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Zuko & Mai OR Zuko & Katara

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Zuko is on a hunt for his ex-girlfriend Mai.On the way, Zuko develops feelings for Katara.

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Zuko handed Aang his fire bending scroll. “Now Aang, do NOT lose this. It was my Uncle’s and he gave it to me before I left.” Aang took the scroll happily. “Thanks Zuko. I won’t lose it. Don’t worry.” Aang walked away. Zuko turned and walked slowly to his tent. He walked inside, surprised to see Toph sitting on his bed. “Can I help you?” Zuko glared at Toph. “I can feel you watching me and yes, I have a question. Do you have any fire crackers left?” Toph said turning to Zuko, even though she was blind. “Yeah, here.” Zuko handed her the crackers. Toph stood up and walked out of the tent. “Thank God, I can nap now.”As soon as Zuko was going to lie down, Katara walked in. “Zuko, you still have chores to do.” Katara told him. “Ugh! Don’t you people knock!” Zuko stood up so fast he knocked his nightstand over. “Sorry, I-I forgot. I’m sorry.” Katara’s eyes began to water. “Umm... I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’ll be there in a second.” Zuko looked at Katara feeling angry at himself for scaring her. “Ok, thanks Zuko.” Katara wiped her eyes and left the tent. Zuko walked over to his knocked over nightstand. He picked up the nightstand, than started picking up the things that belonged on it. After everything was picked up, he noticed a small picture lying face down. He picked it up gently and stared. It was his mother holding him when he was first born. “Zuko! Are you coming?!” Katara yelled from outside his tent. “Yeah!” Zuko tucked the picture deeply in his pocket and walked out. “Finally, come on. You have to light the stove and fire.” Katara took his hand and lead him to the fire pit. “Why couldn’t Aang have done it?” Zuko asked. “He’s not as expericaned as you Zuko.” Katara answered waiting for him to light the fire. “Still, it’s not hard to light a fire with a single flame.” He lite the fire and walked over to the rock stove Toph had built. Zuko lite the wood inside the hallow rock and walked away. “Thank you!” Katara said as Zuko walked away towards his tent. Meanwhile, Ty Lee and Mai were practicing there fighting skills. “Ty Lee?” Mai asked. “Yeah Mai?” Ty Lee stopped what she was doing and turned to face Mai. “Where do you think Zuko is?” Ty Lee was surprised to her Mai mention his name again. Mai and Zuko were together until he left to join the Avatar. “I don’t really know Mai. He could be anywhere. Considering he’s traveling with the Avatar. Ty Lee glared into Mai’s dark brown eyes. “I guess you’re right. Ok, let’s just get back to training.” Mai’s mind wondered through old thoughts of Zuko. At his family’s old vacation home, working with Azula, being kids and Zuko knocking her in a water fountain. Azula always teased him for liking Mai. “Mai, you’re not focusing. I think we trained enough.” Ty Lee said beginning to get annoyed. “Yeah, let’s just train again tomorrow.” Mai said agreeing with Ty Lee for a change. At Aang’s camp, Katara was busy cooking dinner. “Yummy… I smell sea prunes.” Toph said while smelling the sea pruned air. “Where did you get sea prunes? You can only find them in the south.” Sokka asked curiously. “In the town. It was a special order for the holidays.” Katara finished cooking and handed out the sea prunes to everyone, including herself. “This is really good Katara.” Aang said slurping down the juice. “Thanks. But I wouldn’t have been able to make it without Zuko’s help.” Katara turned to Zuko and smiled. “All I did was lite a fire, not really a big deal.” Zuko turned away from Katara and faced Sokka. After they were all done eating, everyone went back to their own tents. Zuko walked in his tent and collapsed on his bed. He reached in his pocket and took out the picture of his mother. “Mom, you’re out there somewhere. I just know it.” Zuko stood up and went to his nightstand. He placed the picture on the stand and picked up another picture. It was a framed picture with rounded edges. Zuko stared deeply at the picture. It was Mai. He studied her facial features and her perfect cheek bones. “Why did I do that? Why did I leave Mai to join the Avatar? I’m so STUPID!” Aang stood up. “Sokka, did you hear that?” Aang asked leaving the tent. “Hear what?” Sokka stood up and followed. “It sounded like it was coming from Zuko’s tent” Aang motioned Sokka to follow him. As they arrived at the tent, Zuko rushed out. “Zuko, what’s wrong?” Aang walked over to Zuko. “You need to help me find Mai.” Zuko glanced