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Love that Hates.

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Adelaine 'Addy' Gallo is back in Belleville after 6 years for her school reunion. And guess who's decided to go? Guitar player of My Chemical Romance, and the one person Addy hated whilst growing u...

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Hi there :) Here's a new story that I am hopefully going to start. I really want to write this, but won't unless I get some reviews on this. I hate writing stories and nobody reading them. So please, even if it's a little review saying you just like it, or dont, review it for me :) Hope you like! Kat x


Adelaine 'Addy' Gallo walked through Newark airport, sleepily looking around at her surroundings. She couldn't believe it had been 6 years since she was last in this airport saying goodbye to her family. And to be honest, she hadn't expected it to be 6 years before she was back.

Adelaine had moved to the UK 6 years ago, when she was accepted into The Royal College of Art. After 2 years of studying, she was now quite a well known artist in london and lived there. She hadn't been back to Belleville, New Jersey since leaving in 1999. She'd had plenty of invitations to family parties, birthdays and christmas's but had never accepted and gone back. Her parents had always come to her. But now, here she was 24, turning 25 in a few months, returning to New Jersey for a school reunion. One that her mother had practically begged her to go to.

Adelaine pushed her sunglasses over her tired eyes and pulled her suitcase lazily with her as she made her way to the exit. Suddenly she felt something hard hit her hip, and she gasped, her hand moving straight there. She looked up and found herself looking at a man with black hair that had a small fringe almost covering his left eye, and the sides of his hair were cut shorter than the rest. He was wearing dark clothes and a pair of sunglasses.

"Sorry" He grumbled after eyeing her for a minute.

"It's fine" Adelaine told him and then tuned away and began walking away from him. She recognised him from somewhere.

Adelaine was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard her phone ringing in her large Chanel bag and she began frantically fishing through all her belongings trying to find it.

"Hello?" She asked, hoping they were still on the other end of the phone.

"Addy, sweetheart.. Are you at the airport?" Her mothers sweet voice floated through the phone to her, causing Addy to smile.

"Yeah ma, I'm landed. Just walked outside now. Gonna get a taxi" She answered her mother, looking around for the taxi queue.

"A taxi? Your becoming more British! Thats what I was ringing you about, me and your father are sat in the car park waiting for you. We'll drive down to the departures exit now" She told her, and Addy smiled widely.

"Your too good to me. I'll just wait here for you then!" Addy grinned, her mother said goodbye and Addy threw her phone back into her bag.

"Apparently My Chemical Romance's plane has already landed" Addy stopped looking through her bag for her cigarettes and quickly spun her head around to the two teenage girls disappointedley walking past her.

My chemical romance were in New Jersey. What were they doing back? She wondered to herself. She couldn't be doing with seeing them right now. Addy hadn't spoken to any of them since she left for London all them years ago. And she certainly didn't want to start speaking to them again now.

"Addy!" Addy was pulled from her thoughts as she heard her mothers voice and she glanced smiling seeing her mother climbing out of the car and running over to her.

Addy pulled her mother in for a huge hug, and she smiled into her shoulder. It had been over a year since she'd seen her.

"Addy, I've missed you. Thank you for coming back" Her mother, Lynne, smiled to her, pushing some of her daughters long black hair behind her shoulder.

"I miss you too. You and dad" She said, and looked over at the car seeing her father waving to her.

"Look at you, you look so grown up!" Lynne grinned, looking at the black pencil skirt and red silk blouse Addy was wearing. Along with a black pair of wedges.

"Thanks mom, I'm only 24" Addy rolled her eyes and he began wheeling her suitcase to the car.

They quickly put the suitcase in the boot of the car and Addy climbed in the back seat behind her father, Harry, reaching around the front seat and placing a kiss on her dads cheek and smiling.

"Hey pops" She smiled.

"Good to see you in New jersey Addy-Bear" Addy rolled her eyes slightly at the nickname her dad used to call her.

"A little old for Addy-Bear dad?" She said, sitting back and pulling her seatbelt round her as her dad drove out of the airport and began the half an hour journey to their home in Belleville.

"You'll never be too old for Addy-Bear" Harry answered.

"So what's the plans for whilst I'm here? The school reunion isn't until the end of this week and I'm here for a month" Addy said, picking her fingernails and mindlessly looking outside the car.

