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i skipped all the way home. I'd had one of the best nights, ever. I burst through the door waiting to tell Alice everything, but she was sitting on the couch with Ashley and said
"i know everything" and winked. I stood there confused, and she said
"Stefan already rang Ashley, i heard it all!" and she ran over and hugged me. But even though she already knew everything, we still talked about it for hours.
"Enough of me though," i said, "you two had a good day?".
"we've had a great day! we visited the new outside ice-skating" she said. She carried on telling me all about it, it was sweet. We gossiped for a few more hours, and it got to 12:30am.
"I had better go, its getting really late" ash interrupted.
"I don't want you walking home on your own this late! Stay at ours tonight?" Alice said, pushing Ash back onto the sofa.
"If you insist" said Ash, with a wink.
"I'll leave you two lovebirds alone then, night!" i said, and went to sit in my room. I lay there on my laptop, browsing twitter, facebook and tumblr. I typed in "Stefan Abingdon" into twitter, just to see if he had an account. He came up first in the list, and that was defiantly him in his picture. I clicked on his profile, and i was genuinely shocked. He had over 70,000 followers. Wow. I didn't know what to think of it. Was he famous? I clicked back, and saw some of the tweets he was receiving. There seemed to be alot of people who's twitter names ended in "Abingdon" and Abingdon doesn't seem like a very popular surname to me. The tweets to him weren't any better. He was defiantly famous. Even if i was 1am, i wanted to know what was going on, and text Stefan. "Hey, can we meet tomorrow?xx". I wanted to ask in person. To my surprise he replied in minutes saying "Sure, park again at 2?xxxx". "Cool, see you then xx" i replied. I carried on looking through the tweets, and the words "The Midnight Beast" came up alot. Was he in a band? I looked up "The Midnight Beast" on youtube, and quite a fair few video's came up. That was defiantly him in the video, and Ash too. There was also another man in the video's, and after watching some, i learnt he was called "Dru".
"ALICE! Come here a sec!" i shouted. She came into my room, looking abit rough. I knew what she was doing with Ash, but i don't need to go into detail.
"Quick! were kind of, doing something!" she said. I didn't have to say anything, but just played one of the video's to her.
"Ashleys in a band?!!! COOL!" she shouted back. "Anyways, gotta go, you know" she winked at me, and left the room. Why was i so fussed about it, and she wasn't? Stefan had alot of explaining to do.
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