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Chapter 5

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Lisa Alomore broke out of a all male prison where she didn't belong. She finds herself in the labyrinth and asks the king to let her finish some unfinished business.Please read and review.Don't own!

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I was going to look at the rest of the files at the beach and was headed state for there. But I realized I didn't have a swimsuit so I just went to the park. I pulled up at the small driveway and noticed that beside the folders was one of Jareth's crystals. I picked it up and it turned into a big round peach. I smiled and bit into it. I hadn't eaten in about two days and today was almost over. So I ate it like a starving dog.

I figured that Charles, Albert's brother, would be even more bitter than Emilie. Getting information out of him would be impossible. I suppose I have to try and find . I looked down at his file. He had a ex-wife, I'll go see her.

Chicago Illinois.

Well, it looks like I'm going to Chicago.

Emilie Niens POV

I heard the phone ring so I picked it up.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Emilie, did Alomore come by yet?"

"John." I greeted.

"Emilie, answer the question or I'm going to have to hurt you." He said.

"Ye...yes she did. I didn't tell her anything I swear!"

"I'm sorry Emilie, but you do know to much, I can't let that information slip."

"Wha...what?" I asked. I heard the front door slam open in the living room as the line went dead. I dropped the phone hearing dad scream. I ran to the living room and saw two men and one woman. I didn't know who these people were, but the woman had a gun out and dad had a bullet hole in his head. I screamed and dropped to me knees by dad. That's when I saw him. Albert. He stared at dad and I with sad eyes. His brown eyes were filled with grief. He pointed the gun at my temple.

"I'm sorry Em. It has to be done. I wish that things could be different. You hold something dear to the company Em. We need it, and then..."

"And then you have to kill me right? Is that how it goes?" I asked hurt.

"I don't know what you are talking about, even if I did. I wouldn't give it to you." I spat.

"Then I have no choice." He said as he got ready to pull the trigger. I suddenly jumped out of the way and he ended up shooting the carpet. I ran to my bedroom and grabbed my cell phone and the paper next to it. I saw my window open and jumped out of it just as someone tried to grab me. I saw the woman and the other men running out of the house. I dodged their bullets as well as my brothers. All I could think about is how could he do this?

What would I do? Charles wouldn't hide me, no he is to close to Al. And what did Al mean when he said I had something dear to the company? This doesn't make sense. What's happening to me, and WHY is it happening to me?

I ran down the street and turned to the right and sprinted towards the park. I'd have to hide for a few days, I know that. Maybe I should I can't. She'll kill him. But he let that woman kill dad. And he tried to kill me. But it was his job...I don't know what to do. I'll just stay low and try to get my head together before I do anything rash.
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