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thanks 4 nothin kiss my ass

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haha title sucks, has nothing to do with the story.... just like the song

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Frank POV
Seriously what the fuck had I done.
“Frank answer me, why. The hell. Did you kiss me?”
HE was pissed, he raised his voice and stood out of his chair
“You are an ass hole I can’t believe Mikey likes you!”
“Gerard don’t get me wrong I really like Mikey, but hey I am a slut, and I will kiss anyone. Don’t feel too special, its who I am Mikey is pretty open about it so don’t get your boxers in a twist.”
“You are an asshole. Go to hell”
The bell rang perfectly on time, saving me from responding to Gerard. I ran out of the classroom to find Mikey, to explain before Gerard got to him. I was speed walking as I got pulled behind into a room. I turn to see Gerard with Mikey. Gerard looked pissed as hell, Mikey looked fine not mad or upset but more, why the hell am I here?
“Frank explain” Mikey said,
“okay the teacher was totally hitting on Gerard so I went outside and shoved my tongue down his throat to get the point across he was gay. I don’t like him, he’s too old it would be creepy. I really like you Mikey”
Mikey started laughing so hard
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, dude---- ah you looked like you were gonna piss yourself” Mikey said
“Ah god---- you are so fucking hilarious” Gerard said
“Wait what the hell is going on?”
“Dude—ah god--- Gerard wanted to freak you out, to see hahaha what the fuck you’d do--- oh my god you took it so seriously, you were about to beg hahaa”
Gerard was still laughing
“Wait you fuckers, you all suck and Gerard sucks at kissing just so you know” I said
“Oh I know,” Mikey said
“Dude I was so shocked you were kissing me I was like, let me make this kiss horrible. Dude I was like what the fuck” Gerard said
Mikey grabbed me by the waist and goshted his lips over mine
“lets fix that last kiss” he wisperd
I put my lips on top of his and heard Gerard say
“oh hell no I don’t need to see this shit” as he walked out
Mikey smiled into the kiss, he tugged on my lip ring and I opened my mouth. He shoved his tongue into my mouth then it traveled around my mouth slowly like a snake in a cage. I pinned his tongue down and he pulled my lip ring with his teeth, he needed air.
“Oh, my god you are a great kisser Mikey”
“Same with you”
For the second time for the day, I was saved from awkward conversation by the bell, the five minute bell. Cool, I walked off to class and waved goodbye to Mikey
******* end of school
I walked out the school gates on Bob’s back, I kicked him like a pony
“go faster Bobby, we need to catch up with Gee Gee and Mikes”
“Elf, if you kick me one more time, you will become a garden nome”
They both stopped and turned around, we finally caught up to them
“So Mikey, Gerard, would you like to accompany Bob and me back to my humble abode to watch some movies?”
“Indeed but only if you don’t try to suck my face” Gerard said
“Can I suck your face?” Bob said
Gerard laughed but didn’t respond
“So is that a yes?” I asked
“I will suck your face Frank” Mikey said
We walked into the house and shrugged our shoes off, this would be one hell of a movie day. Mikey grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss, well shoved his tongue down my throat more like it.
“DUDE no need for PDA right now” Bob said
“Oh yeah?” Gerard questioned
We broke our kiss apart only to see Gerard grabbing Bob’s face and kissing him
Gerard pulled out of this kiss
“Dude you’re a good kisser, like better than Frank”
“Thanks man you too”
“What the fuck Bob he sucks at kissing” I said
“Try for yourself” Bob answered
“No thanks the other Way is Way better”
“Dude we are so used to those lame ass Way puns”
“Not funny” Mikey said leaning in
I kissed him on top of the nose, before moving his glasses up my lips.
“so what movie are we watching?” Bob said
“Is it Mikey and Frank gone wild?” Gerard asked
“ UM what about Piranha attack 3?”
“Okay” they all said
One hell of a movie night and its only been 10 minutes.

I woke up the next morning with one hand down Mikey’s pants, one hand under Gerards shirt, and my foot in Bob’s beanbag.
Mikey woke up, aw shit what do I do my pants is on his dick.
“Dude if you’re gonna put your hand down there either do something or pull it out. I squeezed his dick before pulling my hand out.
I got up before Gerard noticed my hand was under his shirt.
“want coffe?”
“Hell yes” a voice whispered into my ear, oh god so warm. No Frank don’t get hard, this shit wasn’t funny at fourteen not funny now. It was Gerard, Mikey was laughing at me on the couch.
“Don’t be a tease” Gerard whispered as he slid his hand down my sweatpants and sqeezed my cock. He pulled out as soon as I closed my eyes, he yanked his hand out and laughed in my face.
“We are fucking even Mikey”
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