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Yeah, if you didn't guess, it's about Andy Sixx. Or my character based on him.

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Right, this is gonna be quick. I've become kinda (even more) obsessed with Andy Sixx recently, so I decided to write something 'bout him. I'm also going to move the chapter on him and Phin at the party to this story, and add some smut. XD

I don't know what else to say so I'mma shut up and let you read.


The first day at a new school is never easy. The nerves of being in a new environment, the fear of not being able to make friends - of being an outcast. It's never easy.

What doesn't make it any less daunting is looking socially unacceptable. And at the age of seventeen, that applied to Andy. He had an appearance that people generally dubbed 'emo'. It was a load of bull in his opinion, but that didn't change what people thought. Having impeccably straightened, shoulder length, black hair; wearing more eyeliner than most girls; and dressing mostly in black were never things that would help a guy fit in in high school. Unfortunately for Andy, he was extremely suborn - the more people mocked his style, the more outrageous it became.

So far, this school hadn't been any different to his old school. The boy had hoped that moving down state due to his father's new job would put an end to the bullying that had tormented Andy since he had reached adolescence. Since the age of thirteen he had began dressing like his favourite music stars - and in a way more suited to girls. The fact that he was in to heavy metal music hadn't exactly helped his case either. What people had against it, he wasn't sure, but it had just increased the number of peers willing to torment him.

So far, this school hadn't been any different. Many students had stared at him, most did a double take. One even had the nerve to ask him if he was a boy or a girl. Andy had just flipped him off and stalked away. And it was only fourth period. Oh well, lunch next.

The number of students began to thin out as he made his way along the humanities department's corridor. He first lesson was geography, and Andy was dreading it.

All too soon, he found the appropriate room and walked in. The teacher - a white haired old man - glanced at him then started slightly at the new pupil's bizarre appearance. Andy scowled - it wasn't that strange. It's not like he was dressed in drag or something.

"Andrew?" the teacher questioned, after studying the register.

"Andy." the student replied shortly. A few people sniggered but the teacher just nodded in acknowledgment of the student's preferred name.

"You can sit at the back, beside Lee. He'll look after you for the rest of the day."

Andy nodded and walking to the back of the room, flopping down in the seat next to the guy the teacher had indicated. A couple of students sniggered again, but Andy just glared at them. He was good at hiding nerves.

"Hey man." The guy called Lee said. Andy glanced at him. Lee had blonde hair that flopped into his warm brown eyes. He was wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt, giving him the appearance of a beach boy. Well, excluding the eyeliner that Andy was surprised to note he was wearing. It wasn't as dark, or as obvious as the black haired boy's but it enough to make him think maybe Lee wasn't someone who would hate him based on sight alone.

"Hey." Andy replied, still slightly wary of the blonde boy.

"You new round here?" Lee asked, lowering his voice to avoid the teacher - who was now rambling on about goodness-only- knows-what.

"No shit." Andy replied sarcastically and Lee chuckled.

"Ok, stupid question. What I meant was do you live round here. Or did you move recently?"

Andy sighed. "Yeah, I moved here a few weeks back - during the summer hols."

"How comes?"

"Dude, you ever shut up?!" The black haired boy snapped.

Lee looked offended. "Sorry man. If that's the way you roll, then fine. I was just trynna be friendly though." He turned back to the front of the class and pretended to listen to the teacher. In truth, he was watching Andy out of the corner of his eye.

The new guy was grumpy - that was for sure. But he was also the kind of dude that Phin had an unhealthy obsession with. Why she was attracted to dudes who wore eyeliner and had long hair, Lee would never understand. What was for sure though - no matter how grouchy the guy was, Andy would be wrapped around Phin's finger before the end of the semester. He'd also be cruelly ditched by the end of the next one. Lee had seen more than one guy's heart get broken by her.

Speaking of which, Frank was also becoming more and more like the older girl with every passing day. Asides from dying his hair black, he'd started hooking up with both girls and boys at the clubs that they snuck into. He'd never see them again afterwards, which wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact he'd passed on from casual flirting to dry humping in a corner at a rather alarming rate. It wasn't really any of their business, but Lee and Amy (his girl friend of four months) had both come to the conclusion that he was go an start going home with them soon. And he was only, what? Fifteen? It was crazy.

"Hey, look man, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have bit your head off like that." A very shy, quiet apology from Andy disturbed Lee's train of thought.

The blonde boy stared at the darker haired one for a moment. "Eh - it's fine man, honestly."

"Yeah - I'm just kinda... I like to keep things to myself."

"Fair enough." Lee shrugged and smiled. Andy grinned.

"I moved here 'cos of my dad's work." He said, answering Lee's earlier question. "I mean we lived in California before, just a bit further up north."

"Was it nice there?"

"Yeah, I guess." Andy hesitated. "I wasn't too popular there though. I guess that's one of the reasons that we moved - Mum got tired of me coming home with bruises all over me."

Lee tried to suppress a grin. This kid didn't have a chance. He was exactly the kind of human wreckage that Phin loved. The blonde boy couldn't wait to see this go down. Instead of expressing his true thoughts, Lee tried to reassure Andy.

