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I debated whether to call Stefan. But i decided not too, i mean why would he answer this call, and not the other 57? I went to uni and had dance all day, so i forgot about it for all day, at least. I finally left uni at 5:30 and i was starving. I text Alice saying i was going to grab a pizza on my way back, so she didn't bother making anything. Id heard of a nice pizza place, about 10 minutes from our flat so i went there. I ordered 2 margaritas, exotic, and speed walked home so they stayed hot. I was walking through the park, and i heard
"need a hand with them?.." behind me. I recognized the voice.
"Stefan! Listen, please, about the other night, its not what you thought, i-"
"its alright, its me that should be apologizing" he said, and he started to smile.
"Let me take you out again, and i wont run away this time" he said, laughing. I giggled and said
"of course". We both sat under the stars eating the pizza's, chatting like old friends. Although you may think it, it wasn't awkward at all. It made the night even more special, because this was where we first met. As the night got on, i felt my feelings for Stefan grow stronger, and stronger. The way Stefan avoided me completely slipped my mind, and i didn't want to ruin the night by asking him all about it. It only mattered that we were both here, talking again.
"I heard about Alice and Ashley" Stefan whispered. "They're getting it owwwnnnn!" we both laughed and i said
"Yup! Aw, im happy for them though."
"Ash really likes her you know, don't let her hurt him." Stefan said.
"I think the feelings are mutual" i said. We both laughed, but im not sure why.
"Shit!" i said looking at the clock.
"Alice will be wondering where i am! you just ate her tea!" we both burst out laughing.
"i better go, i'll see you tomorrow, yeh?" i said smiling.
"defiantly" he said. we stood up, and i put the pizza boxes in a bin. Stefan took my by the hands, and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Here it was again, that stupid smile. I felt like i was 15 again.
"Goodnight Stefan" i said, as he walked away.
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