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Powder Blue

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Archie and Atlanta become intimate in their dorm. Warning: explicit lemon, lots of lemony goodness. However, it IS well written. R&R please.

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Authoress' Note: Hello, this is my first Class of the Titans fanfiction! The main pairing is Archie and Atlanta (well, technically the only pairing), and just so you know it's INCREDIBLY fluffy and ginormously lemony, so be warned and decide accordingly if you want to read it. If you do read, please review. Thank you, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans, nor its respective characters, settings, etc.


The shadows flitted around a dorm room obscured by darkness, a delicate rain bouncing against the single window. The door creaked open, light from the hall streaming in like spotlights as two figures entered and kicked off their shoes. The taller character quietly and cautiously shut the door, before turning around and taking the shorter, slimmer form in his arms. Their lips touched for a brief moment, the slimmer figure eager to deepen the kiss, while the taller one drew away.

"Are you sure?" A teenaged boy's voice sounded uncertain, opening his dark eyes and looked into hers.

"Archie, has anyone ever told you you worry too much?" the girl responded playfully, poking him in the chest.

"Atlanta, I'm serious, I need to know. If you're not ready, I can wait." He tried to sound reassuring while her smile slowly faded into a more serious expression.

"Archie, you are such a moment spoiler. I'm ready, but I'm not so sure about you." Atlanta seemed slightly put off as she removed herself from his embrace and took a few steps towards the window, staring blankly out at the bleak raindrops dancing their way down the glass. Archie sighed and stepped towards her, enveloping her with her back to his chest and his arms around her shoulders. He held her tight, tenderly kissing her cheek.

"There's nothing I want more." She sighed at his warm tone and turned around, facing him only to be greeted by his smile. She smiled in return. His grin was everything he was: warm, loving, and a little bit arrogant. "I just wanted to-"

Atlanta cut him off quickly with a kiss, sliding her tongue through his inviting lips as he met hers with his own. Laughing slightly, she pulled back and looked him in the eye mischievously. "No more talking, okay?"

He grinned. "Well, I dunno, if you're gonna do that every time I say something, I might just tell you my life story. Well, it all started when I was born-" Atlanta groaned sarcastically and kissed him again, as they both laughed and stumbled back onto the bed, her light body on top of his.

"Archie, has anyone ever told you you talk too much?" She smiled again as her voice lowered. Archie simply grinned lovingly before pulling her in for another long, luxurious kiss. She had to admit, sometimes he really did know when to keep quiet.

Archie's hand moved to the back of Atlanta's neck, then softly stroking her cheek while his other palm ran along the small of her back. She slowly unzipped his sweater; he rose, allowing her to slip it off his shoulders and throw it haphazard onto the floor. Reaching down to the hem of his white wifebeater, Atlanta pulled it up with ease as he raised his arms. She threw it on the floor as well before running her hands along his smooth, firm chest.

Archie decided it was his turn, as his hands slid to the bottom of Atlanta's t-shirt. He pulled it up and over her head, mussing her hair as he did so. She pushed him back against the mattress as she began placing light, butterfly kisses on chin, then moving down to his neck and tracing little circles with her tongue. Archie shivered, letting out a guttural groan in response as Atlanta smirked.

Atlanta sat up before unclasping her black bra and tossing it by the window. She leaned in to kiss Archie again before he interrupted her playfully. "Hey, I was gonna do that."

"Archie, you couldn't unhook a bra if your life depended on it," Atlanta whispered. She grinned devilishly before taking him in a kiss again. He smiled and, taking her by surprise, flipped her onto her back. His muscular body rested just above her lithe, thin frame as he pressed his lips to hers urgently, but breaking the kiss almost as soon as it had begun.

"My turn," he whispered sensually, lightly tracing his hand up her waist and to the curve of her right breast. He lowered his head to hers, dipping his tongue into her waiting mouth and entangling hers with his own while his hand lightly cupped her breast, his thumb stroking her nipple lightly. Atlanta moaned airily into his mouth, and Archie grinned widely in triumph.

Opening her eyes, she looked up at him with feigned annoyance. "Everything's a competition for you, isn't it?" She smirked.

"When you're the prize? Of course." He trailed light kisses from her mouth, to her chin and soft throat, along her defined collarbone, slowly working his way down and working her into a frenzy. Archie's fleeting kisses found their way down to the soft dip between Atlanta's breasts as her breath became a little less rhythmic and more than a little choppy.

Atlanta's hands released their firm grip on the soft, powder blue comforter and entangled themselves in Archie's dark purple hair, urging him for more. He happily complied, placing soft kisses along her left breast, carefully avoiding her nipple.

"Archie," Atlanta managed to say between breaths, "don't be a tease." Archie chuckled lightly in response, before wordlessly placing his mouth over that spot that Atlanta had yearned for. She let out a strangled moan as Archie's tongue made slow, deliberate circles around her areola as he lightly sucked, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. His right hand mimicked the movements with her right breast, the pleasure sending her into ecstasy.

Silently, Archie's hands moved down to the hem of Atlanta's shorts. Atlanta whimpered at the departure of his hand from her breast, but didn't speak as she felt him unbutton and unzip her trousers. Slowly pulling them down her long, sleek legs, he finally threw them behind him. Bending her leg towards him, and never taking his mouth off her breast, Archie removed one sock before placing her leg back down and repeating the process with her other.

