly the most popular in the school - a few feet away, distaste etched across her face. Oh great, another tormentor come to join in.

"Hey, babes." One of the boys said. He was the leader of this particular group, the toughest, the most cruel.

"Luke, unless you want me to punch your face in do not call me that." The girl said calmly. "Now leave that kid alone - he's had enough."

"You're joking! He's a fag Sera! He should die."

"You should. And do not fucking call me Sera!"

"Awww, c'mon babes." Luke put on a whining voice as he practically begged his ex to see his point of view. "We were good together."

Phin raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms. "Oh were we?"

"Yeah!" The boy said eagerly, apparently having forgotten about Frank lying on the floor at his feet. Not for long, though. The latter rolled on to his hands and knees and tried to crawl away. He didn't get very far - one of Luke's mates kicked him hard in the ribs and he collapsed again. Something flashed across Phin's eyes at the boy's pained gasp

"Ok, we were good together Luke. Now's your chance to prove it."

"Go for it!" The boy walked towards her to kiss her but Phin just held up a hand to stop him. It was almost eerie how she could control people with the slightest gestures.

"Sooooo....? Who's my favourite band?"

"What?" Luke's mouth hung open in astonishment.

"My favourite band. If we were that good together, you'd know."

"Uh, Atomic Kitten?"

"Please tell me you're joking."

"Yeah, um... JLS."

"Yeah... Not even close. Really really far off actually. In fact, I feel physically ill! JL-fucking-S? Urgh! Ok, let's move on. Best Muse song?"

"Who the fuck are Muse?"

"Green Day?"

"You've lost me."

"Ok - face it. We're though. Now piss off and leave the kid alone."

Luke looked shell shocked. Phin looked annoyed. Frank looked relieved, but still scared.

The ex-couple stared at one another for a few more seconds. Phin's face was hard and furious, whilst Luke's was strained and slightly scared. Not that he'd ever admit it. Then the ex muttered 'c'mon' to his friends and the five standing boys left, shooting glares at the one on the floor as they did so.

Once they were gone, Phin walked over to where Frank was curled up on the ground and crouched next to him. "You ok, kid?"

The boy squeezed his eyes shut and nodded.

Phin shook her head. "That was a stupid question - you're obviously not."

Frank's eyes flew open. "I'm fine!"

The girl raised her eyebrow. "It's cool bro'. You just got beaten by a load of jumped up gits. You're not ok."

"Fine - I'm not ok."

"That's better." Phin smiled sarcastically. "What's your name by the way?"

"Uh, Frank... Iero."

"Cool. I'm Seraphin Lestat. Phin for short - never Sera. I can't believe he called me that. Never mind 'babes'. And how can you not know Muse? Never mind Green Day?"

Frank laughed. "Tell me about it!"

"You like them?"

"They're awesome."

"Wow dude - and just like that you're my friend!"

The younger boy blushed. "Uh, thanks. I don't really have many mates round here. I moved here 'bout a month ago."

"Where from?"

"New Jersey."

"Oh, I know what it's like - being new here I mean. I moved from England like a year ago."

"That would explain the accent." Frank smiled.

"Yeah - that's my accent." Phin stood up and extended her hand to pull the smaller boy up. "You like Maiden?"

"As in Iron Maiden?"


"They're amazing!"

"Ok kid - you're coming with me!" Phin laughed then, still holding Frank's hand, led him off to where her best friends Jared and Lissa were waiting. The two looked curiously at the younger boy, but didn't comment. Seeing their stares, Frank blushed, but met their eyes boldly - the beginning of the courage Phin was going to instill in him over the next three years...

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