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Chapter Six

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Skyla helps comfort Shannon and they make a list of possible countries Jared could be in. ***NOT ORIGINAL CHAPTER 6***

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Later on that night, Shannon went to see Skyla. He couldn't stay away from her in a time like this. He walked down the hall in just a pair of pajama pants and knocked on her hotel room door quietly.

She came to the door with her jet-black hair looking like a bird's nest. She didn't bother to flatten it down when she saw who it was. "Shannon? What's wrong?"

"Everything. You want to talk in there or...?" he looked at her curiously. He had the urge to stick a false bird in her hair. But her hair just added to her charm.

"We can go back to your room," she said. She finally flattened her hair the best she could and followed him.

Shannon held open the door for her. She invited herself to sit on the side of the bed that wasn't messed up; he laid beside her.

"So what's up?" she asked him. She was looking at him with intense jade-green eyes.

Shannon's stomach did backflips. He couldn't help but think, "Her eyes are gorgeous!"

"Shannon?" Skyla was asking. She noticed him staring at her, and she waved her hand in front of his eyes. He shook his head and snapped out of it.

"I keep having these questions pop in my head," Shannon started. He hated that one question- "Is he still alive?" Shannon always felt like the answer was "Yes," but he was never sure.

"I keep having questions pop in my head... about Jared," Shannon said, and took a breath. "The one that recurs the most is "Is he still alive?" not "What is he doing?" or "Where could he be?" I am his older brother; I'm supposed to look out for him and protect him! I can't do that now. I just..." he stuttered to silence.

"Shannon, those questions are on everyone's minds. They're even on mine. And you're right: you are his older brother and you are supposed to look out for him and protect him." Skyla rubbed his arm. "You can still look out and protect him from afar. Slam all of the rumors people come up with. Go and find him. We have a clue."

Shannon sat up and looked at her. She was telling him the truth. Now all he had to do was stop putting it off and go find Jared himself.

Skyla was getting up to leave, but she turned around to talk to Shannon. "We need to narrow down the places of where Jared might be," she said.

"Yeah," Shannon said. His mind was still whirling from everything she had told him.

"You look weird. Should I stay in here with you?" she asked him.

"Sure." Shannon took no offense.

Skyla shrugged and sat back down. She flattened her hair once more. Shannon sat down beside her. He couldn't help but notice a small scar on her chin.

Shannon leaned in and kissed Skyla. She kissed him back. Shannon pulled back and looked her in the eye. His breathing was ragged.

"I oughta... go..." Skyla made for the door. Shannon was right behind her.

"I'm sorry," Shannon said. "I don't know what got into me; I promise I won't do it again." He wanted company that night, and Skyla was already there.

She was leery of him. "Okay, I'll stay." Skyla laid down on the bed and fell asleep instantly; Shannon had to move her to where she wasn't at risk of falling off of the bed. He then turned off all of the lights and laid down. He fell asleep about thirty minutes later.


When Shannon and Skyla woke up in the morning, they began making lists for countries Jared could be in.

"Italy?" Skyla suggested. She was busy making tea.

"No. How about Germany?" Shannon asked. He was writing the countries down.

"Yeah, maybe. What about Portugal?" Skyla had started making coffee now.

"Don't bother with the coffee, I'd drink it all," Shannon told her. She giggled.

"Okay; I'll still drink it though. If not Portugal, then what about Spain?" she was just throwing out countries now.

"I'll write them both down. France?" Shannon got up and made himself a piece of toast.

Skyla wrote down France on the list; she had a gut feeling about it. "We're just going with five, right?"

"Yeah. How many do we have?"


"Uhh... what about Greece?" Shannon asked. He only asked because it seemed like a location where no one would take Jared.

"Add it. That's five, right?" Skyla asked. She grabbed a piece of toast.

"Yep. Let's go meet everyone else." Shannon held out his arm. Skyla took it with a smile.

During their whole morning, neither one had mentioned their kiss from the night before.
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