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The End

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It seems we have reached a final conclusion.

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Frank's P.O.V.

"Gerard!" I scream, as his body falls away from mine, his eyes wide in shock and disbelief. I lunge for him, on arm on the ladder one reaching out to save the man I've come to love.

I catch him, just barely though. Holding his wrist, he's dragging me down. I won't be able to hold him over the burning city for long.

"Just drop me." He whispers over the noise of the helicopter. "I know you want to do it, so do." He doesn't look me in the eyes.

"I would never drop you, Gerard." I tell him, confused as to why he thinks I would.

"Then why the hell did you sell me out!?" He yells, angrily, snapping his eyes to mine. I feel a shock so electric I almost drop him. There are tears in his eyes, and he looks upset, distraught, though his voice makes him seem angry.

"What are you talking about?" I ask quietly.

"They knew I wasn't affected by the Drug! That's why the locked me up in that awful cell with the others!" He screams.

"Gerard...I thought you were dead." I tell him. his eyes widen, then shrink to slits.

"You're lying." He says. He just doesn't get it, does he? Almost makes me want to drop him. Kidding.

"Gerard...No, I'm not. I don't know how to prove it, but I do." I say, gripping his hand tighter as my grip on the ladder starts to slip.

"Maybe it wasn't you, but you got me to trust Leila and Arthur! They tried to teach me how to fucking inject people with The Drug! Do you know how scary that is!?" He yells. He's gotta be shitting me. Needles scare him? Or maybe it's the Drug, but still... I suppose he's a sheltered boy, for all he's been through.

"I trust them. If they let it slip, it was on accident." I promise.

"Frank..." He looks into my eyes. Really looks. Like there's something to see. Like there's a maze, a puzzle that doesn't quite go together. he just looks, searching for any betrayal. And I find I'm staring back, entranced by his beautiful eyes, unable to look away, to deprive myself from his gaze- because I realize, I really do love him.

The helicopter sets us down in a field of green, green grass and green... just green.

"Gee..." I say as we land in the field. "Gerard..." I try when he doesn't respond.

"Leave me alone, Frankie! I hate you!" He turns away from me, and starts walking off. Wait. Frankie. He...has a nickname for me? Do nicknames even exist in the zombie paradise he comes from?

I grab his arm, spinning him towards me. "You called me Frankie... Do you really hate me?"

He looks a me. Just looks, for a moment before a tear falls down his face. "I should. I tried to. I really tried...Nan told me to, said I couldn't trust you..." he cries.

"You can trust me, Gerard." I confirm for him, an answer to an unasked question. A question that desperately needed answering.

"How can I be sure?" He asks, eyes wide and tear filled. I can't help it. I pull him into a the kiss I've been craving for so long. I mash my lips to his, and he jumps, pushing me away.

"What the hell was that?" He yells, sinking my heart, ripping it in two.

"A kiss...though I suppose you still have your eyes on that pesky crush..." I mutter, backing away.

"A-A kiss? Like in fairy tales?" He asks, eyes wide. "That's what a kiss is?"

And with that, he pulls me back to him, locking my lips in a heated embrace. I kiss back, of course, my heart half mended. He didn't know what a kiss was. Of course he freaked out. But does he know what it means...?

I pull back from the kiss, needing confirmation.

"Gerard, you know what kisses mean, right?" I ask, hoping it's a yes.

"It means I love you." He smiles at me.

"So you gave up on your crush and are going with me instead?" I grin, my heart almost breaking in happiness. Bursting at the recently sewn seams.

"You were the crush, silly." He whispers, threading his arms around my torso, pulling me closer to him, and pulling m lips to his, starting the bliss that is Gerard and I.

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