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Chapter 2

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Lisa Alomore broke out of a all male prison where she didn't belong. She finds herself in the labyrinth and asks the king to let her finish some unfinished business.Please read and review.Don't own!

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My mind said it was time to wake up, but my body and me were not agreeing. I wanted to SLEEP. My eyes stayed pinned shut. I could hear people in the room.

"She's awake Sire." A female voice said. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me. I swatted them away with a groan, keeping my eyes closed I dug deeper in the blankets.

"Five more minutes mommy. Tell daddy to keep his pants on." I giggled to myself as I put my head under the warm blanket. Suddenly the blankets were stripped from me and the bed and the fluffy pillow dropped my head. I growled a nice cat growl and opened my eyes. I saw a man with a white blond hair...

"Oh." I remembered last night. I looked down at my leg that had gotten shot. It looked as if it never happened. I looked up at the woman from the infirmary.

"That hurt like Hell." I said to her.

"Sorry miss. I had to get the bullet out of your leg before I could heal it over." I just nod.

"I have a high resistance to pain, but damn that hurt."

"How so? Resistance to pain..." I pull of the shirt of my prison uniform, so I only wore the pants and tank top. I had tattoo's that covered all the way up my arms and all along my back.

"These are tattoo's. People take needles filled with ink or paint, what ever, I am not an expert on that, but they take the needles and stab your skin with them," She recoils.

"Needles always hurt me." I laugh at her.

"How do you take them off? Wash it?" I shake my head.

"No, you can't take them off unless you burn them off." Her face is masked in horror. I just grin and look at the king.

"You seriously don't have tattoo's here?" He shakes his head. The doctor shakes her head and gives me some pills. I take them without anything to drink and she leaves. I sit up and the king sits in a chair beside me. I took the time to look around. The carpet was velvet blue, it had green vine prints along it. A body length mirror was by a desk beside a window. A white door with gold trim was across from me. I guess that was a bathroom.

A brown wooden wardrobe that reminded me of Belle's from beauty and the beast was on the right side of the door. The bed had a crimson comforter and the sheets felt like silk.

"You said you were running from a prison. Tell me about it." The Goblin King said.

"Well, I was serving life for assassination. I had killed over one hundred men through out the United States for the past ten years. I had never been caught before. These men that I killed, they were rivals over this company I worked for. I had to steal samples of their work from time to time, I had to take out hit-men, company bosses. Things like that. What got me caught was... my brother.

He worked for a rival company, I was assigned to take him out. No one told me he was my brother, I hadn't seen him in twelve years. When I found out I had killed my only family member, I quite, I told those mother fuckers to go to Hell, and I walked out the front door. The next day I get a call from my ex-boss saying that no one leaves his company. That it was a life thing. Within the next ten minutes, I was being convicted for all those lives I took. So, I broke out of a male prison that was illegal for me to be in, only being able to do such a thing because I had skill and I knew what I was doing."

The man in the chair stared at me shocked.

"I wouldn't have guessed a girl like you could pull all that off. It's impressive. How old are you?"

"Twenty six."

"hmmm." That's all he said before disappearing. Literally.I shrugged and got out of bed. I took a quick shower and brushed my red hair. When I went into the bedroom there was a dark purple long sleeved dress. It was floor length and had a square neckline. It was slightly puffy at the shoulder, but not much. It hugged my figure like a corset and the sleeves were skin tight but comfortable. It's skirt flowed out slightly but not mush as it hit the ground.

On the foot of the bed was a pair of dark purple two inch heels sat waiting. I slipped them on under the dress. The dress had a bit of sparkle to it too. I looked in the mirror. The dress went surprisingly good with my skin tone and red hair. I noted how I looked like MJ from Spiderman. I shrugged and walked to the door.

I opened it and peaked out. The corridor was empty, not a person in sight. So I silently walked out cringing at the click my heals made on the stone floor. The hall was completely stone, as was the whole castle, and the walls had various paintings on them. The windows that looked out onto a huge labyrinth were glass less. I walked down the hall silently, save for the clicking heels, and rounded corner after corner. It seemed as if someone were guiding me, as I could not stop, or turn around to go back the way I came.

