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Chapter Five - I'm Yours If You Want Me

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Acid's heart froze when she saw a bass guitar. "I think I just died and went to heaven."

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A/N I think it's a little shorter than usual but hey, it's still a chapter, right? Enjoy ;)

Chapter Five - I'm Yours If You Want Me

On the ride home, Poison couldn't help but feel angry at the way Brains was staring Acid, The fact that Brains had a crush on her before the bombs didn't help. He knew that they were only kids, but at the time it didn't really matter that much. Something that bothered him was that a girl who he'd known in such a small amount of time had never made him feel like that way before, he'd had girlfriends before, but not one of them made him feel like that.
Acid didn't know why Poison was so tense all of a sudden, she wanted to ask him what was wrong, but she knew that she needed to talk to him privately. She wondered if he had anything to do with Nixon, but he said that they were friends so she thought that it wouldn't be a problem.
"Okay, I have to say it, Nixon's gotten ten times hotter since the last time we saw him." Death said. Acid smiled.
"So you have a crush on Nixon?"
"You're telling me that you don't? Besides, I can tell that he thought you were hot, he wouldn't take his eyes off you."
"We hadn't seen eachother for years, Death."
Poison tried not to let his feelings get the best of him, it just bothered him that she hadn't denied not liking him in that way.
When they got back too the diner, Poison angrily opened the door and grabbed a ciggerette from his jacket.
"I'm just gonna be outside if anyone needs me."
Acid opened her mouth to say something, but he stormed back out the door before she could say anything.
Acid quickly followed him and slammed the door behind her.
"Looks like the love birds are fighting." Jet commented.
"I don't see why."
"Does it have anything to do with Brains?"
"No, Nixon and Lexia were only good friends, nothing more." Death said, hoping that she was right.

Acid walked up to Poison, wanting to know what his problem was.
Poison lit his cigarette with out acknowledging the fact that Acid had even walked up to him.
"You do realise that's gonna kill you one day, right?" She said, talking about his cigarette.
"Trust me, of all the things that could kill me, this," he held up his cigerette. "isn't gonna be it."
Before he could take another drag, Acid yanked the cig out of his hand and threw it on the floor.
"Why do you care all of a sudden, Acid? I mean, you were with lover boy before now it's suddenly all about me?"
"Is that what this is about? Nixon?"
"What do you think?" He said lighting another cig.
"For fuck's sake, he was a good friend of mine!"
"Who had a crush on you."
"He was fucking joking, Poison!" She knew that he wasn't joking, but it wasn't like they had strong or meaningful feelings for eachother.
"Like fuck he was."
She yanked the second cigerette out of his mouth.
"What happened to the Party Poison that made me feel safe for the first time in years?"
"Well I'm sorry if I wasn't cracked up to be what I really am."
"Then I'm sorry if I actually had feelings for you in the first place."
Acid started to walk away, but Poison stopped her. "Acid, wait!" He shouted.
"What?" She shouted back, turning around.
His lips crashed into hers. She quickly melted into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. The kissed quickly grew more passionate, she let him slide his tounge into her mouth. She moaned and his arms wrapped themsleves around her waist. He pulled her up so she was standing on her tip-toes on his feet so she was level with him.
He pulled away breathless.
"I'm sorry I was jealous, but . . . I really fucking want you."
She smiled. "I'm yours if you want me."
"You bet your ass I want you."
He kissed her again. One arm was still wrapped around the back of his neck while the other hand dug it's nails into his jaw, making him moan. She didn't know if it was in pain or in pleasure, but it didn't matter.
"Y'know, you're a really good kisser."
"Aw shucks." She joked.
He smiled. "You're really cute, y'know."
"I'm cute?"
"Actually, scratch cute. You're beautiful, Ace."
"So Grace told you the nick name?"
"Yeah, she did."
"You know, she's been calling me mom lately. I knew that we were close, but it felt really nice knowing that I ment that much to her."
"You do mean a lot to her."
"She also told me that you wouldn't shut up about me and that you thought I was great." She said, grinning.
"You're better than great, you're amazing."
She blushed. "So it doesn't bother you that I'm only nineteen?"
"No, Sugar. It's not like I'm eighty and you're nineteen or some shit like that, it's only a four year difference."
"I guess you're right."
"I know I'm right."
Ghoul opened the door, not knowing if he'd see Poison and Acid screaming at eachother, but instead he saw them staring at eachother with happiness in there eyes. He had the urge to make jokes, but he decided to keep his mouth shut.
"Aw, the lovebirds made up." Death said while she was standing next to him.
Acid and Poison looked in their direction.
"How long have you been standing there?"
"Long enough to know that you're together now, but not long enough to hear the gooey romantic shit that would put us into a sugar coma."
"Oh c'mon, it wasn't that bad."
"Oh really?"
"Poison, do you swear on your soul that you will look after my sister, becuase if you break her heart, I'll have to rip out your eyes and shove them so far down your throat that you'd see my foot up your ass, understood?"
Poison laughed at Death's warning. "I promise I'll look after her."
"Good, now that the over protective sibling shit is out the window, we're all playing some of Dr.D's instruments, come and play, it's fun."
Death grabbed Ghoul's hand and took him back into the diner. Poison and Acid shortly followed them.
Acid's heart froze when she saw a bass guitar. "I think I just died and went to heaven." She said as she picked up the bass. It was a gilltery silver and she fell in love with it the second her eyes fell on it.
"Awesome, you play bass?" Kobra asked.
"Fuck yeah, I've been playing since I was seven. It was the first instrument I learned to play."
"What else can you play?"
"Piano, drums and I had a couple singing lessions."
She picked it up and started playing Long View by Green Day. She stared sining along to it.
They all watched her as her fingers ran up and down the neck of the bass. Ghoul and Jet started playing along with her and Death started playing the drums. The instruments crashed together.
When they finished playing, Acid was the first to speak.
"Fuck I've missed playing." She hugged the bass's neck, she didn't care if she looked crazy, she missed bass. "I'm sorry, Kobra, but I'm in love with your bass guitar."
Ghoul chuckled. "I think you've put both of the Way's out of buisness, Acid."
"I usually play bass and Poison usually sings."
"Sorry I kinda stole that then, I've just not played in so long."
"No problem. You know any other songs?"
"The list is endless."
"Then let's start playing."
They played for three hours straight. Poison loved watching her play, he knew that it ment a lot to her and he loved watching her do something she loved. He'd never been in love before, but he'd be lying if he said that there wasn't a strong possibilty of him falling for her, he knew that he could fall very easily, and he was exited about when he would fall. His only fear was that she didn't feel the same way.
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