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As the days go by...(Heathers P.O.V.)

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Heather revisits Dylan in the hospital over the course of a week

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I visited Dylan in the hospital every day, it had been a week since his suicide attempt and he was still in the same stable but critical state. I was really worried about him, he hadn't properly woken up for seven days now, he'd uttered the odd word, or flinched once or twice, but he hadn't opened his eyes or sat up. He had tubes, going around his head and into his nose, and a cannula in his right arm, as well as that he had tubes going all matter of other places, and was hooked up to an IV and heart rate monitor. He looked so ill, I just wished he would get better, and soon.
On the eighth day, I was at my boyfriends house, his name was Callum, he was what other kids referred to as a 'Jock' and I hated the way he treated those less popular than him, but whenever I told him to stop he told me to shut up, that I shouldn't get involved, or I didn't understand. We were sitting on Callum's bed, talking and hugging, I told him about Dylan, how I was worried about him not getting better, I knew Callum didn't like Dylan, but I needed someone to talk to.
"I'm really worried though, it's been eight days and he hasn't got any better..." I confided in him, "Hey babe, it's okay..." He whispered softly in my left ear, "He'll get better" he reassured me, "I hope so" I replied, and turned to kiss him softly on the lips. He smiled slightly and kissed me back, but harder, turned his body toward me, and put his arms around my neck, looked me in the eyes "I love you, Heather." He said, his forehead resting on mine. "I love you too Callum." I smiled. He kissed me more, on my lips, my cheek, my neck. I could feel his hands on my body, all over me, warming me up...I liked this feeling. I kissed him more, moved my hands over his back, down, further, down his trousers, I felt him smile as his lips caressed my neck, putting his hands down my trousers, pulling them down. I lay on my back, and pulled him on top of me, removed his trousers as I felt him unbutton my top, Are we going to do it? I couldn't help but think, Is this the day we're going to do it? I removed his t-shirt, in an almost clumsy manner, as he unhooked my bra. I felt the heat of his chest against mine, I felt him reach for his bedside desk, open the drawer and take out something in a small square packet, a condom. He ripped it open, removed his boxers and I helped him put it on. Then I slowly removed my underwear. I felt bare, it felt unnatural, but good at the same time, as I felt his body press down on mine once more, I was so cold but so warm at the same time. I felt him inside of me, I heard a groan escape my lips, felt him kiss me, on my face, my chest, my stomach. I clawed at his back, put my legs over his, this felt so pure, so real. I wanted it to last forever.

Eventually, though, it had to come to an end. It was the most exhilarating feeling, but all good things had to end. Afterwards, he got dressed and so did I, we sat on his floor, I was in his arms, possibly the happiest girl alive at that time. Neither of us spoke, but we didn't need to, we were both content, more than content. But still a part of me couldn't help but think of Dylan, stuck in the hospital, held down by tubes and unaware of the outside world. I sighed. "What's the matter bub?" Callum asked me, "It's just...Nothing, don't worry." I replied, "No come on, tell me Heather, what's the matter?" I took a deep breath, "Well, I can't stop thinking of Dylan, I'm really worried about him and-" I turned to look at Callum, his face had an expression of stone, "Callum, what's up?" I asked. He looked at me, fire in his eyes "What is your obsession with that little faggot for fucks sake?!" He nearly shouted at me. I was shocked, I removed myself from his arms and stood up. "He's not a faggot, and my obsession is that he's my friend and he's stuck in hospital!" He stood up too, looked me square in the eyes and said "Do you even fucking care about me? I just gave you the time of your life, and you're off thinking about another man? You fucking whore!" The last three words hit me like a brick, I felt tears run down my cheeks as I covered my face with my hands. "Look Callum, I'm sorry, I..." I walked up to him to give him a hug, but he just grabbed me by the wrists, hard. "Don't say you're sorry." He told me. "I know you're not." He squeezed my wrists tighter "Ow, Ah, Callum, please. Let go, ow, ow, stop it" I squealed, "You're so pathetic." He said, and squeezed my wrists harder "What's wrong Heather? Can't stand me touching you? Fine!" He said, he squeezed harder one last time and then pushed me across the room. I felt myself fly, hit my head on the corner of the television and hit the floor with a thud. I saw Callums face go pale, and then I blacked out.

When I came to, I was lying on Callums bed, the edges of my vision were all blurry, like I had Vasoline in the corners of my eyes. I sat up slowly and looked around, Callum was sitting on the chair by his desk, his head in his hands. He heard me sit up, and came rushing over to the side of the bed, kneeling on the floor. "Heather, I'm so sorry, really. Please forgive me..." He held my hand and looked me square in the eye. Pleading. I looked at him back, and felt the bump on the back of my head. "You know what Callum?" I told him. "Fuck you." As I picked up my bag and left his house.
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