"I'm sorry to hear that man. That you got beat up I mean." Andy shrugged and looked down broodingly. "You won't get any of that shit here though. I mean stick with me. I don't mind, and everyone in my group - guy or girl wears a hell of a lot of liner. We're the 'emos' of the school." Lee chuckled at the ridiculous label he and his friends had been given. "What sort of music do you like?"

"Heavy stuff." Andy replied. He looked a little more cheerful after Lee's short speech. "You?"

"Same. Actually, I'm more into punk. What bands do you like?"

"Uh, Pink Floyd, Anthrax, Green Day - but who doesn't like them? Nirvana's pretty awesome."

"Yeah they are. And only freaks don't like Green Day! Actually, some bloke tried to chat Phin up and he'd never heard of them. It was at that point she told him to give up!"

"How can you have not heard of Green Day?!"

"No idea. It was a pretty funny story though."

"And would you care to share this funny story with the rest of the class?" The teacher had finally noticed that there were two boys at the back of his class who were not paying any attention to the lesson.

"Yeah, sure." Lee said cheerfully, leaning back in his chair. "Some guy didn't know who Green Day is. Which is pretty weird. And stupid considering he was trynna chat Phin up. And of course the only people she goes out with are the ones who impress her with their music taste. Needless to say - it never happened."

A few people tittered, but the teacher frowned, unimpressed. "Well, that subject is hardly relevant to this class, so I suggest that you shut up and pay attention."

"Yes sir!" Lee said mockingly, saluting the teacher. Andy chuckled and the other boy winked at him.

The rest of the lesson passed in silence apart from the teacher's incessant droning. After around ten minutes people's eyes had glazed over, many were doodling idly, some passing notes, other just sat staring into space. No one had the willpower to continue to listen to the lecture.

When the bell finally rung, people got wearily to their feet, yawning as though they had just been woken from a deep sleep.

"You coming?" Lee questioned Andy as they got to their feet and collected their books.

"Uh, I guess." Was the reply.

"Good, good." Lee replied as he walked out of the room, the school's newcomer close in tow. "I just wanna grab something to eat from the canteen, then we'll meet the others outside."

"Cool." They began down the corridor, until Lee crashed into a brown haired guy with his arm round a pretty ginger girl.

"Hi Lee." The boy said, his grin giving him the appearance of a lazy Cheshire cat.

"Hey, Jared. Katie." The red head giggled and wound her arm around Jared. Andy sneered in disgust at her obvious preppyness.

"Who's this?" The boy asked, nodding at Andy. Lee introduced the two. "Hey dude." Jared smiled. "See you outside then."

"Yeah, bye." Lee said. Jared grinned at the two boys as the walked off. Phin was going to love this guy. The new one.

"Hey Katie." He addressed the girl he'd been dating for the last week.

"Yes?" She simpered at him in a sickeningly sweet manner. Katie really was cute, but in Jared's opinion, any relationship that lasted over a week was too long. Well, boyfriend/girlfriend wise at least.

"Scram." Was all he said as a break up.

"Huh?" She said, not comprehending.

"Get out of here. You heard me we're not going out anymore." The words were spoken quite calmly, but Katie's lower lip began to tremble.


"What can I say? Got bored." Jared shrugged and walked off, leaving the girl a distraught mess, left to crawl back to the friends she had been disregarding for the last week.

Jared, on the other hand , stepped out into the bright September sun and was smiling as he made his way over to his group of friends lounging in the shade next to the school building. Well, half of them were sitting in the shade - namely Lena, Amy, Bob, and Adrian. The rest (Phin, Lissa, and Kyle) were sprawled out, basking it the bright sun.

"Morn'," Bob greeted Jared when he sat down in the sun near Phin.

"Mornin' Bob!" He smiled back.

"Why are you in such a good mood?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" Jared said, and then practically sung; "The sun is shining, the grass is green, life is beautiful and I just dumped Katie!"

"God Jar'd. Could you get anymore camp? Seriously, if it wasn't for the fact you get through about three girls every month, I'd swear that you were bent." Phin moaned. The boys were actually surprised that she had bothered to talk at all - sprawled in the sun like that, she looked as though she was dead.

"Maybe that's why he gets through so many chicks." Bob said teasingly. "He can't settle down because he is looking for the perfect man."

"Mmmm; you might have point there, Bobbert." Phin laughed.

"For fucks sake! Don't call me that Sera."

"Ok, ok, I give in!"

Jared laughed at the two of them. "You guys belong in a mental insitution. Oh and just for the record, I'm not gay."

"We know, dude." Phin grinned, opening one eye to squint at the boy she used to date. "You just enjoy breaking hearts." The boys snorted. "What?" She said, though her smile said that she knew what they were thinking.

"Uh Phin," Bob said shortly. "I agree with you that Jar'd's a slut. But you can't exactly talk 'bout breaking people's hearts."

