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A/N O m gee I am so sorry for lying and everything i just thought no one would take me seriously if i said I’m a depressed socially awkward 15 yr old killjoy. But Laura is just worried about me but because of your guys amazing reviews shes letting me continue! Sorry once again but without further ado here’s:


franks pov

“I met Gerard Way through work. And he owes me something I’m going to get no matter what.”

His eyes widen at my words with fear. They flash nervously towards the doors, like cornered prey. For a second he looks like he’s going to laugh it off, until he sees how dead serious I am.

“Ummm, what tour did he go on?” Michael, as most humans do, wants to avoid the obviously more important question.

“That information is irrelevant, he owes me something.”

I watch, fascinated as his eyes search for an appropriate answer. He settles with the silence that he is so uncomfortable with. He sips his coffee tentatively. I decide he’s too damn adorable to scare, yet anyway so I make up some phony story. As I quickly think up some stupid lie to feed him, I wonder since when am I such a pathetic school girl.

But I know the answer to that. HE did this to me, he turns my insides to mush everytime he looks at me. Michael Way: An angel, thats MINE. And I can’t believe how blessed I am. Maybe we’ll get married, maybe I’ll carry him off into the sunset, maybe we’ll passionately make love the night of our wedding.

Maybe I should man up and fuck him.

I can’t help but cringe at that. Even though thats what I’ve planned on doing, what I’ve planned perfectly for the past five years, I know I couldn’t do that. I...

I Love him.

I love this perfect stranger.

And he will love me.

He will.

Mikeys POV

Ok this is officially starting to get kind of creepy. I really don’t want to know what Gerard owes him because what If he’s some sort of drug dealer or something? What if Gerard owed him money? Or worse, Drugs? How do you ask someone if they are a drug dealer? Do you just go up to them and say “Hey man, got any shit?” Or what? I’ve never bought drugs before. I just pretend to be fascinated with my sickly orange coffee cup, and the liquid inside of it.
Frank, however, seems to be thinking very hard about something. To my immense relief he doesn’t seem upset anymore. Now he’s... talking to himself? This man is kind of, well odd.

Who is he? And what does Gerard owe him?

“Well nothing really he just owed me aaa favor! Yes uhh I set him up with a boyfriend and he owed me one he said.” Frank finally says.

I doubt this, first of all because I don’t think a man like Frank would get so worked up about something as casual as a “hey man thanks, I owe you one”. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard that phrase. But I go along with it because I really don’t want to see his handsome eyes flash. I wonder If he’s married...

Wait Mikey, stop! You.Have.A.Boyfriend!

One that’s no doubt worried sick about you at the moment. I just realize that I haven’t thought about Bob since I arrived at this strange place. Curious. Think Mikey, Think, picture his pure blue eyes, his careless calm, his coffee addiction. Wait no, Bob hates coffee, says its a bad habit. Frank loves coffee. And who cares about him? Who cares about this mysterious hospitable handsome elegant stranger that happened to know Gerard and may or may-not have M.P.D.

“Oh.” Is my ever-so-intelligent response to his faked story.

“I think the rain has stopped, Michael, if you wish to leave, you may.” Frank says.

I listen and realize that indeed the rain has ceased. I check my watch which reads 2:24 A.M.

“Oh I get it, you want me to leave.” I say jokingly, but am surprised to feel that I’m feeling sad.

“Not at all.” Frank says and to my delight looks like he means it.

Actually, he looks quite depressed. I’m sure he doesn’t have many visitors. Not wanting to seem rude I respond with:

“Well could I perhaps thank you for your generosity by maybe treating you with some coffee? Say Starbucks tomorrow at 10ish?” I ask.

“Why that would be lovely, Michael.” Frank says looking much cheerier.

“Please call me Mikey, Michael is just too mature sounding for me.” I jest.

“Well, Mikey, your welcomed to stay the night if you wish it.” Frank offers politely.

As much as that idea tempts me, as much as it makes me fantasize, I know I should get back to Bob as soon as I can.

“Thanks but I really should be getting back to my boyfriend, he’s probably worried sick.” I say truthfully.

At my words, Franks face shuts down completely. He stares into the glowing coals as if the most important thing ever was just beyond his eyesight.

I don’t know what to say so I simply express my gratitude.

“Thank you Frank, so much.”

He doesn’t respond. Not even a nod or wave to show he heard.

Sensing It’s finally time to go, I pick myself up off my chair, grab my coat from the front room, and take a strong inhale before I plunge myself into the dark, empty, night that both strengthens and weakens my soul.

AN Ok guys there you are! I know its not very exciting but It’ll have to do because I’m being forced to celebrate some American holiday where we give thanks to turkeys or something. I am a vegetarian. OMG THIS IS OFFICIALLY MY ACCOUNT NOW!! THANKS FOR YOUR REVIEWS! But I have to give up my Ipod for a month in order to update so... I’m having separation anxiety! Music is my life so I feel empty without it.

Love from Amanda
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