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Chapter Four - Bullets For Brains

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"Lexia Oliveson? Lexia, is that you?" Acid's eyebrows knitted themselves together in confusion, but when he took his mask off, it all made sense.

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A/N Hey! I know that Acid and Poison got together quite early in the story, but I really want to get into the story as soon as possible and the real drama will start in a couple chapters :) Reviews are appreciated and I hope you enjoy the this chapter ;)

Chapter Four - Bullets For Brains

At nine thirty in the morning, Fun Ghoul woke up with a layer of sweat over his body due to the heat. His throat was dry and his tongue felt like sandpaper in his mouth, he swung his legs over the side of his bed and he stood up. He was only wearing jeans, his tattooed chest was on display and his greasy hair was in the way of his eyes.
He walked into the living room, expecting to see Poison asleep on the couch, but instead he saw Acid laying ontop of Poison's chest. A grin quickly spred across Ghoul's face like wild fire.
Ghoul got a glass of water from the kitchen, he drank half of the glass in seconds, but he didn't drink the rest, he had a better plan for the other half. Ghoul stood behind Poison and Acid and he spilled the water over Poison's face, trying no to get Acid.
"SHIT!" Poison shouted when the cool water hit his face. Acid almost jumped out of her skin when she heard Poison shout.
Ghoul burst out laughing, unable to control it.
"Ghoul, I swear, one day I'm gonna fucking kill you."
"Like to see you try, Party." He said, still laughing. "Anyways, what did you two do last night?"
Acid rolled her eyes. "It was nothing dirty."
"Yeah, really looked like it was nothing dirty." He said, sarcasticly.
"Whatever, Ghoully." Acid ruffled Ghoul's hair. Ghoul gave her the death glare, making her laugh. He hated being called Ghoully.
"Don't call me Ghoully."
"Don't throw water over Poison's head."
"Aww, Poison's girlfriend getting protective?" He teased.
"Not that me and Poison did have sex last night, because we didn't, but when was the last time you got some?"
Ghoul was silent for a couple of seconds. "Shut up, Acid."
Acid giggled. "That's what I thought."

They all got changed into a new set of clothes. Acid was wearing black and white stripy tights, a pair of dark purple boots that went up to her knees, a black leather mini skirt that clung to her hips, a blood red tank top, a black leather jacket, her blue bandana with white stars, her sun glasses and a gun holster around her thigh for her lazer gun.
When she walked into the living room, all of the guys eyes were on her legs.
"Hey, guys, my eyes are up here y'know."
"So only Poison's allowed to enjoy the view?" Ghoul teased again.
"Wait, what?" Kobra asked, confused.
"Poison and Acid did the thing to have to do to make babies last night." Ghoul said with a grin, he sounded like an eight year-old, but he didn't care.
"We did not have sex." Poison said.
"What's sex?" Grace asked. Poison didn't know that Grace was in the room or he would've never said sex, knowing that she would've asked what it was.
Poison's face was the same color as his hair and the rest of the Killjoys burst out laughing.
"That one's all yours, Poison." Jet said.
"Sex is . . . um . . . something two people who care about eachother very much do."
"Then isn't the fact that you did sex with Acid good?"
They all tried to hold back the laughter, but they were failing.
"Well, look . . . You have to . . . do something in sex that stupid people like Ghoul thinks is funny."
"What do you have to do?" Grace asked innocently.
"Eachother." Ghoul muttered.
"That doesn't make sense. How do you do eachother?"
They couldn't take it anymore, they all burst out laughing. They didn't know how Poison would get himself out of that one.
"Um, oh look at the time, we're gonna be late, we'd better get going." Poison said.
"C'mon, Sweetie, I'll take you to the Trans Am." Show Pony said, letting the rest of the guys talk.
"You do realise that Grace is gonna ask what sex is again, right?" Kobra said.
"No shit, Shirlock."
"I say Poison and Acid should do it since they're the ones who had sex last night." Ghoul said.
"Look, someone's gonna have to give her the sex talk. I'm not doing again because I already had the sex talk with Death when she was younger, there's no way I'm going through that again." Acid said.
"That was the most humiliating moment of my life." Death said, recalling the memory in her mind.
"Hey, think about how I felt, kid. Anyways, my point is, I've already done that once before, I'm not doing it again."
"Then Poison should do it."
"Hey, I gave Kobra the sex talk, too."
"Do me a favour and never bring that up again." Kobra asked his brother.
"How about Jet, he's the medical one around here." Death pointed out.
"Woah, woah, woah, what does that have to do with anything?"
"Well with the human body and shit like that, isn't sex realated to that?"
"Well yeah, but-"
"Then it's settled. Jet's giving Grace the sex talk."
"No I'm not! How about we all just do it together, that way no one's getting out of it?" Jet suggested.
Ghoul sighed. "Fine, but not tonight."
"Fine." They all got into the Trans Am and they started driving to Zone seven so they could go to The Black Market to get some more food supplise.

