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Joining Schools

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When Frank, Jared, Phin and Lissa get kicked out off their old school. This is mostly based on the characters you don't see as much in Back In The Day.

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Right. In this Phin, Jared, Lissa, Lena and Kyle are all in their first year of high school. They're all around 14 or 15. Frank is in his last year of middle school and he's just turned 14. Ollie is roughly the same age. Lee and Bob are in their second year and are nearly 16. It is just under three years before the beginning of Back In The Day.

Just to make things clear - in this story, the high and middle schools share the same building. Being English, I have no idea how the American schooling system works, but I'm trying to make this as accurate as possible. Don't hate me if there are any flaws - there probably will be!

Oh and just so you know - Lena is kinda based on Taylor Momsen, whom I love and adore.

Yeah and Jared is Jared Leto. Whom I also love. And think is the most gorgeous guy on the planet. You may have guessed that though. I think that's it for celebrities...

Other then that, enjoy!


Lee, Bob, Lena and Kyle leant on the breeze block wall of the school building. It was a hot day - they were enjoying the last of the Californian summer sun before the November chill set in. The four teens were planning on going down the beach after school and making the most of the heat. Well, the three boys were planning to. With her icy pale skin and hair, Lena and the great outdoors did not mix. Even with the overly manicured beaches that could be found along the coast of built up areas of the state. And the boys were planning on a short drive north to one of the cold, rugged beaches - away from the stress and peer pressure inflicted on every student in high school.

It wasn't as though the four students were exactly unpopular. Lena was famed in school for her supermodel type body and loud mouth. No one dared mess with them due to Kyle's muscles. Lee had every girl wrapped around his little finger. And Bob hung with some of the town's hardest drug dealers. They were practically untouchable. Unfortunately, they also seemed to be the center of every rumour that circulated the amongst down-and-outs that attended this school. The attention they got was rarely welcomed by the quartet.

Today was a nice change for the friends though. For once they were not the center of attention - a group of students who joined the school from an uptown middle/high school. According to rumour, they had been thrown out of their old one and transferred here, though no one was entirely sure why. Ideas ranged from mugging the principal to cutting down all of the trees on the grounds. Lena personally didn't believe any of them, but Lee and Kyle were discussing the likelyhood of the mugging theory. The girl rolled her eyes at Bob.

"Boys. They're so immature."

"Thanks Lena." Came the slightly offended reply. "So nice of you to remember that I am actually a guy."

"Ooops! Sorry Bob." Lena grinned and pulled her sunglasses on. "So what do you think's up with the newbies?"

"No idea. Don't care either. Apparently that Ollie kid in the grade below us knows them from his old middle school though. He didn't really know them but apparently the short guy is gay."

"Really?" Lena asked, lounging in the bright sun. "He's gonna get ripped to shreds."

"Yeah - that's what I thought." Bob admitted. "Until I met his mates."

"What happened?"

"Well there's this other guy and two girls.

"Yeah - I saw them in the hall earlier." Lee cut in. "And man, those girls are hot!"

"Tell me about it." Kyle agreed. Lena rolled her eyes. As much as she loved the boys, it kinda bugged her when they started drooling over girls. Still, at least they didn't drool over her. She got a ridiculous amount of attention from guys and these three were the only ones who weren't either complete dorks, too shy to talk to her or continually trying to get in her pants. She was only fourteen for fucks sake!

"Gorgeous." Bob confirmed, before noticing Lena's annoyance. "Anyway, the older guy's got like brown hair. One of the girl's is Latino, I'm guessing - or she spends way too much time in the sun. The other one's black - really, really dark, and she's just... amazin' looking."

"Moving on!" Lena interrupted Bob's drooling.

He blushed and continued. "The gay guy's got brown hair and is kinda on the short side. I haven't really seen him properly. The point is, that dick George Granger knocked into him in the hall and started yelling shit at the kid. The Latino girl went up to him and punch him. Full on the face - it looked nasty. 'Course he got up and started yelling at her. I didn't hear what she replied, but George back down really quick. Then she picked the kid up and they walked off."

"Hmmmm," Lena said thoughtfully. "I wonder if they're related..." She had two younger brothers herself and was very protective of them. They were a couple of the handful of guys she cared about.

"Doubt it." Kyle said. "Don't look anything alike."

"Well, they could be half siblings. And they do look pretty similar bar the hair colour - they could be brother and sister." Bob reasoned.

"Who cares anyway?" Lee cut in.

"Just curious, I s'pose." Lena shrugged.

"Did you hear about what happened in science class?" Kyle asked the other three.

"No." Was the response.

"Well, loads of people were shouting down the black girl - calling her a faghag, 'cos she hangs with a queer. She had the biggest bitch back at them I've ever heard! It was hilarious."

"Good - some of those idiots deserved to be shouted down." Lena laughed.

"Tell me 'bout it!" Kyle chuckled at the memory.

At that moment, the school bell rung, signalling the end of lunch break. "See ya!" Lee said and the four parted ways.

Lena had English after the break. She frowned as she stepped inside and was surrounded by the dark, dull walls of the school. It wasn't the darkness that bothered the teenager - it was how bleak and dim the whole building was. There was no life or energy in it and Lena hated it. Worse still, were the other pupils. There was only a small handful of decent students in each year. The guys were all too self absorded and were continually drooling over Lena. When it had first started, the girl had loved it - who wouldn't have? Soon enough though, it just got tedious. And just to add to the annoyance of every male eye lingering and lusting over her, all of Lena's female peers hated her - jealous of her stunning looks and the way she drew guys in with no effort.