"Well, you can do whatever you want sweetheart. We'll maybe go shopping in New York some point. But tonight we're having dinner with the Ieros' Addy stopped picking her fingernails, and she could of sworn her mother was now speaking in slow motion. 'And you'll be pleased to know that your little friend Frank Iero is in town and joining us"

Addy could hear the sarcasm in her mothers voice, and she shuddered slightly at the thought of Frank Iero.

"Hardly a friend mother, mine and franks 'feiendship' was based on hate and you and his family forcing us to have dinner with you all every week" Addy answered, feeling slightly pissed off knowing she would be seeing him tonight. "Do I really have to go?" She asked, and her mother tutted.

"Of course you have to go. His parents haven't seen you in years. They're excited about it" Lynne answered.

"I need to smoke" Addy said whilst letting out a deep breath.

"That's the worst thing you could ever started doing. It cuts yo-" Her dad was cut off.

"your life shorter, I know dad. You tell me everytime I speak to you. But after a long ass flight and the news that I'm seeing frank iero tonight I think I deserve one!" She answered him and folded her arms over her chest. She was really dreading tonight.

"I don't see why you too never got on! Even when you were babies, one of you would be stealing each others toys! I thought you'd both grow out of it!" Lynne said, and Addy groaned.

"He's a jerk! How many times has he embarrassed me? Or told you both things that you never needed to hear" Addy answered, and ran a hand through her hair, pushing her side fringe out of her eyes.

"He was only looking out for you dear" Her mother said.

"So telling you and his parents at a dinner that I got drunk at a party and lost my virginity was looking out for me?" Addy shouted.

"That's enough Addy, that night was forgotten about... Just please, for our sake, try and be civil tonight" Her father not sternly told her and Addy sighed, she felt about 12 again.

"Fine, I'll be nice..." She said, and her mother and father nodded.

"Your rooms still the same you know" Lynne now told her after 5 minutes of silence.

"All my posters are still up?" Addy frowned and then smiled as she remembered her red and white bedroom, where you couldn't see any of the paint on the walls due to posters of bands she loved and artwork.

"We never touched it once" Lynne said and Addy smiled.

"It's gonna feel like I'm 17 for the month again" She grinned.

"Here we are" Harry told them both and pulled into the driveway.

Addy got out of the car, and stood looking up at the house she had spent her childhood and teenage years living in. It was a 2 story white bricked house. Had 4 bedrooms inside, a pointy roof and a medium sized back garden.

"Home sweet home eh Addy?" Her father said, pulling her large suitcase from the trunk of the car.

"It certainly is" And she could feel a sense of security in her stomach.

"Oh look, Franks just got home as well" Lynne smiled and waved over the street.

Adelaine turned around on the top, and looked over the road. She took her sunglasses from the top of her head and held them right on her hands, and nearly crushed them when she saw frank. He was dressed the exact same as the man who had crashed into her at the airport. And was now currently walking over the road with his mother, a smirk on his face. Addy felt her body tense and her cheeks slightly blush at the last time she had seen frank, and she mentally kicked herself for feeling like this.

"Adelaine Gallo, it's been too long" Franks mother, Anna smiled warmly to her and pulled her in for a hug. This whole time Addy had ignored Franks gaze.

"I know. It's nice to be home" Addy smiled and hugged franks father, who was also called frank.

"You remember frank?" Frank senior smirked and Addy nodded, and finally willed herself to look at him.

Frank iero had grown up in the last 6 years. Gone was his long dark hair, and it was cut shorter, and more styled. Now he had his glasses off, Addy could see that he had a bit of eyeliner on his bottom lids, and Addy knew that he knew it suited him. He looked just like he did in the posters of My Chemical Romance she had seen.

"Of course. Nice to see you again Frank" Addy said politely and held out her hand.

"What, no hug for me Addy-Bear?" Frank said and held his arms out, and Addy could see he had been working out. Then she rolled her eyes as she realised he called her he nickname only her dad used to call her.

Addy took a step forward and quickly hugged Frank, not allowing him to properly hug her.

"There, see its not so hard been civil to each other is it?" Franks mother grinned.

"I've warned her.. What time would you like us over tonight?" Lynne said.

Addy lost interest in the conversation and was very aware of Franks gaze still on her. They hadn't seen each other since that night they - no, Addy wasn't going to let herself think about what they had done.

"Right so we'll see you at 7. We'll bring the champagne" Harry smiled and Addy snapped out of her thoughts as she saw Frank and his family walking back over the road. Addy was just about to turn around when Frank turned and caught glaring at her slightly.

'Great' She thought. He clearly wasn't over what happened the last time they saw each other.
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