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Chapter Five

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Chapter Five is told from Jared's point-of-view both before and after the news story broke and his captors heard. Shannon has to "face his demons" and talk about Jared with someone. Anyone. He fina...

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Jared was allowed to sit cross-legged on the floor instead of laying on his side. After being kicked multiple times, every breath was torture, but sitting was worse; his breath came in pained gasps while he was sitting. However, he found out that if he focused on another topic instead of his pain, it became almost nonexistent. So he focused on Shannon as much as possible: What was he doing? Was he searching for him? Has he told their mom? Who else is helping him if he is looking for him?

All of these questions distracted him from his pain, but not from Jessey Vargas. Jared preferred to call her by her full name, or "Witchy-Poo" when she wasn't around. He heard her heading his way and groaned on inwardly. He despised her, and he figured he wasn't the only one.

"Hey! Markus!" she yelled at one of Jared's guards.

Markus looked at her with distaste. "Maybe I can ask him to let me go..." Jared thought hopefully. "What?" Markus asked sullenly.

"I need your help. I have to go back to school on Monday so I can be eligible to graduate near the end of next week. I want you and Luke to watch over things for me, okay?" Jessey had a sweet, pleading tone to her voice. She was sweet-talking them!

"Okay. I'll help Luke if he co-operates." Markus seemed unaffected by Jessey's so-called charm.

Jared was freaking out; there was no way he'd be leaving now. He was stressed to his max and he had to prevent himself from hyperventilating.

"I'll talk to Luke; he'll agree," Jessey smiled and left.

Jared waited until she left and grimaced.

Markus happened to see his facial expression and smiled. "I don't blame you for disliking her," he said. "Lady Vargas is a girl who leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth, especially her captives."

Jared was astounded. Markus, one of his captors, was talking to him? He hoped Witchy-Poo didn't hear...

"Luke said yes!" Jessey said in a sing-song voice, twirling her way back into their part of the room. "I'll be back by Friday afternoon at the latest!"

Markus nodded; Jared got his first glimpse of Luke. He was as big as Markus, if not bigger. Jared had to stop himself from hyperventilating again.

"Bye!" Jessey was saying as she left.

Markus and Luke nodded at each other and swapped places. Markus went toward the back and Luke stood over Jared, watching him; Jared was watching Markus.

Jared didn't have a clear view of what Markus was doing; it looked like he was standing at a table getting ready to eat a small lunch. But Jared had seen other people eat their lunch in a different room; what was in this room?

Suddenly Markus closed the door, shutting off Jared's view. "Damn!" Jared thought. He really wanted to know what Markus was doing. He found out what Markus did a few hours later.


A few hours after Markus and Luke swapped places a roar of rage came from another room. Jared was dozing with his head propped against the wall, but jolted awake instantly.

"WATCH! WATCH THIS!" another one of his captors was yelling. He kept spitting everywhere. He had a laptop in his hands.

Markus told the guy to set it down on one of the crates they use for chairs. The guy did so, and they all gathered around it; it appeared to be a recent news story. Jared listened in closely:

"The FBI and local officials are currently looking for a missing actor/musician. Jared Leto, of 30 Seconds to Mars, disappeared Wednesday, April 11th. Mr. Leto hasn't been seen in over a week now; officials say that it is possible that Mr. Leto has fled the country. International agencies are currently on the lookout for Mr. Leto..."

Jared's captors turned off the video. He saw all of them fuming. He began praying that Shannon would see it and get the "fled the country" hint.

"Someone has told," one of them said angrily.

"I agree," a second said. "Who all is missing?"

"Just Jessey," Markus spoke up. "She had to go back home so she can get ready for graduation. She should be back by Friday or Saturday." He repeated everything she said to him.

"And she left Markus and I in charge," Luke spoke up for the first time.

"We shall think about who it was; meanwhile, let's keep an even closer eye on him now," Markus said.

Jared decided that maybe it wasn't Markus. But he wasn't leaving anytime soon.


Shannon ran his hands through his hair and heaved a sigh. He had seen all the news stories, turned down all the phone calls asking for comments, and had to answer to his mom wanting to know why she wasn't told immediately that Jared was missing. Now it was time for him to finally take a break... as far as his breaks go. He pulled out his iPhone and looked at a picture of Jared and himself before Jared went missing.

Shannon always shot down everyone whenever they asked if he wanted to talk about it, but now he felt like he really needed to. He can't distract himself by thinking about the hundreds of places Jared could be. All he could think of was the one major question: "Is he still alive?" It was haunting him. Shannon really needed to talk it over with someone. His chance came with a quiet knock on the door.

"Shannon? Can I come in?" Skyla asked him quietly. She was a very quiet girl, which everyone, including Shannon, appreciated greatly.

"Of course." Shannon opened the hotel room door and let her in. "What's the matter?" he asked her.

"I've been thinking about what that newscast said about Jared having 'fled the country'. It's not impossible, but..." Skyla chewed her lip.

Shannon thought it over. She had a point- what if he did flee the country? They would be looking in all the wrong places.

"You have a point," he said. He couldn't deny that talking with her had made him feel slightly better.

"I'm going back to bed... it's been a long day." Skyla hugged him. "He's gonna be okay, Shannon. He will."

Shannon's eyes teared up; and he hugged her back. "You have no idea how much I wish that!" he told her.
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