Finally, Archie pulled away from her. He rose and stood at the foot of the bed, drinking her in. This was a memory he would treasure forever; he vowed to never forget a single detail. He would recall the soft way the moonlight illuminated her subtle curves; the way her chest rose and fell with her short, panting breathes; the desperate way her hands clung to the disheveled bedspread. He memorized her tentative, rhythmic breathing; the look of pure bliss on her beautiful face; her messy, fire red hair sprawling across and contrasting the soft blue duvet. He still couldn't decide if her tousled hair was cute or sexy; he determined it was a pleasant mix of both.

Her mind coming back from the clouds, Atlanta felt a sudden coldness she had not felt the entire night. She opened her eyes, heavy from pleasure, and looked up to see Archie standing over her. "What are you doing?" Atlanta whispered.

Archie smiled in response. Not a grin, not a smirk, not a single trace of arrogance or pride. His smile was pure, happy, loving, and selfless. It was all for her, because of her. She knew this, and the worry was swept away as if carried off by an ocean breeze.

"Just immortalizing the moment." Archie lowered himself back onto the bed, meeting her halfway in the most passionate kiss yet. Her soft lips opened as his tongue entered and danced with her own, as Archie silently promised himself to remember the incredible way she tasted of vanilla and watermelon.

Deepening the kiss, Atlanta's hands slid over Archie's shoulders and across his back, then down his chest as she reached the band of his shorts. Hooking her fingers, she trailed them down over his boxers. His hands moved over hers, taking control and removing his shorts, tossing them somewhere or other.

Atlanta's hands moved up his chest again, sliding down the back of his neck and tangling themselves in his hair. "Enough waiting," she whispered into his ear, her voice heavy and clouded with a mixture of lust and love, her tone holding a hint of yearning.

"You never were very patient." Archie didn't smile, he was too caught up in the moment and her perfection. He smoothed his hands along the gentle curve of her waist and hooked them on the thing straps of her powder blue underwear. He placed small, soft kisses on her lips as he pulled them down. She lifted her legs, as he slid them off and threw them over his shoulder.

"You're beautiful," he whispered. She pulled him closer again, kissing him passionately. Her hands slowly moved from his hair, down his chest, hooking along the elastic band of his blue boxers. She slid them off his muscular legs, down to his ankles. He kicked them off into the floor as they silently broke away from each other.

They spent a few moments drinking one another in. In their own silent way, they knew there was no going back. No regrets, no fears, no insecurities. This was where they wanted to be now and forever, each of them, together and bare. In this moment, they were separate from the world, and one with each other.

"I love you," Archie whispered, lowering himself back to Atlanta, his eyes gazing tenderly into hers. He had always thought those words would be hard to tell her, but nothing he had ever said had ever been so easy. He had feared telling her, afraid she wouldn't return his love. But now he knew, in this moment of timeless perfection, beholding her incredible beauty and her deep hazel eyes gazing into his, that he had no fear. She would love him as he was.

"I love you, too." Atlanta smiled. She didn't know why she had been dreading saying those words to him. She always thought he would think less of her, that saying them out loud meant she was convincing herself that she felt this "love". But now she knew she had never meant anything more, or said anything truer, and that she didn't have to be a descendant of a legend for Archie to think she was a Goddess. He would love her as she was.

Their vows of love were all that needed to be said. Archie lowered his lips to hers, as they shared a kiss they would both remember for years. Wordlessly, Atlanta pressed her hips into his, signaling him. Softly kissing her, Archie entered her slowly. He gave her a regretful look as she winced at the unfamiliar sensation. He opened his mouth to apologize, say he would be gentle, he didn't quite know what. Atlanta placed her finger over his open lips, stopping him and lightly kissing him.

"It's okay," she whispered between short breaths, "keep going." Archie nodded as they kissed again, pressing deeper into her. Atlanta gasped as she felt some sharp pain, her back arching and her eyes squeezed shut tight. She opened her eyes, glistening and water beading at the corners, but she knew the worst was over. Archie looked ashamed and guilty that he had hurt her.
"Archie," she said softly, placing her hand on his cheek and lifting his face to look at her, "I love you. Don't stop."

Archie nodded, as he entered her completely. They lay silent and still for a few moments, Atlanta adjusting. Before long, Archie slid almost out of her before slowly entering her again, and Atlanta's pain began to wash away, being replaced by small ripples of pleasure, the likes of which she had never felt.

Her breathing became shorter and strained, taking in air in sharp, pleasurable pants. Archie's breath also became more strung out, as his breathing synced with hers in the rhythm of their act. Atlanta released short moans as Archie lowered his lips to hers, kissing her languorously. His hand moved up her waist, tracing her breast as her hands in turn ran along his chest and to his back, gripping his flesh.

Slowly, their rhythm became more hurried, their breaths shorter. Atlanta's back arched, moving her hips with his and meeting his thrusts. She felt herself being lifted off the bed, perhaps out of her own body even, in a cloud of euphoric pleasure. She let out a long, gratifying cry, as Archie's climax met her own. He thrust inside her one more time before letting out a deep, throaty moan.

As they both descended back into the moment, slowly dropping from their orgasm, Archie placed a long lazy kiss on Atlanta, which she willingly returned. Archie withdrew, moving to lie beside her. As Atlanta slowly began to catch her breath, Archie took her in his arms and held her close. He moved the comforter out from under himself and her, before placing it over the both of them and kissing her forehead softly.

"I love you, Atlanta," he whispered into her ear, still panting slightly.

"I love you, too, Archie." Atlanta placed a light, innocent kiss on his lips, before relaxing in his embrace. Her ecstasy clouded eyelashes fluttered closed, as did his. Before long, they became lost in a long, luxurious sleep filled with dreams of one another, together beneath a powder blue blanket.
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