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Lets Face it Your My One and Only

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Mikey POV
I smelt waffles scent slowly wafting through the house as I rose from my slumber. Looking to my clock aside my bed it read 8:30, shit, I was going to be late for school. Pulling on my Anthrax shirt, I looked to the other side of the room, to see Gerard’s figure crunched into a ball on top of his bed, why hadn’t Gerard woken up either? Trudging into my jeans, I shook him awake
“Shit head wake up we’re late for fucking school” I said
“Fuck-tard its Saturday” he sleepily responded
“no Gerard its Friday, get the fuck up”
“UGH FINE!” he yelled
Gerard did the same as I had done, quickly sniffed his shirt after he picked it up off the floor, tugged it on and proceeded by forcing on tight, small jeans. I was downstairs by the time he came down, I already had my scruffy green converse on, Gerard already wearing heavily worn black converse.
We skipped out the house, a waffle half hanging out my mouth, Gerard had practically swallowed his whole. I saw Frank in front of us, Gerard being the antisocial he is, put his cd player on. Being the Mikey I was, I ran ahead to Frank, in front of him, and parked my butt into his still walking figure.
“Okay Mikey, are you trying to insinuate my taking you up the backside, or are you just trying to be sexy?”
“I’m not trying to be sexy, I am sexy. I could be a Victoria Secrets model, but apparently they have a rule, if you’re a dude model guys shouldn’t get boners over you, so I don’t model for them now.” I responded
“Oh, okay. Well if that’s the rule, that’s the rule. So what does your sexiness want of me this morning?”
“I want you to want me… I need you to need me” I started singing my own off key rendition
“Dude don’t go to bank on your voice, it cracked. Someone hasn’t passed puberty” he teased
“Oh I have its just my voice cracks because if it didn’t I would be too sexy, it’s my downfall” I shrugged
“Oh it’s not a downfall, it’s downright sexy” Frank winked
We parted ways at we got to the school gates, we had periods 2,4, and 6 today, so he wasn’t in any of my classes. But surprisingly Gerard was, I didn’t expect it, he was quite older than me, but apparently Gerard since he didn’t go here last year, had to go into Arts 1. As I walked into Art I saw him, awkwardly standing by the teacher’s desk, she was mumbling to him. Mikey and he had no resemblance what so ever. The teacher looked at him like a piece of fucking meat, it was hilarious. She was staring at him, she was in her early twenties, a teacher’s aid, but main teacher today because Mr. Ponine was out at some art expo.
“Gerard you can sit next to, um Frank raise your hand, yeah go sit next to Frank”
I laughed internally, I sat upfront because Mr. P assumed all “jocks” were trouble makers, and she out Gerard next to me upfront, to ogle him, like a piece of candy or a porn magazine. I knew because there were plenty of other open seats, and she was fucking staring at his ass. Poor kid, getting visually raped by the teacher’s aid, hell this was fucking hilarious.
“Hey Gerard”
“Hey man” he responded, I didn’t know he had social skills; he never talked to me before.
“Dude the teacher’s aid is eye raping you”
“Hahaha” he had a pretty laugh “I know, she was like whispering in my ear, she’s probably trying to seduce me”
“Oh my god that’s fucking hilarious”
“No, her breath fucking stinks, and yeah she’s pretty but god to much boobs flashing, and let’s face it, I hate boobs”
“Dude most dudes would kill to see her tits” I said
“Um boobs are gay men’s hell, god boobs are just weird, I don’t get how guys like them. Boobs are basically fat, so guys dig chest fat, that’s just so odd and gross to me”
“Holy crap, your fucking hilarious, you should talk more often”
“I don’t want to interrupt Mikey’s time with you” oh my god she sounded serious
“What?? Why?”
“Dude you’re fucking blind, yesterday he didn’t accidently see you picking your wedgie, he creep stalked you once we saw you getting your mail yesterday. He was staring at your ass, and then he was all, ‘Gerard slow the car down, I want a better view’ it was so fucking hilarious”
“Whoa that’s ridiculous” Did Mikey like me, did I like Mikey? I felt odd when I was around him.
“Yeah, that’s um, awkward, but if we are admitting to embarrassing I was totally waiting for you guys this morning, and I was staring at his ass, so we are even”
“Dude never tell me that again. I had to hear Mikey talk about you when we got home, I don’t need to hear about someone eye raping my baby brother, especially when it’s going both ways”
“Dude why is she beckoning you,” I said, it was odd, a TA so openly sexually wanting a student.
Gerard got up and walked to her, she whispered in his ear, and he followed her outside the classroom. Toben turned to me and said
“I thought that kid was gay? Why is she so hitting on a gay guy?”
“She so doesn’t know, its fucking hilarious”
“I have an idea” Toben having an idea, this would be great!
“Go outside and tongue him, like right in front of her, maybe she will get the message”
“no.” I said it flatly and quickly
“Why frwankie???”
“Dude I have a crush on his brother?”
“Maybe you could have both Ways”
“Worst. Pun. Ever.”
“Go outside and just like kiss him, and be all like ‘our dirty little secret’”
I got out of my seat and slipped out the classroom to see Miss. Blanca trying to kiss Gerard. He was in between her and a wall trying to get away.
“Frank what are you doing out of class?”
“I wondered where my boyfriend went and why you were staring at him like meat”
“Frank doesn’t…” Gerard whispered
“Don’t what Gerard?” I walked over to him pushed her off and put my lips on his. It was a good kiss, I had already involved tongue and we were tongue wrestling. I pulled away to see the TA staring at me like a alien
“What didn’t know GeeGee was gay?”
Everyone was silent, I grabbed his hand and walked back into class, leaving her there standing looking as if she was going to cry.
We sat back down, Toben high fived me.
“Mission accomplished” I said
Gerard turned to look at me
“Why?” he looked mad and confused, almost like how Haylie looked when I cheated in her. What had I fucking done
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