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Pictures & Memories.

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Addy gets ready to go to Franks, and gets a shock when he brings up the past.

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Addy ran her hands through her hair after she had straightened it and sighed into the mirror at herself. She was currently sat crossed legged on the floor of her old bedroom, and she glanced around at her surroundings.

Her eyes fell over the far wall in the room where her double bed was and a smile came over her face as she looked at the pictures there. She quickly got up from the floor and smoothed her red skin tight dress over her stomach and then walked over to her bed. She knelt on it, and crawled over to where the pictures were.

The first one her eyes fell on, was the one of her and her friends together. And those friends were My Chemical Romance.

Her eyes fell over the man that she had grown up with Frank Iero. Living over the road from her, and both of their parents were half Italian, so therefore, every week for as long as Addy could remember, they had either gathered at Frank's or hers for a meal each week. According to their parents, they had never gotten along. Addy couldn't remember starting to hate Frank, it had always been there.

Next was Mikey Way. He had been her best friend growing up. He was one year older than herself, but they had known each other from when they both went to the comic book store around the age of 10. They had both gone to pick up Flash, and there was only one left. Mikey had let Addy have it. After that, they were inseparable. Not long after, Mikey became friends with Frank. And that's when Addy saw a lot more of him other than once a week.

The next person in the picture was Gerard Way. Her and Gerard's friendship always made the others laugh. They flirted a lot, and people often wondered if they were dating. Gerard was also the man she'd lost her virginity to when she was 18.

The final 2 people in the picture were Ray Toro and Bob Bryar. Addy loved them a lot. They were always there for her when she needed them, and always provided her with the biggest hugs.

Addy sighed slightly as she thought about her times with them when she grew up. Her teenage years were the best days of her life, even if Frank Iero had tried to make them miserable. They would go to party's, drink, enjoy there selves, sneak to New York to see the bands they loved. After she left for England, she spoke to them for a few weeks, and then got to busy with university and going out, all contact fried out.

"Addy! Are you ready?" Her mother shouted up the stairs.

"One minute!" She shouted back and stepped off the bed.

Addy slipped on a pair of black heels, and quickly pouted her full lips to apply some red lipstick to them.


"I'm coming!" She shouted back.

Addy quickly made her way downstairs and stood infront of her parents.

"You look beautiful dear" Her mother smiled whilst fixing a earring on herself.

"Thank you, although I don't quite no why I had to dress so smart" Addy said, pulling her small Gucci bag from the side to herself and putting her lipstick in.

"After we've eaten at their house we're going to Newark for a few drinks" Her father told her and Addy sighed.

"You couldn't of told me this before?" She said, annoyed that her parents never told her.

"We thought you wouldn't of come of you had known" Lynne told her and Addy rolls her eyes, opening the front door.

"Let's just go" She muttered and walked outside.

It was a warm evening. It was June 28th, so the weather in Jersey was nice. Adelaine smiled at her parents as they closed and locked the front door, and they began walking over to the Iero's family house, and Addy got a terrible sense of deja vu.

*** flashback ****

"Mom, seriously. Do I have to go?" A 18 year old Adelaine Gallo asked as she stood at the front door of their neighbours house with her parents.

"We've been doing this evening since youve been born, so get over yourself Addy and be nice! You've had 2 weeks of not coming after Frank upset you. Now it's back to normality" Lynne hissed at her daughter, and Addy was about to answer when the front door opened revealing Frank Iero.

"Lynne, Harry. Nice to see you" He said greeting them as they walked in.

"You too Frank" they both smiled back and walked into the living room, Addy remained outside the front door.

"You've got 3 seconds to come inside before I close the door on you whore" Frabk lazily said, looking at his fingernails.

"Whore? That's the best you could come up with jackass?" Addy snarled at him and walked past him into the house.

"Don't talk to me like that in my own house" Frank whispered harshly at her and Addy winced at the tone of his voice.

"You fucking humiliated me in this house 2 weeks ago... I think I can call you a jackass" She whispered furiously back, her bright blue eyes showed anger and hatred towards him.

"Your parents had a right to know what you and Gerard got up to!" He simply told her.

"Get a fucking life Frank, you knew what you were doing that night! And since when the fuck did it become your responsibility to inform 'my' parents of when, with and where I lost my virginity! Honestly, it's a good thing I'm not as fucking nasty as you, otherwise your parents would be hearing every single fucking detail of what and who you do on a daily basis!" And with that, Addy walked into the living room, a smile on her face, greeting Franks parents.

Frank couldn't believe she had just spoken to him like that. He knew she wouldn't have the guts to reveal anything about him to his parents. Atleast he hoped. Addy had always seen him at partys taking some form of drugs and alcohol, going into bathrooms with random girls, but never once had she told his parents. So why did he decide to tell hers that she's slept with Gerard?


Addy was brought back to reality as she now saw they were stood at the front door of Franks house and were waiting for someone to answer.

"Lynne, Harry" Frank smiled to them after he'd opened the door.

"Nice to see you Frank" they both smiled and walked into the kitchen of the Ieros.

"You coming in?" He grunted to Addy, looking down at the floor.

"Sorry" she quietly answered and stepped inside the house and she looked round at the entrance. It hadn't changed. "Nothings changed" She smiled slightly.

"You know my parents, they dont like change." He answered her, and she saw him looking at what she was wearing.

"How are you Frank? I hear your band is doing well" She asked, not wanting it to be uncomfortable between them.

"Cut the bullshit Addy, we both know you dot want to be here, so let's just keep up this act for our parents. But one question before we go in there. Why'd you leave like you did?" He asked her, his eyes boring into her own.

"I had to leave for university" She answered, looking down at her hands, knowing that wasn't the answer Frank wanted to hear.

"You left my room before I even woke up Addy. Then you just left the fucking country! Not even talking to me about what had happened between us" He whispered harshly to her, and Addy bit her lip.

"Frank! What would we of spoke about? You'd of called me a whore or slut, insulted me some more and then that would of been it! It's been 6 years for fucks sake, don't still be angry with me about it!" addy whispered back to him, not understanding why he was bringing it up.

"If you'd of actually stayed for a while, you might of been shocked to hear what I was going to say" Frank sadly told her and then walked into the kitchen, a smile forced onto his face.

Addy stood stunned for a while, not really understanding what Frank had said to her.


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