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the next morning i woke up fairly late again, i dragged myself into the shower and got changed. By the time i was all ready, it was 12'o'clock. I put some soup into the microwave and got comfortable on the sofa, in front of the TV. I got lost in a hollyoaks omnibus, and it was 1.45 before i knew it.
"Shit!" i whispered to myself as i looked at the clock, i quickly slipped some shoes on and ran out the flat. I sped walked the whole way, and got there about 10 minutes late. I saw Stefan waiting at the spot we were sitting last night
"Shit..... im.... so.. sorry!" i said panting. "I... completley lost... track of time!"
"Its fine!" Stefan said, hugging me. We both sat down where we were stood, and i said
"can i ask you something?"
"anything" he replied.
"why didn't you tell me about 'the midnight beast'?" i said. There was an awkward moment of silence, as Stefan started at the floor. I think he whispered 'shit' under his breath, but i couldn't quite work it out. I waited for a reply, but i didn't get one.
"Im not angry, i just wanted to know why you haven't mentioned it" i said. Stefan sighed and finally spoke.
"Look, im just going to come out with it. I didn't tell you, because i really like you. The Midnight Beast have been the cause for the failure of 4 of my previous relationships, and i didn't want it too interfere with this one. I dunno, i just hoped it would be easier if i didn't tell you, because then you couldn't have been bothered about it."
"So, are we in a relationship then?" i said back, shocked.
"I didn't mean it like that, sorry i just-"
"Stefan, just shut up" i said, giggling. I then leaned in, and kissed him. I didn't know what to expect, but he kissed me back.
"Does this mean im your boyfriend?" he said. I laughed at this, because it sounded like he was 7 when he said it.
"Yes, yes i does" i giggled back.
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