When they got to The Black Market, Acid looked around the store. It was a pretty big store and it was kind of amazing that BL/ind didn't know about this place because of the size.
There was a full isle of masks for Killjoys, some where just plain simple masks, but others were things like maskot heads. The prices on some of them were kinda rediculous, but that was when she saw the perfect mask. It was a similar shape to the mask from Phantom of the Opera, exept it covered both eyes instead of just the one. It was mainly luminous green that looked like the pain was running, with black dots that looked like black paint splodges, there was black tear drops coming from the holes were the eyes would be and it was just plain perfect.
Acid picked up another mask with dark blue back ground and several roses had been spray painted onto the mask with a template. There were bright red tears coming out from the eyes. She knew that her sister's birthday was in a couple of weeks, so for a birthday present she decided to get her the mask along with a ring that used to belong her mom that she was going to give her. Acid walked up to the counter and asked if she could buy them. The guy who worked there was wearing a Draculoid mask, but all the white spaces on the mask had black ink written on it saying things like 'Killjoys never die' and 'fuck BL/ind'.
She recognized the hand writing, but she couldn't put her finger on it.
"That'll be twenty dollars."
Acid took off her glasses and Bandana so she could look through her bag to get to her purse when he stopped her.
"Lexia Oliveson? Lexia, is that you?"
Acid's eyebrows knitted themselves together in confusion, but when he took his mask off, it all made sense.
"Nixon? Is that you?" Nixon smiled widely at her and she wrapped her arms around him. "Oh my God, I can't believe it's you!"
"Shit, it's been years, Lexia."
"I know. I've fucking missed you, Kenneth Nixon." He smiled when he said her name.
"Miss you, too, Alexandria Oliveson."
They stayed in eachothers embrace for a couple of minutes when Party Poison saw them. He was good friends with Brains, he just wondered why he was hugging his . . . girlfriend? Friend? Party didn't know what him and Acid were, but he still couldn't help feeling a little jealous.
Poison walked over to them.
Acid pulled away and turned to Poison. "Poison, I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine before the bombs, Poison this is-"
"Brains For Bullets. We've been friends for a while now."
"Seiriously? Shit, I had no idea. I remember you talked about someone called Brains For Bullets last week, but I no idea that Brains was Nixon."
"What's your Killjoy name now?"
"Acid Bullets, Acid for short."
"How's Vaimey? It's almost her fourteenth birthday now, right?"
Acid nodded. "In a couple days now."
"I can't believe she's almost fourteen, it seems like two seconds ago since you mom and dad brought her home from the hospital."
"I know. They grow up real quick."
"How are your perants?"
Acid looked at the floor. "They died five years ago."
"Shit, Lex, I'm sorry. I should've known."
"Don't worry about it, Nixon."
"Still, it's not easy losing your mom and dad, I would know." Nixon was adopted when he was a kid when his real mom died of cancer and his dad commited suicide when she died. Nixon only had one grandperant left, but they were too old to look after him, so he ended up in a carehome until he was adopted and brought to Lexia's neigbourhood.
"Hey, Acid, can I get this?" Death held up a bright red hoodie saying Paramore on it.
"Death, you remember Kenneth Nixon, right?"
"Sure I do, that kid had the biggest crush on you, why?"
"How you doin', Vaimey?"
"Shit, sorry I blew it man, I knew that the fact you used to like Lexia was a secrate."
"Don't sweat it, kid." He hugged her. She was almost the same height as him. Acid blushed a little when she remembered that she had a crush on him, too. Not that it ment anything anymore, she was with Poison now . . . atleast, that's what she wanted to say.
"Look, we'd better get going now, but could I get these before we go?"
"Take 'em. Same for you, Vaimey. Think of it as a fourteenth birthday present." Brains winked at Death and she smiled.
"You remembered."
"How could I forget you not shutting up about your birthday every year? You mentally scarred me for life!" He teased her.
"Hey, I was like four or five, don't judge me." She said smiling.
"Anyways, you know where we are, right? We're just staying with Dr.Death at the moment. I'll come see you again soon, okay?" Acid told him
"Okay. Missed you, Lexia."
"Missed you, too Nixon." They hugged really quickly and they left with their food, cothing and everything else they got at The Black Market.
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