"What on Earth do you mean?" The sunbathing girl, put on an innocent voice and pouted at Bob. Her eyes were glowing at him in her trademark eye-fuck expression, proving his point.

"Let's see." Jared said in a tone that suggested that he was thinking hard. "You choose a guy, usually one who's an outcast and a bit beaten down round the edges. One who has great hair, is really fit and wears shitloads of eyeliner. You'll go out with them for a few months, screw with them completely and then leave them a nervous wreak. Me and Frank are lucky that we got out alive."

"So you'd count yourself as really fit with great hair?" Was all Phin said to Jared's accusation.

Bob laughed whilst the other boy flipped his recently cut hair and said "Of course!"

"See what I mean - completely camp!" The girl said, making Bob laugh even harder.

"You know you love it," the brown haired boy grinned. Phin blew a kiss at him, then closed her eyes. "Speaking of which, have you seen the new guy?"

"New guy?" Now her interest was sparked.

"Uhuh, he's just your type."

"Oh really?" Phin smiled slowly. "Good."


"Great." Bob said sarcastically. "Was everyone at your old school as cruel as you guys are? 'Cos seriously - you are all such whores."

"Thanks Bob." Jared smirked, obviously amused at his annoyance. The blonde boy scowled. Although he'd never admit it, he secretly detested the four newcomers. They'd been around for little over a year now, and every week, Bob found a reason to dislike them a little more. Frank had been ok at first, even likable. True, he was shy, but he was kind and good hearted. Now, his older peers had changed him to the point he was barely recognisable as the timid little kid that the other three spent most of the time defending. He had several tattoos, despite being under-age. He smoked, and had turned into a slut like Jared and Phin were. Which was exactly Bob's problem with the other two. They had no regard for the people they dated. Infact, they seemed to enjoy hurting their other halves who they first convinced to love them. And as for Lissa...

The truth was, Bob didn't actually have a problem with Lissa. Apart from the fact that he was completely obsessed with her. She was entirely beautiful, but goodness only knows that Bob would never hve the guts to actually confess the fact that he liked her as more than a friend. Instead, he just seized every opportunity to be alone with her, and made the most of every word that they spoke to eachother.

As Bob sat there daydreaming about a girl a few feet away from him, Jared and Phin had began arguing about their favourite horror movies. Whilst Phin loved Nightmare On Elm Street, Jared was insisting that the Exorcist waas better. And he was doing so simply because he knew it would wind her up.

Lissa sat upright where she was lounging in the sun. She had had a sleepless night prior to the first day at school and right now was the prime opportunity to catch up. But before she could protest against her two friend's arguing, she saw Lee walking out of the nearby door, talking to a tall,pale boy with amazing black hair. Fresh meat.

"Ay up Lee!" She said, weariness forgotten as her eyes zeroed in on the new boy. In a completely non-conventional way he was gorgeous. "Who's this?"

"Andy." He said, holding up his hand in an awkward wave.

"I'm Lissa." She smiled in welcome. Andy gave a small smile back at the girl - she seemed nice enough, and in a genuine way, not the mocking way Jared was. "Errr... You like it here so far?"

Andy snorted at her attempt at conversation. "Haven't been here long enough." He shrugged. "I'm sure it'll grow on me."

"That's one way of putting it." Lissa smirked. Lee grinned, ducking his head to hide his grin. He knew what Lissa was thinking. Funny how within seconds of knowing him, everyone had condemned him to being Phin's new boy toy. But then, they all knew the girl very well.

As though she knew she was being talked about, the black haired girl tilted her head back to stare at Lee upside down. A smile lit her face as her eyes fell on Andy. The boy followed Lee's gaze to meet eyes with Phin. The girl just kept on smiling her upside down grin.

Holy shit was the only thing that was going through Andy's head. The girl infront off him was freaking amazing. She had tanned skin, and glowing green eyes that was lined with black to rival his own. Her white teeth were shining in the sun between her shiny red lips. Phin chuckled, and twisted her body round so she was looking at Andy the right way up.

"What's your name gorgeous?" She said, using her eye-fucking technique that had seduced so many guys in the past. To her surprise, the deep blue eyes she was staring into gave her exactly the same look right back.

So what d'ya think. Sorry if this is kinda disjointed, I wrote most of it whilst watching Amityville Horror so I was kinda splaitting my attention between this and the film. It's quite good actually. But why the fuck did he go back for the molfucking dog?! Mind you, it did save him... Go Harry! Sorry - I just ruined the film for all of you who haven't watched it. I didn't like how it ended though - the guy should have drowned, then his wife go back in and try and help him, to also reach an early demise. Then the girl in the car goes completely pysco and kills her brothers with the help of Jodie! Yeah, I've just ruined it completely. Sorrrry!!! Rant over.

So review and rate and then, go watch the Shining. I watched it (again) and Jack Nicholson is freaking scary! And now the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is on. Fucking hell, I'm scared already and it's only just started. This is gonna be good! Ttfn!

Oh no, two more things - sorry 'bout the 'Blood' reference and does anyone else find that Andy Sixx literally fucks the camera with his eyes in every single music video?

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