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Chapter 4

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Lisa Alomore broke out of a all male prison where she didn't belong. She finds herself in the labyrinth and asks the king to let her finish some unfinished business.Please read and review.Don't own!

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I walked into the white house being tailed by security. I was escorted to the presidents office. One of the security guards, Johns, knocked on the door.

"come in, come in." The president said. I walked in fallowed by the security, I held my suitcase tight as I walked up to the desk.

"Well, who is this?" The president asked. He had black hair and looked like he was aging.I stuck out my hand.

" Ellise Tannagoogle, Mr. president." He smiled and shook my hand.

"Well Ellise, what can I do for you?" He asks.

"I need some records.I just need some records on a company. I am an FBI agent and we got word of a company doing illegal sellings. Much like black marketing." I pulled out my FBI badge that I had found in the case. Yes, I stole a car from an FBI agent, just my luck. The president looked me up and down.

"No offence but you don't look like an agent."

"I'm under cover. And I don't like their suits so I wear my own." He nodded and pressed a button on his desk.

"Susan, will you show to the filing hall? She needs files on a company." There was some static.


"There, Susan is waiting for you in the main room." I smiled at him.

"Thank you." I say and I get escorted out.

In the main room a woman in a tan suit on, with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.

"Hi, I'm Susan, you must be Ms. Tannagoogle." She smiles and shakes my hand.

"Yes, that's me." I say confidently.

"Right this way." She says and leads me down a flight of stairs. She opens a wooden door and reveals a room full of files.

"Thank you, I think I'll manage from here on in." I say. She gives me an unsure look.

"Um...I don't know if I can leave you down here."

"This mission is top secret. I can't let anyone see the files I get. That includes government. The agency believes that some government officials are helping this company we are trying to take down." I say irritated. She frowns but nods and turns around to walk away. As soon as the door closes I walk down to the files looking for the H's.

"John Hannigan. Where are you?" I ask nobody. I look over the files and see none for John. I knit my brows together in confusion. I shrug and look for the next one.

"Ah, there you are Albert." I pick up the file labeled Albert Niens. I open the file.

Name: Niens, Albert
Age: 33 years old birthday unknown.
Employer: Aldo Conte'
Wife: Desist on June 22, 2000
Other family:Brother, Charles Niens, and a father, Emmett Niens, mother desist, and a sister, Emilie Niens.

I stopped reading there. I'd go to his family and find out where he is. But who is this Aldo Conte'? I went down to the C's and found his file.

Name: Aldo Conte'
Age: 40 years old birthday unknown,
No employer
No wife
Other family:None
Aldo changed his name on June 20, 2000...the reason for this is unknown.

"Hmmm, that's just two days before Niens' wife died. I wander if he had something to do with that. But why would he do that? Persuasion maybe? I have a feeling 'Aldo' is John. " I grabbed the file and tucked it under my arm with the other one. I grabbed the others I needed and got out of there just as Susan was coming to check on me.

"Did you get everything you needed?" She asked looking at the stack of papers in my hand.

'Yes, don't worry, I'll take good care of them." I say. She looks at me suspiciously before nodding.

"Do you have transportation?" She asks.

"No ma'am."

"Okay, I'll call a cab for you." I nod as she calls a cab. A few minutes later I am being set in a cab, my things beside me.

"Where to?" The Spanish cab driver asks.

"Just to town, I'll figure something out."

"Okay Chica." He says and drives me to town. Once there I give the guy a tip and go find a car to hot wire.After I got a new car I decided I was going after Niens. I read down his file again and put in the address into the GPS I stole from a store. I was headed for California. Great. Note the sarcasm, I am not for long drives. I drove the rest of the day and all the way till nine P.M. when I had to stop and sleep. I pulled to a stop at a motel and climbed in the back seat because I had no money for a room. I looked under the seat and found a lot of David Bowie posters, especially of him in the film Labyrinth.

I laughed at it, he looked so much like Jareth. I laughed until I fell into sleep.