at the Avatar, then at Sokka. “Oh, do mean that girl that has no feeling for anything?” Sokka asked curiously. “DON’T TALK ABOUT MAI LIKE THAT!” Zuko screamed in Sokka’s face. “Ok, Zuko, I’ll help you find her. Let me go wake the others.” Aang walked to Toph’s tent and walked in. “Toph, Wake up.” Aang shook Toph to wake her up. “TOPH!” Aang screamed. Toph awoke and blasted him across the tent with earth bending. “Don’t ever, wake me up like that again.” Toph stood up and dragged Aang out of the tent. “Zuko, can you go get Katara?” Aang asked politely. “Fine.” Zuko walked towards Katara’s tent. “Katara, get up” Zuko stood in the door way. “What?” Katara asked just waking up. “Get up. Were leaving.” Zuko said and walked away. Katara rushed out of the tent. “Where are we going?” Katara asked going over to Appa. “To find Mai.” Zuko answered her packing some of his things. “Why would you want to find her?” Katara raised an eyebrow. “She’s my girlfriend Katara.” Zuko turned to Katara with a sparkle in his eyes. “But she’s not your girlfriend. Remember you broke up with her before you joined us.” Zuko looked up at the sky and said “Yeah and it was the biggest mistake of my life.” Katara looked up to see what he was looking at. Nothing. “Did you mean joining US was the biggest mistake of your life, or breaking up with Mai? Katara asked. “Breaking up with Mai.” Zuko walked away, annoyed with all of Katara’s questions. Everyone hopped on Appa. “Sokka, did you bring the food?” Aang turned to look at Sokka. “Umm…. What food?” Sokka asked digging through his rucksack. “You know the rest of the sea prunes and others.” Aang tried to jog Sokka’s memory. “Don’t worry Aang, I did.” Katara grabbed a bag of food and handed it to Aang. “Thanks.” Aang thanked Katara and started looking through his bag. “So Zuko, were do you think Mai could be?” Toph asked. “I don’t know. Most likely with Azula, unless she came to her senses.” Toph laughed. “WHATS SO FUNNY?!” Zuko yelled. “Nothing hot head.” Toph said still laughing. “Guess you really do have a short temper.” The gang was silent. “So, do you guys want to head to where Azula has been camping?” Aang suggested. “I think we should check Mai’s house first. Don’t you think so Zuko?” Katara asked. “Yeah, then if she’s not there, we’ll check Ty Lee’s. If she’s nowhere to be found, we’ll check with Azula.” Zuko then went silent. “Ok, we’ll stick with that plan.” Meanwhile, at Mai’s house. Mai sat at her dining room table with her mother and father, eating silently. “Mai, you haven’t said a word since we began eating. Is something bothering you dear?” Mai’s mother asked her. “No, I’m fine mother. I just want to finish eating and head to bed.” Mai answered. “Ok, but if something is bothering you, let me know.” Her mother smiled at her. “I will.” Mai tried to force a smile on her face, but wasn’t able to. After she was finished eating, she rushed back up into her room. Mai ran in and locked her door. She went over and sat on her bed. She looked across the room and noticed Zuko’s old robe on her floor. She must have forgotten it was on the back of her door. When Mai slammed the door, the robe must have fallen off. Mai walked over and picked up the robe. It still smelt like him. “I just wish he was here, right now, with me.” Mai’s eyes began to water. She had never felt this way over a boy in her life. The next morning, Mai awoke still holding Zuko’s robe. “I miss you Zuko.” Mai walked over to her desk and gently laid the robe over it. She looked in the mirror and a terrible appearance shot back at her. Eye liner was running down her cheek and her eye shadow was fading. “Wow, I look like a circus clown.” Mai stared. “No you don’t honey. It’s just a little make-up.” Mai’s mother was standing in her doorway. “MOTHER! HOW DID YOU GET IN?” Mai asked turning to face her mother. There was an expression of anger on her face. “Don’t you yell at me young lady. And to answer your question, I have a key to every room in this house Mai.” Her mother looked at her. “Ty Lee sent a message. She said to meet her by the cabbage stand.” Mai’s mother said then left the room. Mai got dressed and fixed her make-up. Mai than left for the cabbage stand. “Hey Mai.” Ty Lee waved as Mai approached. “Hi Ty Lee.” Mai waved back. “Still thinking about Zuko?” Ty Lee asked. Mai nodded. “It’ll be ok Mai. Don’t let it bring you down.” Ty Lee motioned Mai to follow her to their training area. As Mai and Ty Lee were training, Zuko, Aang, Sokka, and Toph were just waking up. “Finally, you guys are up.” Katara said eating a raw sea prune. “Well, sorry were not freaks that wake up at 6’o clock in the morning.” Sokka said rubbing his