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Whispered Those Words. - 3

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Frank tells Addy what he would of said if she'd hung around.

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Adelaine sat quietly pushing her cheesecake around her plate. The dinner so far had been awkward. Not that anyone else would of felt it, but Addy herself didn't feel comfortable at all. She could see her parents glancing occasionally at her and Frank and shake their head or roll their eyes and she couldn't understand why. They hadn't even said anything to each other. Addy couldn't wait for the dinner to finish and for them to all make their way to the bar in Newark, she was craving a glass of whiskey or something stronger than the red wine that was currently sitting in front of her. 

"Addy dear, if you don't like it it's fine" Frank's mother kindly told her and Addy smiled back. 

"I'm just a little full after the gorgeous pasta you made" Addy smiled warmly to her and Anna grinned back.

"Well, we'll be ordering a cab in about half an hour" Her father said and Addy nodded. 

"I think I'll just pop out for a cigarette. If you'll excuse me?" Addy politely asked and they all nodded. 

"Frank smokes remember so he might join you" Franks mother popped up and Addy paused mid standing and they all stated at Frank. 

"Fine" He answered, rolling his eyes and letting out a deep sigh. 

Addy stood up awkwardly and looked as Frank stormed out of the room heading in the direction of where the back door was. Addy quickly followed him and pulled out her cigarettes, placing it in her mouth as she stepped into the warm night air and closing the glass patio door behind her. 

Frank had his back turned to her and had already lit his cig, and was puffing silently on it. Addy groaned as she realised she hadnt picked up her lighter. 

"Err Frank, can I borrow your lighter please?" She quietly asked, and Frank turned around slowly, removing his cig from his mouth and blowing the smoke out slowly through both his nose and mouth. 

He stepped forward and Addy placed the cig in her mouth as Frank lit the lighter, lighting it for her. Addy inhaled deeply and felt a instant calm radiate through her body. 

"Gerard is meeting us in Newark after. Thought you'd be glad to know that" Frank told her, and Addy looked wide eyed at him.

"Gerard's here?" She gasped. 

"Yeah he's here... He's changed a lot you know. Full blown alcoholic and drug addict now" He quietly told her and Addy nodded slowly. 

"I have a friend in the music industry who had told me about him. How's he doing?" She asked, not really believing that Gerard had turned out like it.

"How'd you think he's doing? He'll meet us tonight and won't remember fuck all in the morning. I'm just pre-warning you" 

"Oh... Well thanks' They both fell silent for a while before Addy had to ask him something. 'Frank, what would you of said to me if I hadn't of left like I did?" She asked in a small voice, looking down at the concrete and then raised her bright eyes up to look at Frank. 

Frank stared at her for a while before finishing his cig and throwing it on the grass in the garden and blowing out the smoke. 

"I'd of called you a whore" He simply said, and then walked passed her, banging into her shoulder slightly, and inside the house. Closing the back door behind him. 

Addy let out a shaky breath as she blew her last breath of smoke from her full red lips and she threw the end of the cog on the floor, standing on it. How could she of let herself ask Frank what he would of said. She knew he would of said that. She was actually surprised he hadn't said anything worse. 

"Addy darling, get sorted the cab is coming in 5 minutes, we're going early" Her mother smiled to her and Addy turned and walked back inside the house.

She caught Franks eye as he slipped a black jacket on over his black shirt and she couldn't help but think how well he looked. She also noticed on his hands he had some more tattoos. She was sure he'd be covered in them now. 

"Is Gerard meeting us on his own?" Addy quietly asked him as she looked through her bag checking she had everything. 

"Think Mikey is with him too" Frank answered and he looked in the mirror smoothing his fringe out. 

Addy nodded and applied some red lipstick to her lips and she caught Frank staring at her. 

"What?" She snapped, throwing her lipstick back in her bag. 

"What the ducks your problem?" Frank snarled at her, and was almost whispering so neither of their parents could hear. 

"My problem? You've just called me a whore basically, and now you're just staring? And you have the fucking nerve to ask me my problem?" Addy breathed heavily at him, not quite believing how strong the hate for him had re-appeared. Frank smirked at her before moving close behind her. His body moulded with hers, Addy been only slightly taller than him due to her high heels. Frank placed a hand on her waist and leaned his mouth close to her ear, his breath there making her shiver slightly. 

"Just go steady tonight, wouldn't want you falling and breaking that pretty little neck of yours" He whispered in her ear, before gripping her hip tightly and then walking off. 

Addy stood shocked for a while as she got déjà vu from the words he had just spoken to her, he'd said the same thing nearly 7 years ago to her at a party. 

She turned and saw Frank now helping her mother on with her coat, smiling and been polite. She frowned, and only one thought went through her mind. What exactly was he upto? 


Thanks so much for the reviews on this. Means a lot :-) hope you enjoyed! Kat x
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