I opened my eyes and saw I was sitting upright in the back of the car. I heard a chuckle and turned to see Jareth sitting beside me. Then I remembered the posters and started laughing again. He looked at me like I was crazy so I pulled out the posters and shoved them in his face. His eyes scanned the poster.

"I look good in this." He says and my smile drops.

"You're not horrified by this?" He shakes his head. I cock my eyebrow.

"I'd be kind of freaked out if I find out I have a twin." Then my smirk came again. "You must be the evil twin and David Bowie must be the good twin." I joke. He raises his eyebrow.

"Your time is short." He says serious again. "It's already been a day." I sigh.

"I know, and I've gotten a lot done today anyhow."

"If you get caught you realize I am not saving you from prison correct?" He asks. I shrug. Everything starts to go white.

"What's happening?" I ask in a panic.

"You are waking up. It seems someone is tapping on the window." He says as he disappears.

'Tap, tap, tap'

My eyes shot open and I bolted upright. There was an officer tapping on the window. I jumped forward and into the front seat and rolled down the window.

"Officer, is there a problem?" I asked in a sweet voice. He was pudgy, had a pig like face with black hair that looked like it was balding under his cap, even though he didn't look older than mid forties. His name tag read 'Dearia'.

" You are in a motel parking lot, if you aren't getting a room you need to move on." He said.

"Well, officer Diarrhea, is it? I was just taking a tiny nap." I said. His face turned red in anger.

"It's De-are-ia!" He growled. "You need to leave! I'm letting you off with a warning! Now BEAT IT!" He shouted so load I'm sure heavy sleepers heard it.

"Okay, okay officer Diarrhea, I'm going, I'm going!" I said as I turned on the car.

"Not so fast." He said and started righting on paper.

"You said you were letting me off with a warning." I whined.

"Licence please." She growled. I handed him my stolen licence. After he handed me the ticket I had no intention of paying I drove off to California. Yay me. Again with the sarcasm people!

It wasn't a very long drive this time maybe five to ten hours. I got to California and I was hungry as Hell. I drove up to a house in a small neighborhood. It was a small white house. The front yard was small but very green. Some lawn gnomes were scattered around and patches of flowers were on the left and right side of the lawn. A long white driveway came out in front of the front door. A small dark green car sat up at the front of the driveway. I got out of my car and walked up to the front door and knocked.

The door opened to reveal a woman in her mid twenties. She had shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes. Those brown eyes widened, I guess she recognized me. I smiled at her.

"Hello Emilie." She looked around frantically then back at me. She waved me in.

"Al said you would come here for him."She said as she shut the door. I nod.

"Albert is a smart man. Or was anyway, he is otherwise when I find him."

"I won't tell you where he is!" She yelled.

"Emilie, Emilie is everything alright?" I heard her old father call from the hall.

"Yea, everything's just fine papa. Nothing to worry about." She answers.

"Emilie, I know that you love your brother very much. But he is a bad man, he has hurt people and will keep hurting people and their families as long as he is on the streets."

"How dare you! You think you can just waltz on in my home and get me to tell you the location of my brother so you can kill him? I won't do it! I know what he does, That is his choice! I have nothing to do with it!" I sigh in frustration. I grabbed a hold of her shoulders.

"Emilie listen to me! I need to get to your brother! I promise, after this you won't have to see me ever again. But this has to be done Emilie. When is the last time Albert stopped by to say hello? When is the last time he sent you a gift or asked about your father? Did he ask how everyone is coming along or did he just tell you to save his backside and tell you not to give me any information?"

"He...he...he has good reason. I know he loves us, he doesn't have to say it." She stutters.

"Emilie, please. I know you don't want to be like him. I know you want to help people. You can start by telling me where he is." She sighed.

"I'm sorry. You don't know what I want. I can't help you. Your asking me to sign my brothers life away, I can't. I just can' leave. Please." She sounded broken. Like she was begging. I sigh in defeat and nod. On my way out I wright my stolen phones number down on a piece of paper.

"If you change your mind..."

"I won't." She said. I nod and walk out the door leaving the paper there. I go back to my car and put my forehead on the steering wheel.

"Looks like I have to do this the hard way." I mutter and put the key in the ignition driving off.
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