eyes. “Sokka, don’t talk to your sister like that.” Zuko was actually standing up for Katara. “Thanks Zuko but I could have handled it.” Katara said standing up. “Sorry but I can’t stand people fighting.” Zuko flattened his hair with his hand. “But you’re usually the one who starts them.” Sokka said. Aang nodded in agreement. “No I don’t!” Zuko yelled. “Sokka, just leave him alone.” Katara slapped Sokka on the shoulder. Everyone was silent. “I’ll handle flying Appa today.” Zuko said while pulling on his boots. “Are you sure?” Aang looked surprised that Zuko offered to fly Appa. “Yeah.” Zuko went to Appa’s head. “Ok.” Aang laid back. “Katara, can I talk to you?” Toph asked. “Sure.” Katara walked over to Toph. Aang and Sokka followed. “Can I talk to you alone?” Aang and Sokka got the point and moved away. “So, you and Zuko have been getting along good, huh?” Toph turned to face Katara. “Yeah, I guess so. So what?” Katara was confused. “So… you’re developing feelings for him. Aren’t you?” Toph grinned in amusement. “No. of course not.” Katara’s face squinted in disgust. “I can feel your breathing. You’re lying.” Toph smiled again. “Fine. I like him somewhat.” Katara got up and walked to her original seat. She glanced at Zuko, than at Toph. Toph smiled. “How can she feel me looking at her?” Katara said to herself. “Hey Katara, can you give me some water?” Zuko asked focusing on the sky. “Sure, wait a second.” Katara dug through the bag, looking for some bottled water. “I can’t find any Zuko.” Katara said still looking. “Can you just give me some out of your little pouch thing?” Zuko asked. “Sure.” Katara grabbed her pouch and took some water out by bending. She sent it over next to his mouth. “Open up.” Katara told him. He opened his mouth and she left the water drop. “Thanks Katara. I was dying for something to drink.” Zuko thanked her than went back to flying.Katara stared at Zuko. His hair flowing in the wind, his scar, and his fire nation armor he stole. She just couldn’t stop staring. “Is something wrong with Zuko’s appearance Katara?” Toph said aloud so everyone could hear her. “What?” Aang and Sokka both said at the same time. They both glanced at Katara. “What are you talking about Toph?” Katara tried to act as calm as possible. “I saw you looking at Zuko.” Toph said. “You SAW me. What are you talking about? You’re blind.” Katara laughed. “I have feet you know.” Toph said being a little snotty. “I thought you could only see with your feet if you were on the ground.” Katara smirked thinking she won. “I can also feel movement. I felt you look at Zuko for about seven seconds.” Toph said. “Ugh…” Katara sighed knowing Toph was right. But it wasn’t right for Toph to say it out loud. “Guys, I’m a little tired. Let’s take a break.” Zuko said walking to Appa’s back. Zuko sat down and took off his boots. “I’m going to take a nap.” Zuko laid back and closed his eyes. “Katara, don’t you want to go take a nap with Zuko?” Toph smirked. “Toph!” Katara yelled and hopped off Appa. “Katara, wait!” Aang yelled running towards Katara. “Is Toph right? Do you like Zuko?” Aang asked finally catching up with Katara. “Aang! I do not like Zuko!” Katara stopped and looked back at Aang. “Oh ok, sorry. I didn’t know.” Aang and Katara were silent. “So… you don’t have feelings for Zuko?” Aang asked again. “No Aang, I don’t.”Katara answered him. “Come on, we should be heading back to Appa.” Katara took Aang’s hand and lead him to Appa. “Good, you guys made it back just in time.” Zuko said and smiled at Katara. Aang flew up and Zuko helped Katara. "Guys ready to go?" Sokka asked the gang. "Why don't we just crash here? It's a nice place." Toph said. "Toph, how would you know? Your blind." Katara said a little snottly."Katara, we should just stay here. It looks nice." Aang butted in. The gang looked around. There was a couple big rocks, and a waterfall. "Hmph.. Fine." Katara stood up and hopped off Appa. Zuko ran after her. "Katara! Wait up!" He hollered. She turned around surprised to see he was following. "What Zuko?" She raised an eyebrow. "Umm.. Can i ask you a semi-awkward question?" He asked, finally catching up with her. "Uh, sure?" Katara was confused. "So, i heard Toph telling Sokka how you had feelings for me. When you and Aang went on your walk. I just wanted to ask if it's true. Do you have feelings for me?" Katara turned red to Zuko's question. She stepped back. "Uh, o-of course not. Your li-like my brother now." She looked down at her feet. Zuko smirked. "Oh really? Okay, just wanted to know. Come on. We better get back to everyone." He gripped her small, tender hand, and led the way back. 
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