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the new kids on the block

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Frank a somewhat popular lacrosse player meets the new kids in town, Mikey and Gerard. its a Frikey eventually a Frerard and some Brank (bob and frank) action

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Frank wasn’t a popular kid, but wasn’t an outcast none the less. Befriending the other sporty guys in middle school is what saved him from being an outcast. Being a lacrosse player, he had more than a few friends and many of them were quite popular. Frank was nothing like his friends though, and they knew that and accepted him for it. For one he wasn’t into shitty pop music like they were, he found most of the music degrading to music, he much preferred Blink 182 or the Misfits. But his friends accepted him no matter what he listened too, dressed like or had sexual tendencies for. Most of Frank’s friends were on the lacrosse team with him, or were on another sports team. His friends wore t shirts and sweat pants, while he wore heavy metal or punk band shirts and jeans, tight jeans. Most of his friends knew he was bisexual, and they accepted it, they weren’t jerks about it like most kids would be, something about Belleville made the kids more accepting. Frank loved his friends, and they loved him he was the hyperactive lacrosse varsity captain, who flirted with everyone and made everyone smile no matter what. This tendency to make everyone smile helped him to meet a mysterious kid, not an outcast but a misfit, like he would have been had he not be a lacrosse player.
“Frank sweetie, get up its seven thirty” My mom said,
“OKAY” I yelled back down the stairs. Slowly I got out of bed, and saw my drumsticks, the ones my dad had gotten me for my thirteenth birthday, God I missed my dad I wish I could see him one last time. I pulled on a Ramones shirt and dark tight jeans.
“IM LEAVING” I yelled as I hopped down the stairs, taking two at a time.
“FRANK COME GRAB FOOD” my mom yelled.
“HOLY FUCK!” I yelled as I tumbled down the stairs my head painfully colliding with the cold tile floor
“Frank honey, that’s what you get for leaving your shoes on the stairs”
“Well no shit mom, I didn’t think I’d trip on them”
“Don’t tell your mom no shit or she will kick your ass” My mom would and I knew it
I grabbed the apple from her hand and bit into it
“Hurry your ass up or you’ll miss the bus” She said in her most joking voice, it dripped with sweet nurturing mother and sarcasm
I rushed out the door and ran down the street to the bus stop. I jumped on right before it left, sitting next to Toben.
“Hey Frankster”
“Wussup Tobes”
“Nothing much, oh hey those two new kids are starting today”
“We have new kids coming?” How the fuck did I not hear about this? This school had like 500 people in it.
“yeah they’re transferring from some other school in Jersey”
“Cool, oh hey you going to the game tomorrow?” I asked seriously how did I not hear about the new kids?
“Nah man Sophie and I are going on a date” he winked
“You finally asked her out?”
“Yeah, it was pretty nerve racking, John was right there”
“HAHAHA, dude you asked her out in front of her brother, who is not just your best friend, but did he threaten to kill you like he promised?”
“Yep, he said and I quote ‘if you fucking hurt my sister I will rip your balls off and make you give yourself head, then I will stab you’ it was pretty great man”
“Damn how did I miss out on so much?” I said sarcastically
“Dude you were making out with Bob”
I turned red
“Oh yeah” I said sheepishly. I thought no one knew I made out with Bob, it would be awkward, and he was on the team with me, the other captain of lacrosse and probably my best friend
“What are you thinking about, making out with Bob?” Toben was trying to be an ass hole
“Oh, you where huh, bet he was tonguing you” Toben was now being obnoxious
“Okay asshole” I said jokingly and proceeded by shoving him off the bus.
We walked into school together
“I’ll see you at practice” Toben said as he waved goodbye
I wandered around to find Bob when I did I jumped on his back and whispered in his ear
“The entire team saw us making out” Bob just shrugged at my statement, he would beat the shit out of anyone who made fun of him or me.
Lightening the mood I said
“Did you hear the new kids starting today?”
“Yeah they’re from another school in Jersey I hear”
“That’s what I hear too” I responded
“Oh really who did you hear this from?” Bob asked
“Toben” I responded
“Dude did he tell you why he knew them?”
“Dude Toben’s sister dated the younger one, the one our age, and caught him making out with another dude”
“Wow more gay kids!” I said in a fake happy voice. By this time the bell had rung and it was time for me to get off of Bob’s back.
“Later” he yelled as he walked to Chemistry, he was a year older than I was so I had Biology.
