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Little Helper

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Mikey's Hallucinations(?) I suggest re reading the first chapter to make sure you understand this one.

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I hurried as fast as my abnormally long and skinny legs could carry me into the pitch black nighttime. My heart was pounding, lungs inhaling air, wondering why I was having difficultly breathing. I’m not out of shape of anything, and I usually run a few miles a day with Frank.

I mean Bob.

I stop outside of his gate, leaning against it trying to figure out where the hell I am. Which I’m unsuccessful doing as I can’t see a damn thing. How did I walk all the way outside of town, I mean I know... My head starts to spin with the weight of guilt, of love and lust until finally, I feel myself dropping, and falling and falling...

I wake up to the morning sun in my face, It must be only 5 am. I get up and instantly my head starts throbbing. I force myself to walk only to realize I’m walking TOWARDS Frank’s house..

Wait, what am I doing? What the HELL Mikey? Your turning around, going back into the house of a random stranger who may or may-not be a drug dealing, Multiple Personality Disordered, insanely attractive, god sent from Mount Olympus itself? What the actual FUCK?!?

Coming to my senses, I try to stop my feet from stumbling towards the house but it’s too late as clearly, they have a goddamn mind of their own. My arm too is being possessed as slowly I watch in horror as it grabs hold of the familiar brass knocker and knocks loudly and audibly.

Stunned beyond possible belief, I can only watch in shock as the large door swings open to reveal, No one.


I sigh in relief, and prepare to leave, until a disturbing thought enters my jumbled mind.

If Frank didn’t open the door, who did? And where are they? I must admit, I’ve had a strange feeling about this place but I just thought that because its so old...?

Suddenly, on the doorstep of the most beautiful man in existence, I want to sit down and cry. I want to sob my fucking eyes out like some love-struck teenage girl who’s senior crush didn’t show up to take her to dance. Because I’m sick of this. I’m sick of pretending that I don’t care that my loving brothers been dead for 5 years.

“Gerard, why the hell did you leave me here? You should've told me, you should’ve taken me with you, we could’ve gone together... Did you really hate me that much? Because I loved you, so much.” I sob into the open door.

But then as I look up to reach and close the door, a ghostly pale, ebony-haired, man in a white robe is there. Then suddenly he’s gone.

“G-g-gerard...?” I stutter nervously fearing that I had finally started hallucinating.

Feeling utterly foolish I slowly reach up and move my hand where the man was. Slowly I reach closer and closer to the spot where my imagination wanted Gerard to be.

My hand hits flesh;

Then bursts into flames.

Franks POV

He’s gone. My love is gone. I have sat here for 2 hours just staring at the flames slowly suffocate and die like my very soul. I slowly get up, my legs shaking, barely holding me. Then, I know what to do.

I need Mikey to fall in love with me like I am enchanted with him. I need to converse with someone who knows him better than anyone else.

I need Gerard’s help.

Quickly I throw on my black robe, plain and soft with a long red stripe up the middle. Its how I’m identified. All of my staff where the same black, only with a red string around the middle.

I follow the bloodstained rug through the door and down to Hell

“Gerard Way, where are you?” I mumble to myself as I run down the cold, stained steps taking them two in each stride. I run into one of my most loyal servants talking to a demented schoolteacher that refuses to believe shes dead, and has been that way for over 100 years now.

“But, why, why sir must you steal a poor little lady, surely I am no use at all?” She drawls in her irritating southern accent.

“Because dear lady,- OH why hello Master, how are you?” He bows clumsily.

“Fine, fine. I’d be better if I didn’t have to deal with this filth all the time.” I say gesturing to the pathetic women on the floor.

“Well, I thi-” He starts but I soon cut him off.

“I don’t need your useless excuses fool, I want you to shut her up, or I will dispose of you both.” I growl.

“Yes Master, of course, dreadfully sorry. What can I do to make It up to you?” He begs at my feet.

“Bring Me a man, an artist named Gerard Way. Bring me him within the hour and all will be forgiven.” I command as I casually point my knife at him.

Confusion shows blatantly across his face but he responds with an eagar

“Yes sir, right away.” With that he scurries away.

“Excuse me sir, why are you holding me here?” The women now has gotten up as though she’s my equal.

I glare at her with such hate she slowly backs up against the wall and sinks to the ground. But I’m sick of these people. I hate them so much, I hate their hope, I hate their families that cry over the death of these dreadful people. Carefully, I switch my glare into a friendly grin as I help her up to her feet.

I stroke her terrified face with my perfectly dull knife as I purr to her.

“Well Sweetheart, where’s your husband to come and save you? Does he not love a pretty little thing like you?” I say seductively as I slice across her smooth face, drawing gentle drops of ruby blood.

As she stares at me in horror and pain, I keep smiling. I soon tire of her blood and shove her hard into the wall where she breaks down in her hands, which quickly stain red with her blood. I give her one good kick to the ribs, and being quite satisfied with the delicious crunch of bones breaking, turn on my heel and ascend the stairs to my house, where I will wait.

I will wait patiently for my little helper to come to me.

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