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How Bob and Lissa got together.

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Ok, it's really late and I can't be arsed to check this thing through. So you'll have to forgive me for any typos (and there are probably quite a few).

And this scene reminds me freakishly of two of my mates. They're not dating or anything, they just act in a similar way. Like any of you care. But yeah, that's kinda where I got the idea from. Plus, the dude actually looks like Bob Bryar. Except sixteen as opposed to... wow, I actually have no idea how old Bob is. Meh.


"I feel sorry for the kid - Frank is gonna walk all over him!" The latino girl laughed, clearly not having any pity for the 'kid' in question.

"And he's totally in to him." Lissa agreed, leaning back against a bed post. They were sitting in her room along with Bob and Jared, discussing the new guy in school - Gerard Way. He happened to be living with Frank - one of the two girls' best friends and a complete whore. He'd screwed half the town, both boys and girls. Phin, who had spoken first, found it hilarious considering how feeble and shy he'd been when they first met him.

Bob, however, did not find it so funny. Infact, he used to really like Frank; he'd been a sweet kid. But since Bob had met him, the boy had changed beyond all recognition, and the other guy didn't like the new Frank. "Unlike Phin," he said, moving his baby blue eyes on to her face, "I do actually pity him. Gerard seems like a nice enough dude, and Frank is just gonna fuck with his head."

"Who cares?" A second boy shrugged. "He's probably gonna move back to Jersey soon enough."

"Jared has a point." Phin nodded. Lissa and Bob stayed silent.

In truth, the blonde boy didn't know why he'd come. Between the two of them, Jared and Phin bugged the hell out of him. Infact, he regretted ever becoming friends with their group. It was too bad Lena and Lissa had got on so well.

Actually... If only that never happened. That way, he wouldn't have to deal with the cruel, shallow nature of Jared and Phin and he wouldn't have befriended Lissa. And If he never became friends with her, he couldn't have fallen her. But they did become friends, and Bob had fallen hard. She, of course, was oblivious.

"I'm exhausted." Phin yawned.

"Well, that's what you get for going to a party on Sunday night!" Lissa said, prodding her friend with her toe.

"Yeah, but it was fun." Another yawn. "I'm going home."

Thank God, Bob thought. Then things got even better for the love-struck teenager.

"Ditto." Jared said, climbing to his feet. "I got a date tonight, shouldn't really stand her up."

"Ooooh! Who is it? You're actually making an effort!" Phin grinned.

"Jessica Connely."

"What?! She's the defintion of blonde bimbo!"

"Yeah, but she's hot." It was Jared's turn to grin, as Phin wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Aw come one, guys!" Lissa protested to her two leaving friends. "I'm gonna be lonely if you leave!"

"I'll stay." Bob said, perhaps a little too quickly.

"Thank you! At least someone cares about me!" The girl flung her arms around his neck, and Jared laughed as Bob turned bright red.

"Fuck off." He said, giving the other guy the finger. He was also trying to to focus on the fact that he could feel the heat radiating of Lissa's small body.

The other two grinned, said there 'thanks' and 'goodbyes' before letting themselves out of the back door.

"Bob so lurves Lissa." Phin said, the moment she'd closed the door behind her.

"Tell me about it." Jared smirked. "Poor girl."

"I dunno. I reckon she likes him."

"Really? Bob and Lissa - I did not see that one coming!"

"Only 'cos your too wrapped up in your own love - or more to the point sex - life." Phin rolled her eyes and unlocked her car door.

"Can't deny that!" Jared shouted as he climbed into his own. "See you!"


Back in Lissa's room, an awkward silence had fallen over the two teens. Neither were entirely sure what to do now that the others had left.

"Sooooo.....?" Bob desperately tried to think of somehting to say. "You enjoying school so far?" Great. He sounded so amazingly cool.

"Yeah," Thankfully, the girl didn't seem to notice the stupidity of his question. "It's been ok. School. You?"

"Ok, I really do feel sorry for Gerard though."

Lissa frowned. "Yeah, I kinda do. Like you said - he's a nice enough guy and Frank really does have a tendency to fuck with people's heads."

"And he used to be so nice."