I walked I to see Mrs. Hubb, being a hyper spaz like she usually was, I sat down just as the bell rang.
“Okay class, this is Michael Way”
“Um its Mikey, dear God don’t call me Michael it makes me feel old”
“Okay, never mind then, class this is MIKEY Way”
“Better” he said, wow he had a sense of humor. Kind of cute too, mousy hair and glasses.
“Okay go sit by Allie” she pointed, wow he sat right in front of me cool.
He slowly walked over to sit down
“Don’t worry I don’t bite” Allie said
“That’s not what I heard from Mark” I responded
“Shut up” She said
“I heard you bite, a lot and moan too”
“You don’t need to tell everyone about my sex life or lack thereof” Allie responded I seriously loved the girl, like my sister
“So MIKEY” emphasizing his name “I am Frank and this here is Allie aka the whore”
“Okay then” Mikey said
“I heard you know Toben” I said
“Yep, his sister kinda sucks at kissing”
“Wow, you’re a pretty cool kid” I said, he was really cute, and open not to mention funny
“You too, love the shirt by the way” Mikey said
“You like the Ramones, I should marry you” I said
“No you should have sex with him” Allie chimed in
“Maybe I should” I responded looking Mikey in the eye
“I bet you’d be good” Mikey said
“Dude seriously” Allie said
“Yeah I totally do him”
“Dude I seriously love you Mikey”
“I love you too man” the rest of class carried on in sarcastic sexual remarks about each other, damn this kid was freaking hilarious.
The rest of the day went uneventfully; Mikey wasn’t in anymore of my classes. I have lacrosse practice now until six, so two hours of practice.
As I was changing out Bob walked over and the team wolf whistled
“Nice try guys we won’t make out in front of you, you’d all be too turned on” Bob said serious, so serious we knew he was joking
“So I heard you and Mikey plan on having sex” he said sarcastically
“Oh hell yeah, that kid is a sexy beast”
“Okay Frank”
Practice was pretty easy, scrimmaged for an hour and a half, and ran for half an hour. I was walking home when I saw Mikey ahead of me, with some other kid, odd.
“MIKEYY!!!” I yelled, he turned around and stopped
“Why hello Franklin” He responded, the other kid kept walking
“Why hello there kind sir, would you care to accompany me on a stroll homeward”
“It would be my honor” I responded
“Dude who was that kid you were walking with”
“Oh that’s Gerard, he’s my brother”
“Oh, you two don’t look alike”
“I know, he’s all, yeah Gerardish and I’m all Mikeyish”
“Damn kid, that’s a great way to put it, how old is he”
“He’s a junior” I was staring at him and I turned quickly to Mikey hoping he hadn’t noticed
“Dude you were staring at my brother like when dudes look into the porn store”
“Now I feel great Mikey thanks” It was so easy to talk to him, like I had known him as long as I have known Bob, or even Toben.
“Well if you’re done STARING AT GERARD” Gerard turned around, I just waved and smiled sheepishly
“ You would have realized you missed you house” he said
“OH SHIT” how did I not realize I walked by my house
“Wait how did you know where I lived?” I asked “Creeping on me, I know I’m sexy but stalking me won’t get you to the bedroom”
“Dude don’t give yourself a boner thinking about me in the bedroom” Mikey said “and no, I saw you mad dash to the bus this morning while we were driving, might I add, I love your batman boxers”
“Dude what the fuck?” how the hell did you know what boxers I was wearing
“Your boxers were sticking out of your pants when you were um “adjusting” your pants” he said
“Whoa you saw me… doing that”
“Picking your fucking wedgie, yeah” I rolled my eyes so hard at him, I swear my eyes could have fallen out
“See ya later” I called as I turned walking the other direction.
He waved back, I couldn’t even see Gerard anymore, wonder where he went. Oh Mikey lived right there, three doors down from me. Cool. I still was wondering why I stared at Gerard, but dude Mikey was hot. Oh well, I’ve always got Bob to make out with if Mikey doesn’t work out. I had decided I would get Mikey. God that kid had the cutest awkward knees and smile, not to mention how sexy his glasses were. Oh and on top of that the kid was fucking hilarious. But what was up with fucking Gerard?
[*a/n new story, it starts a Frikey but will be Frerard I have most of the story lined out anways always r and r for some reason I can really see Frank and Bob playing lacrosse anyways let me know if I should continue it thanks, RANDR plz
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