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Lost with no direction

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Lisa Alomore broke out of a all male prison where she didn't belong. She finds herself in the labyrinth and asks the king to let her finish some unfinished business.Please read and review.Don't own!

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The alarms of the male prison blared. Dogs barked and men hollered. Cop cars came in from two streets looking for me. My name is Lisa and I broke out of prison. I didn't belong there. Not only was it a male prison and it was illegal for me to be locked up there, but I didn't commit the murders I was accused of. I was accused of being an assassin, accused of killing six men. Six government officials.

I crouched in the tall grass behind the prison wall. I had covered my cell in brussle sprouts to get rid of my scent. The dogs wouldn't be able to track me with their noses. My shoulder length bright red hair hung in my icy blue eyes. I had no idea how I wan't spotted with my red hair. CO's swarm passed me in an attempt to catch me, but they didn't know I was behind them. Once they were a few yards up ahead I sprinted to the forest.

I heard shouting and I knew they had spotted me and were running to catch up. I was dodging bullets. Literary, they were shooting at me. One bullet got my leg, a few inches below my knee. I cried out in pain and fell to one knee. I saw a large log and crawled to it for a hiding place.

"Man, I wish I had a quick way out of here." I whispered to myself. I crawled to the end of the log. It was long and wide enough to hide me so I crawled in, ignoring the pain in my leg. It seemed to go on and on and it was dark inside. The log seemed to get wider also. After a while there was a dim light at the end.

I couldn't here any of the sounds that were at the prison. I reached the end and peered out. Instead of green trees and grass and rich dark brown dirt, there was a brown landscape. It had little trees and even those that were there was dead and brown. There was light brown dirt and rocks. I crawled out of the hole I was in and looked around. I was on a hill top, beside a dead tree.

The breeze was light but cool, despite the warm atmosphere. I walked slowly down the steep hill and saw a big brown stone wall. A small pond was to my left and to my right a short man was spraying...bugs? I stepped closer and saw they were tiny people with wings or...fairies? I furrowed my brow in confusion. Fairies don't exist, they are just fictional beings. I shook my head and looked at the small man spraying them without him noticing me.

He wore and orange brown vest, brown shorts, shoes, and cap.

"Ex...excuse me? Can you tell me where I am?" I asked. The man jumped and turned around to face me.

"You's at the Labyrinth, didn't Jareth bring ya 'er to have ya solve 'is Labyrinth?" He asked confused.

"Jareth? I'm sorry, I don't know any Jareth's."

"The goblin king." He clarifies.

"No, I just... appeared here. I wished for a way out and crawled under a log and it led me here." Thinking about my wound made it hurt again. AS if on cue, I collapsed on the ground and I gasped through the pain. The man walked up to me,almost as if he was worried, and sat by me,looking at my wound.

"What happened?" He asked.

"I got shot by a cop." I explained. The look on his face told me he had no idea what I was talking about. He shrugged.

"Got's to get ye to the king." He said. "Come on, you can walk can't ya?"

I nod and stand up slowly. He leads me to some doors that were not there a moment ago and we go through them. The paths went left and right. The one to the left was clear, not one log on the ground, the one to the right had logs, and leaves on the ground.

"Which way we going little man?" I ask. "Left or right?"

"Don't call me that. Mine's name is Hoggle."

"Oh, Uh, Hoggle. Will we be going left or right?"

He looked surprised for a minute but shook his head.

"Neither." He said and walked up to the wall. I furrowed my browns together in confusion as I watched him. He continued to walk through the wall! I gasped in surprised and slowly fallowed as if I would run into the wall. I didn't, I faced a new part. It didn't look new though.

It still had a narrow space, and we had to go strait. A opening to my right came into view. A sign above it read 'riddlers'. We heard laughing coming from it. Hoggle ignored it and went on. Five seconds later another corridor came into view to my right. This one's sign said 'Knockers', and we heard shouting and mumbling coming from there. Still, Hoggle went on.

Five more seconds another corridor. This one said 'Fearie forest', we heard laughing and singing there. Hoggle picked up his pace and practically ran from there. The next corridor had a horrible stench coming from it. I tried my best not to puke. The sign read, 'Bog of eternal stench.' Hoggle zoomed past that one too. After about another ten minutes we came to the last corridor.

It was the junk yard. Hoggle turned and we entered it. There were people there that had a huge amount of junk on their backs. One lady walked up to me. She studied me and reached for the locket I had around my neck. Hoggle glared at her and she went away, we continued to the gates. Once we got there a man, no goblin, as Hoggle said, in armor stopped us.

"State you business." He demanded.

"We need to see the king." Hoggle says. The goblin stared at me.

"She a runner?"

"No, I don't know how I got here. That's why I got to see your king." I say to him. He nods and lets us pass. Once we reach the city I see chickens running loose, goblins running around either chasing chickens or doing 'chores'. We walk strait up to the massive castle and go inside. The castle was made of stone. Every inch was stone, except the big wooden doors that we passed through.

The doors led us to a thrown room. Goblins were every where. chasing chickens, pigs, laughing, drinking, eating. A large dip in the ground had a horde of sleeping goblins in it. A man sat in a thrown at the top of three stairs. He had one leg thrown across the arm and a hand on his chin. He looked deep in thought.

He had on gray pants that were very tight, brown boots, a long sleeved cream colored shirt with puffed sleeves and it opened up to the chest where he wore a brown vest. He had black leather gloves on ans held a riding crop. He had shoulder length white blond hair that looked like it was rock star style. It looked really good on him actually. Hoggle pulled me up with him to the first step.

"Your highness?" Hoggle asked unsure of himself. The blond man turned and looked at us. He tilted his head and furrowed his brows.

"This lil' lady, she don't know how she got here, and she hurt. Says she got shot by a cop." He stood and circled me.

"Is that so?" He asked. I nod and tell him my story.

He took a look at my wound and frowned.

"Take her to the infirmary and get that bullet out of her leg." He commanded. "I'll see what I'm going to do with you later." He says as I am being dragged off by a goblin.

Once in the infirmary I sit down on the exam table. A woman with pale purple skin and even paler purple hair comes up to me. Her ears are pointed and she has bright purple eyes. She wears a light green dress and a white apron.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Anninthia. Or you can just call me Ann." She says shyly.

"I'm Lisa." She nods.

"Let me see your leg."

"How did you-?"

"It's my job to know. This may hurt."

Damn strait it hurt! It hurt like Hell! So much so I passed out.
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