My feat led me to a set of huge polished dark wooden double doors. They opened as I walked up to it. The room was really big, it had the same stone floor but had a long red rug under a mahogany wood table. There was a big crystal chandelier above the table a twelve chairs were at the table. One was larger than the others and I saw someone sitting in it. I recognized him as the king. I walked up slowly as he looked at me.

"Hi." I whispered. He smirked, amused at my one word and how shy it sounded.

"Hi." He said and gestured me to sit down at the food littered the table. "You can have anything you like." He said. I, being the stupid girl that I am, sat ON the table, ignoring the chairs. I grabbed a plane crosont (Bread spiral) and began to eat it. When I finished it I began eating a plain pancake.

"There are eleven other chairs here." He said and I glanced at them.

"Right." I said as I eased myself into a chair feeling really dumb. "I guess being in prison for two months does that to you. Being dumb, I mean."

He smirked and continued to write on some papers.

"Umm, I was wandering, what..what are you planning to do with me? Are you gonna send me home? I mean, I go have to disappear forever and all, but I have...unfinished business to take care of." I say smirking at the end of my sentence.

"You would risk going back to prison for a kill?" It was more of a statement than a question. I nodded.

"Tell me what you'll need. Clothing wise." I thought about it a minute.

"Well, I usually do my job in tight black pants that look like rubber. I don't know what they are called. And for a shirt I usually wear a black tank top and a leather jacket and some leather boots." He nodded and handed me a crystal ball that he conjured.

"When you are ready use this. throw it to the ground where you stand and think of the place you want to land." He said as I took it and nod.

I ate some more pancakes and some weird pink and green fruit that looked like a Pomergranite but tasted much better than one. It was tangy and sweet. I also ate a peach. The king noticed that I hadn't touched the strawberries on my plate that a goblin put there. He raised an eyebrow.

"I'm allergic to strawberries." I explained honestly. He nods in understanding. I finished and thanked the handsome man that let me go, and wandered away. I went back to my room and just stayed there for a minute preparing myself. When I looked in the wardrobe to see what was in there I found the outfit I had asked for. I quickly changed into it and grabbed the crystal I had sat on my pillow.

I clutched it. Praying it would work; I then threw it on the ground and it smashed at my toes. There was a gray fog rising out of it, it was glittery, like pixie dust was sprinkled over it. It swallowed me up and I felt like I was flying. Then everything cleared up and I was on the edge of New York's small forest. I was covered by the tree's as I stared at Central park. It was beautiful, the light's were.

I ran as fast as I could; sticking to the shadows; I ran to someones house I could depend on to give me weapons and not rat me out. I knocked on the apartment door once I got there. Harry Jonahs opened the door. Once he saw me his face turned grim. His face looked even more aged; like a seventy year old instead of a fifty year old. His black hair was graying and his hands were shaking. He was sick, I knew. But I knew he would pull through for me.

"Lisa, what are you doing here?" He asked in a whisper as he let me in.

"I need weapons." He sighed.

"Lisa, you are in a lot of trouble. The police have been searching for you all over the United states."

"I know Harry, but I have to finish my job. I have to take them down." I said.

"You're going to kill the boss? John Hannigan?" He shook his head in disbelief.

"I am not expendable." I said forcibly. Harry nodded and went to his closet.

"Everything you need is in here." He said and walked out.

"Thank you." I said and walked in he closet.

I grabbed a handgun, sniper rifle, combat knife, machete, and TMP. I grabbed the holsters for them all and strapped up. I put the rest of the stuff away after grabbing exra ammo and left the closet. I hugged Harry. He has been like a father to me and I was truly grateful.

"Thank you Harry, for everything." He patted my back.

"You are most welcome Lisa." I couldn't help but notice the sadness in his eyes even though he his it behind a fake smile. He was hiding something.

"What's wrong? What are you hiding?" I ask concerned.

"Nothing baby girl. Don't you worry about me. Take care of you." He said. I nodded accepting that he wouldn't tell me.

"Take care of you." I said as I walk out the door. I sighed as I ran back to the forest. Harry was hiding something, and I was going to find out what. That old man is all I have left in this world.
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