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Chapter Three - Goodnight, Lexia

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"Knew they'd hook up eventually." She wispered to herself with a smile on her face

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A/N Chapter Three =) Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter Three - Goodnight, Lexia

Days faded, weeks passed and things happened. It was four weeks until Death's fourteenth birthday and Acid and Death had decided to stay with Dr.Death and the Fabulous Killjoys perminately, of course, Dr. Death happily let them stay with him. In two weeks, Acid and Death had pretty much become apart of the Fabulous Killjoys and Grace grew particularly attacthed to Acid, she'd even slipped up once and called her mom. Acid was touched that Grace had called her mom, it felt nice to know that she ment enough to Grace for her to call Acid mom.
It was sunset and she was in Grace's room with Grace while she was getting her ready for bed.
"Acid, what's your real name again?" Grace asked Acid.
"I remembered it was a pretty name. What was is it for short again? Was it Lexi?"
"Close, Lexia." Acid stroked Grace's curly hair and smiled.
"Can I call you Lexia?" Acid was quite for a minute, she loved the fact that Grace wanted to call her by her real name, but it hurt a little whenever someone called her Lexia or Alexandria.
Grace could tell by her facial expression that Acid didn't want to be called Lexia so she came up with an alternative.
"How about Ace? That could be short for Acid."
Acid smiled. "I like Ace."
"Ace it is. Can I look at the pictures again?" Grace loved looking at Acid's and Death's photo album, she didn't have much memories of her own family and she thought it was nice that Acid did.
"Sure, kid." She grabbed the photo album from the couch and she opened it, letting Grace flick through the butter colored pages of the photo album.
"You really do look like your momma, Ace."
Everyone always said that when she was a kid, it was the truth, she really did look like her mom, but after a while she got tired of people saying it. She smiled at Grace.
"I know. Everyone said that when I was a kid."
"Back when my momma was still alive, everyone told me that I was a smaller version of her. You wonna see a picture of her?"
Grace pulled out a rounded silver locket with a long chain on it. She opened it up and inside there was a picture a woman with the same curly hair holding a baby, no more than two months old, in a beautiful green garden.
"That baby's me. It's the only thing I have left of my momma."
"I have a golden necklace that belonged to my mom." Acid took the necklace off of her neck and showed it to Grace. She opened up the locket to see that there was nothing inside.
"Why isn't anything in there?"
"It's been in my family since my great-grandma Margret, she never put a picture inside because she that that there was hope in that necklace. That who over had it would never lose hope if times got bad because they had that necklace."
"Do you think there is hope in there?"
She smiled. "My momma did, she said that the day her mother gave her that necklace was the day that she found out she was having me. You see, my momma thought that she couldn't have babies, she thought she was barren. Her mother gave her the necklace and she had faith that she would be pregnant and when she found out she said that she never felt happier in her whole life."
"That's a nice story." Grace said with heavy eyes.
"Yeah, it is. Now, you'd better go to sleep or your dad's gonna get real angry with me."
Grace laughed a little. "Dad mad at you? That could never happen, he think's you're great. He never shuts up about you, Ace."
She blushed a little. She didn't want to admit it to anyone, but she had a crush on Poison. Poison secrately felt the same way about her, but Acid was convinced he only liked her as a friend.
"Anyway, go to sleep, Angel. Sweet dreams."
"Thanks, you too, mom." Grace was too tired to even realise she'd called Acid mom. Acid smiled and kissed her forehead. She put the covers over her so she could sleep and she left the room.
When she was in the living room, she saw Poison flipping through a book on his lap. He looked up at Acid and his heart skipped a beat. He smiled at her and she sat next to him.
Acid sighed. "I just put Grace to bed, she's sleeping for now." Grace constantly got up in the middle of the night and always woke up either Acid or Poison to keep her company. Acid was always glad that Grace woke her up, lately she'd been having incredibley bad nightmares because she'd been thinking a lot about what Korse did to her and her family. They were no where near as bad when she first started having the nightmares, but they were still pretty fucking bad.
He smiled. "Probably won't be long before she wakes up again. Her mom always used to sing to her before she went to sleep and she'd sleep through the whole night, but when she died she couldn't sleep anymore." Poison's eyes were clearly tired, but his hazel eyes still made her heart melt everytime she looked at them.
"How old was her mom?"
"She wasn't that old, she was twenty four when she died, she was only fifteen when she had Grace. She ran away from home when she found out she was pregnant with Grace, Dr.Death and her mom split up when she was a kid and she hated her step-father and she was scared of how he'd react to her being pregnant, so she ran away. Me and the guys found her and Grace when they were half dead, we took her back to Dr.Death and it turned out that she was his daughter."
"What about Grace's biological father?"