"You should have met him when Phin started hanging with him. If you told me he'd become a complete whore, there is no way in hell that I'd beleive you!"

"And that's all down to Phin." Bob said, his voice laced with disgust.

"Yeah," Lissa didn't sound happy as she defended her friend. "But the kid is a hell of a lot happier now. It's not all bad."

"If you say so."

"I do." The girl paused. "Wanna play some COD? I got the latest game yesterday, but haven't had a chance to play yet."

"Go for it." Bob grinned, back in his comfort zone. Apart from the obvious gorgeousness of Lissa, this was why he loved her so much - their relationship was so simple and it was easy to get along with her.

She got up and loaded the TV and X-Box up. The two played on the game consol for the next half hour or so. They were playing against eachother and Lissa was hammering Bob. After she had shot him for about the tenth time, he bagan to elbow her everytime he could see himself in her screen.

"Hey!" She yelled, shoving Bob back when he prevented himself from being killed for the fifth time.

"Well you're cheating!" He replied, knowing perfectly well that she wasn't.

"Am not!" Lissa shouted, pushing him again, harder this time and giggling when he nearly toppled over. Bob retaliated by shoving back even harder. Lissa fell on her side still giggling. The boy took the opportunity to shoot her. "Hey!"

He smirked at her, then picked up Lissa's control and tossing it to the other side of the room. She gaped at him for a moment.

"Who's laughing now?" Bob smirked, beginning a new round and shooting her again almost immediately.

"You." Lissa said, before reaching over and starting to tickle the boy's ribs. They happened to be a very sensitive spot for him and he began giggling at the feeling. So he was laughing flat out, still trying, but failing to play the game.

"Hey!" Bob gasped, in between giggles. "Tickling's not fair!" He toppled sideways again, but Lissa just followed, persisting with her tickling.

"Neither is stealing controls!" His torturer retorted, sticking her tongue out. He dropped his remote and grabbed her wrists, attempting to pull her off. Somehow, she ended up on top of him. Their noses were inches apart and Bob could feel her sweet breathe on his face. He sat up quickly, but did not release her wrists.

Lissa smirked. She knew that Bob liked her. Infact, she knew it damn well. But she was more like Jared or Phin than she'd ever let on. She liked toying with hearts, she just wasn't as obvious about it. More to the point, she wasn't as cruel. As amusing as it was to watch the blonde boy trip over her, she didn't have the heart to lead him on any further.

She wasn't exactly the most subtle of people either. And now was the perfect time to act.

"Heyyyy Bob..." She drawled.

"Uh, yeah?" Needless to say, the boy was confused. He couldn't figure out what had triggered this sudden change of attitude in the girl. Mind you, he wasn't complaining.

"Do you like me?" Lissa was practically purring now, watching Bob squirm her tone of voice. It really was satisfying watching a guy react to her like that.

"Umm, yeah, you're a great mate!" He was trying really hard not to just smother the girl with kisses. And she was not making it easy, between the way she was leaning forward, eyes gleaming.

"I know you like me more than that." Lissa grinned, then pushed her lips on to Bob's. He froze for a few seconds, completely shocked, but soon enough, he was kissing back with all of the lust that had built up over the last few months.

The kiss deepened when Lissa opened her mouth, and their tongues began to twist round the other's. When the couple finally pulled apart, they were both breathing a little heavier than normal.

"So are we dating then?" Bob asked the first question that popped into his head.

"Of course." Lissa smiled back, shifting closer to him. "I was waiting for you to ask me out but figured you were never gonna make a move."

The boy blushed at that, and she leaned forward to peck a kiss on his lips. "Sorry, I didn't know you liked me back."

"Well I do."

"Obviously," Another kiss.

"How did you realise I liked you anyway?" Bob questionned. He desperately hoped that he hadn't been too obvious.

"Female perception." Lissa grinned widely and teasingly.

Her new boyfriend raised an eyebrow. "Well, I hope that works with video games, 'cos there's no way you're beating me at COD!"

"You're on." She dashed over to the spot where Bob had chucked the remote and in less than a minute the two were immersed in the game again, as though the short interlude never happened.

The only difference now; both teens were a lot happier, and they were flirting in between shooting one another.

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