Oh well. The teen had learned to deal with it. And with any luck one of the newbies would be in her English and would be interesting. And not only interested in her body, or hate her on sight. Turns out that Lena was in luck.

She arrived at her class a little early, and took her usual lonely seat at the back of the class. Less than a minute later, a tall dark girl whom Lena had never seen before came in. The new arrival looked boldly around the room, and several boys shifted in their seats - clearly hoping that she'd choose a seat next to them. She didn't just looked around the class until her gaze fell on Lena.

Oh great. Here we go the blonde girl thought as the darker one walked towards her. But when the newbie reached her, instead of assulting Lena with some sort of bitchy comment, the girl said "Do you mind if I sit here?" She indicated the seat next to the other girl and spoke in an extremely soft, polite tone. Lena instantly warmed to her.

"Sure." She replied. "None of my mates are in this class so no one special sits there."

"Thanks." The black girl smiled. "I'm Lissa."


"Nice to meet you."

"Ditto." Lena grinned at the other girl's posh tone. "So how comes all four of you transferred here?" She questionned. May as well just cut to the gossip.

"Everyone wants to know that!" Lissa complained jokingly.

"Well - it is pretty bizzare!" The blonde girl shrugged.

"Tell you what. You prove you're a decent person, not just after gossip; 'nd I tell you what happened." Her dark eyes were alive and challenging. Lena grinned - she was impressed with this new girl. She wasn't a complete bitch and she wasn't stupid either.

"But I am just after gossip!" The blonde joked and the other laughed. They carried on joking and chatting with one another throughout the rest of the lesson, ignoring the teacher's glares. When English ended, the two were delighted to discover that they had the last two lessons of the day together. They walked to the math block together, talking aimiably to eachother. Lena had forgotten all about the gossip that she wanted to extract from the other.

"So who are you friends with in this dump?" Lissa questionned.

"Three dudes." The other girl raised her eyebrow, and Lena rolled her eyes. Why did everyone jump to the conclusion that she was a massive slut, simply because she got along better with guys than girls? Boys didn't bitch, and the constant gossiping of other girls drove her insane. "I don't fuck them you know!" She snapped.

"I wasn't thinking that you did!" Lissa said hurridly. "I was just thinking - guys can be so immature. Don't you get sick of them?"

Lena blushed - regretting that she had jumped so quickly to conclusions. That was the second time she had with this girl. "Sorry, she muttered."

"Don't worry." The girls smiled - one apologetic, the other friendly.

"Yeah, so Bob, Lee, and Kyle. They're my mates."

"Oh cool."

"Lee's in the year above us, but Kyle's in this class."

"So I'll meet him?"


"Awsome! Jared said he had math during this period too, maybe he'll be in the same class."

"Uh... Jared?" Lena asked, lost.

"Oops!" Lissa laughed, her white teeth shining in the artificial light. "He's one of my friends. Got transferred here with me along with Frank and Phin."

They had reached the math room by this point and had taken their seats at the back of the class, being sure to reserve two extra seats for the boys they were waiting on.

"Ok. Umm, I thought there was another girl?"

"Yeah - that's Phin. I know it sounds like a guy's name, but it's short for Seraphin. Don't ask, her parents are weird."

"Ok!" Lena laughed.

"Yeah, they're all pretty cool people. I mean, Frank's kinda pathetic around the edges, Jared's a complete whore, and Phin had a tendency to knock people's face in."

"I heard she punched some guy in the hall?"

"Who's that- Phin?" A male voice cut in. The two girls looked up from their seats, to be presented by one of the most attractive faces Lena had ever seen. He had baby blue eyes and long brown hair that flopped adorably into his eyes. "Never mind," his voice turned seductive, matching his smile. "Who is this beauty?" Lena felt herself blush. She got compliments often enough to be used to them, but rarely from a guy who was actually good looking!

"Ignore him Lena." Lissa's voice cut into the blonde's fantasy, and she blushed even deeper. "As I said Jared is a complete slut. I've seen him making out with a cheerleader then flirting with Frank ten minutes later."

"I don't deny it."

"And the urge to shove your tongue down his throat disappears after you get to know him. Why I stick with this jerk is beyond me." Lissa shoved the boy playfully. Lena laughed.

"So is Frank the gay one?" She asked.

"Yep." Jared said, winking at the blonde. She tried not to blush.

Lissa supressed an eyeroll. "He's bi actually. Dating Phin at the moment. She's bi too, but prefers dudes. Jared likes to pretend that he's bi, but truthfully, he's such a whore, he just doesn't care what gender someone it, as long as they'll make out with him."

"Thanks for that!" Jared glared at Lissa but ended up laughing again. Lena joined in. She was feeling happier than she had all day. Looks like she could add at least two more people to the highly exclusive list that made up her friends. And they were both gorgeous. Maybe it'd detract some of the attention from her.

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Next chapter, I'm thinking will be Andy asking Phin out? What do you think? I wanna do something involving him, 'cos I'm kinda obsessed. Andy Sixx is gorgeous..... mmmmmm. Sorry. Requests for what you want - if not, I'll do that!

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