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Alice's Little Friend

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My very 1st fan fic! :D YAY!!! Well, Alice has moved into a different school, and a few days passed by, and she hasn't made any new friends :c because she's not like the rest.

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] Alice was an unusual girl. Or so that's what her classmates thinks. But Alice wasn't "unusual" or "weird", she was different. Well at least to her new school anyways, which she hated so much. It was an all girls school where being in fashion is important. You'll see most girls wearing expensive brands like Nike's, Jordans, Pumped Up Kicks, American Eagle, t-shirts of their favorite Disney stars, and so on. Unlike Alice, who wears Converse, Vans, Dirty Ghetto Kids t-shirts, and shirts of her favorite rock bands, old and new. Since the first day of school, she's been labeled Goth or something ridiculous. Like in second period. A girl that sits in front of Alice that was wearing Pumped Up Kicks, with a short black skirt, and a pink blouse, was staring at Alice's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. "Those can't be the Ninja Turtles. They look too.. I don't know, weird."

What a dumbass, Alice thought. "Um, no, it's them. That's how they used to look like back in the day." The girl looked disbelief.

"Do you wear your mom's clothes?"

That was enough for Alice. "Go play with yourself. I don't wear my mom clothes. I buy my own clothes, with my own money. Apparently all these little girls like you are too stupid to know, because everyone is a clone but me. I hate everybody here! I hate the bs that goes on! I'm tired of this school!"

And with that, Alice left her classroom along with the teacher writing her up.

After a long boring day of detention, Alice walked inside her home with the aroma of fresh baked cookies filling the air. She walked to the kitchen and sat on the chair, enjoying the soft melting chocolate chip cookies. Her mom always leaves special treats before she goes to work. Alice's mom owns a bakery shop that's just a few blocks away from their two story house. If Alice had a good day, she would visit the bakery shop. If it was a bad day, Alice would stay at home like today. Later in the night, Alice was watching cartoons in her bedroom when she heard a strange noise. It sounded like a squeaky dog toy.

We don't own a dog..
Alice got up from her bed, and walked down stairs. She tip-toed to the kitchen, and spyed on a small green creature. It has a small body, with a big head, very enormous eyes, a pink tongue hanging from it's mouth, oddly shaped ears, and..

A zipper? What is that thing?

It was making a weird noise when it was eating Alice's cupcake. "Om, nom, nom, nom, nom!"

Alice shuffled to get a closer look, when she elbowed the counter. "Ow!"

The little green creature turns its head around, still holding the cupcake in its small stubby black paws. "AHHHH!!!" It let out a high pitch shrieked when it saw Alice.

"Shhhhh!!! You're gonna wake up my mom." Alice put her finger to her lips, and then whispered, "What are you doing?"

The green creature looked up at Alice, with a sad expression.

"I was eating your cupcakes," he said, "I'm sorry." He held out the cupcake that was in his paws.

Alice couldn't help but to feel kind of sorry. She didn't know why she was feeling that way.

Aww, poor little guy.

"You can have the cupcake." Alice smiled at him. "What's your name?"

The creature finished his cupcake before he could've answer.

"Gir." He smiled back. "What's yours?" He asked in a cheerful way. Or at least that's how he sounded.

"Alice. Nice to meet you, Gir." She held out a hand.

"Nice to meet you, too, Alice." Gir smiled, and shooked Alice's hand.

"So, how did you get in here Gir?" Alice questioned.

"Weeeellll," Gir began with a happy tone, "I was with my master, Zim, when I saw this squierrel! I was like, 'Oh boy! Squierrel!' Then I started chasing it. Me and the squierrel went this way, and that way." He made some hand motions.

"And then I lost the squierrel, because I got tired of running." He showed a sad face. "I loved that squirrel." He wiped away a tear. "And then I smelled cupcakes, so I came here."

"Interesting." Alice giggled. "Do you know your way back to Zim's house?"

Gir thought hard. "No." he replied in a sad tone.

"Awww." Alice comforted Gir. "You can stay here with me." She gave Gir another piece of cupcake.

"Yay!!" Gir hugged the cupcake, as Alice carried him up the steps.

He looked up at her, and asked, "Could you tell me a story about giant piggies?"

Alice smiled down at him. "Of course." They went inside her room, and Alice made up her story about the giant piggies. As soon as she was done, Gir was fast asleep. She smiled, then went to sleep with her arm wrapped around her new best friend.

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