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The isle of Donoussa is under attack...

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It started when our island came under attack from a ship I would come to know as the Endeavour. The cannon fire startled us. Clearly the ship, which later I learnt to be one of the many ships of the East India Trading Company, knew we were friendly with pirates- Jack Sparrow’s crew for one. Ida looked up and drew her cutlass.
“Loreley!” she called to me. I spun around. I only had a small hunting dagger, and despite my heritage, I found I was shaking with fear. She strode over to me and put her hands on my shoulders. I tried not to look at my sister. She had a scar down the side of her face, and as traditional, she had cut off her right breast. I had not gone through with that.
“Loreley, sister, run. Run like the devil!” she said quickly.
“But Ida...” I begun.
“That is an order,” she told me so sternly I did not question it any more. I turned on my sandaled heel and ran as fast as I could.

I ran through the greenery and soon I realised, instead of being in the sanctuary that no doubt, Priestess Nalahia and the others would have gone to, I was on the beach. There were men with strange cannons...handheld cannons with a sword attached to it. I looked down at my hunting dagger and realised it must be nothing I could do that would harm them. I fingered the small opal pendant around my neck. Nalahia had said it contained my spirit. If I chose to do so, I could unleash my spirit and influence the area around me. But I could only use it once a decade. If I use it now, I would not be able to use it until I was almost thirty years old. These men saw me and pointed their handheld cannons at me.
“Stand down!” one, a tall handsome man in a blue and gold uniform, barked at me. I had no choice but to obey. I dropped my hunting dagger and knelt to the floor.
What are you doing, you fool? my sister’s voice demanded, you are a Donoussan! You should be fighting!
You are not Queen yet! I replied softly . One of the powers our Goddess blessed us with was that we could contact one another mentally. Perfect for hunting, but not for battle. What was that word I had heard Captain Sparrow say once? It was a French word...
I looked up pleadingly at the tall man. He looked down on me.
“Parley,” I whispered softly.
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