"Layla said that Grace's dad wanted nothing to do with her or the baby when she told him that she was pregnant."
"Sounds like a fucking asshole."
"Yeah, he was."
Poison's eyes wandered to the old torn photo album in Acid's hands.
"My mom used to have one of those, it had millions of pictures of when me and Mikey were kids."
"I just realised, I know everyone's real name here exept yours. What is it?"
"Gerard Way."
"Let me start over. Hi my name's Alexandria Oliveson, you can call me Lexia, but if you ever call me Alex, I'll eat your heart out, and you are?"
He laughed at the game she was now playing. "I'm Gerard Way. I was a singer in a band and an artist. What about you, Lexia?"
"I was a bassist in a band, my uncle used to give me piano lessons, I spoke some Spanish, I also loved writing small stories in my spare time. I used to live in Arizona when I was a kid, but I moved to California with my mom and dad. Where are you from, Gerard?"
"Belleville, New Jersey. I was known as the outcast in high school."
"You had it very easy, I see. I was an outcast, too, but even all the other outcasts rejected me because I was considered a 'freak'. My middle name never helped me growing up, either."
"My middle name was Wednsday, whenever someone walked past me, they would hum the Addam's family theme tune."
"So your full name's Alexandria Wednsday Oliveson?"
"Si señor Way."
Gerard didn't want to admit it, but hearing her talk in Spanish was kind of a turn on for him.
"Say something in Spanish."
"Sí señor Way. Ese es mi nombre completo."
He grinned. "I recognized some of the words, but what did you say?"
"Yes Mr. Way, that is my full name." "
"It's still cool."
"Another thing I've noticed, I've not seen you go to bed once since I've been here. Do you not need sleep or something?" She asked with a smile.
He smiled back. "It's just hard to go to sleep with a guest staying in the room."
Her smile left her face when she realised that he'd given her his room. "Fuck, I'm sorry I had no idea that-"
"Acid, it's okay. I want you to have the room."
"You shouldn't have to give that up for me."
"There is so much I'd give up for you, trust me, the room is nothing."
She was a little shocked by what he said, but a feeling she'd not felt in a long time started inside her, she left safe.
"Poison." She smiled at him. "Thankyou."
He wanted to say something, but he couldn't force words out of his mouth. He didn't know how close they were until he realised that his arm was wrapped around her shoulders. Her eyes flickered from his eyes to his lips and they both slowly leaned in. It was only for a breif second but it didn't matter, his lips gently brushed against hers.
She slowly pulled away, only to attack his lips again seconds later. He hand started running up and down her back, making it feel like her back was on fire where ever he touched it. Her hands were tangled in strands of his crimson hair. She'd never felt more safe or protected in her entire life, but then she remembered how Korse had been with her, what if felt like when he forced his tounge into her mouth.
With out thinking, she started squirming and she pushed Poison's chest with all the stregnth nessacary. Poison fell off the couch and hit his head on the floor, not expecting her to be as strong as she was. Acid started crying as all the memories filled her head.
Poison looked at her with worry and concern filled in his hazel eyes.
"I-I'm so sorry." She appologized.
"Acid, it's fine-"
"No it's not. I wanted to you kiss me, I loved the fact that you were kissing me, but it just . . . brought back memories I'd rather forget."
"Acid, don't worry about it. Do you wonna talk about the memories or not?"
She shook her head rapidly. "No. No, I don't."
"That's fine. We should probably get some sleep anyway."
"Can I sleep with you?" She realised how that sounded, she thought it sounded like she wanted to have sex him. "That came out wrong, all I ment was literally sleep, not have sex with me. I just need to know that someone's there right now."
"'S fine."
"Poison, I really am sorry." Acid felt like an idiot for pushing Poison away, and it made her feel even worse that she'd hurt him. Poison didn't tell her, but he had a bump on the back of his head and he could feel a headache coming on.
"Acid, really, don't worry about it. I understand that somethings can trigger off memories or emotions."
"You're okay, thought, right?"
"I'm fine."
She nodded and decided to let it go.
"Can we sleep on the couch? I'm too tired to go into the bedroom."
He smiled weakly. "Sure."
Poison grabbed some old blankets and pillows. He put the pillow underneith her head and he lay next to her, putting the blanket over them. Acid burried her face in Poison's chest and quickly fell asleep. Poison couldn't help but wonder what she'd remembered when he'd kissed her. Maybe she was in love with another guy and when he kissed her she felt like she was betraying him? He didn't know, but he promised himself that he'd wait for her to tell him what happened, if she ever did want to tell him that is. He didn't want to push her into anything, he refused to do that to her.

At three in the morning, Grace woke up after having a nightmare. Grace opened her bedroom door to see her mom and her dad sleeping on the couch wrapped in eachothers arms. She smiled at them and watched them for a couple of seconds. She decided not to wake them up, she knew that she could survive for one night with out waking them up.
"Knew they'd hook up eventually." She wispered to herself with a smile on her face as he carefully closed her bedroom door.
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