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There's a fire starting in my heart

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Fire, death and Gerard.

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Gerard's point of view

I wake up to an unfamiliar smell, a burning in my nose and mouth, and tears in my eyes. There's a gray puff of air floating into the cell door, clogging up the room, making it difficult to think, to do anything really. I can hardly breathe, can't smell, all I can see now is black. Black around me. Black surrounding me, encasing me, like it's trying to devour my soul.

I gag, gasping for breath, only to come up empty. Suddenly there's a hand on my wrist, dragging me into where our cell door was-a hallway. The door must have been opened, as soon I'm aware of James' hand on mine, pulling me down the hall.

"But Nan! And Triana!" I protest.

"Don't worry, they're fine. They're ahead of us." James tells me, and we're running from the fire, adrenaline keeping my tired, unhealthy body going. We run through what seems like ages of smoke, keep running, keep running until my limbs feel rubbery and exhausted from the sudden exertion.

We run out of the building, the prison, only to realize the entire city is on fire. White buildings, all around us, are burning, engulfed in flames, turning orange, red and yellow, leaving gray and black ash in the path of destruction. James makes a split second decision, pulling us between two burning buildings, in an attempt merely to get out.

James pulls me along with him, him hand firm around mine, his frantic searching for an escape, his shallow breathing the only sign of fatigue.

I hear a worrying grinding noise, and suddenly James' arm is no longer on my wrist. His hand is though, the falling building somehow cutting off the hand, still attached to mine, but hiding the body under burned remains. I scream, tumbling back onto my butt, before turning around and frantically crawling, then once I scramble off the ground, running in the opposite direction. Suddenly there's a loud noise, and an air born machine hovering over me. There's a ladder, and on the end of it...Frank.

Frank's P.O.V.

I look on the screen of the computer. The government has gotten everyone out of the puny city of factories, and I'm to make sure there's no one else left. I'm in a helicopter, scanning the ground. Then I see something so incredibly impossible, so incredibly alive I can hardly believe it. It's Gerard, running in the city frantically, alone, and not dead.

"There's one!" I yell to the captain, and he soon sees Gerard too. I'm filled with happiness, knowing that my Gerard is alive. I'm lowered onto a ladder, which is sent down to the earth, to Gerard.

"Gerard!" I yell, a smile lighting up my features. He looks happy, then angry as I reach the ground. "Get on!" I motion him towards me. His face looses all emotion, and I receive a stone cold answer.


"Why not?" I ask, confused. I'm saving his lie, and he's refusing?

"Because Frank...I-I hate you." He says. Wait,what? Why does he hate me? I haven't done anything.

"Why?" I ask, feeling a tear drip out of my eye.

"Because you destroyed my life. I promised I wouldn't go with you, and that if I would, it would be kicking and screaming." He says coldly.

"Gerard! I don't know what you're talking about, but it doesn't matter! This isn't some game! It's whether you live or not!" I exclaim at his idiocy.

He looks me over a moment, and slitting his eyes, he slowly approaches me. He holds onto the ladder, though he's careful not to touch me. The ladder starts to move up, and we're around twenty feet off the ground when the helicopter jerks the ladder up.

"Gerard!" I yell as his footing slips, and his arms as he starts to fall backwards.

I'm sorry for stopping now. I'll update in the next two days, I promise. Or in twenty minutes. I got distracted by face book, my E-mail, and KelseyChem (I do love her), and other stories. Me getting this done was not meant to be. I'll update soon, I promise. Please R&R! Oh, I also got distracted by My brain is deficient. I think the next chapter is the last one, though.
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