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Chapter Six - Truth or Dare?

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"I've got an idea!" Show Pony shouted. "What?" Acid said, giggling because of the alcohol. "Truth or dare!"

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A/N Here's chapter six! I hope you enjoy it and I'd really appriate a review or two! Thanks! ;)

Chapter Six - Truth Or Dare

"I can't do it, I can't go through the sex talk again." Acid said.
"C'mon, we all have to do it, too, please don't wuss out on us." Ghoul begged. They were all dreading having the sex talk with Grace, but in the space of two days, she was asking more and more questions about it and they couldn't take it anymore.
Acid sighed. "Fine, but I'm doing the least talking."
"Okay, just as long as you . . ." Ghoul struggled to think of the right word "help."
She groaned. "Fine."
They all walked out into the living room where Grace was sitting.
"So, you are you gonna tell me what sex is yet?" She asked.
"That's why were all here, sweetie. You see when two people love eachother very much, or they're drunk, they have sex." Ghoul said. They were all incredibley uncomfertable and they knew that it would get really bad soon.
"That explains why people have sex, but what is it?"
They were all quite, none of them wanted to answer that question. Acid was the one to speak up and she pretty much explained to her what it was.
When she was finished Grace burst out laughing. "If I tell you something, will you promise not to get mad with me?"
"I knew what sex was, I just wanted to embaress you all."
Acid ran up to Grace and picked her up. "You're so gonna pay for that one day, you know that, right?"
"I doubt it."
"Oh really? I'll do it when you least expect it, I'm sure you're gonna get pay back from every single one of us."
Ghoul took Grace out of Acid's arms and started tickling her.
"You're so dead, kid."
"You'll have to catch me first." Grace jumped out of Ghoul's arms and she started running into the small hall way.
Acid, Ghoul, Death and Poison started running after her, they didn't act like Killjoys, they acted like little kids again.

When it was ten at night, Kobra got out some booze and they all started drinking, exept for Death and Grace. It didn't take long before they were all drunk. Acid was sitting in Poison's lap and they were all just casually talking.
Show Pony had joined them after his shift was done with Dr.D and he easily caught up with the rest of them drinking wise.
"I've got an idea!" Show Pony shouted.
"What?" Acid said, giggling because of the alcohol.
"Truth or dare!"
"I've not played truth or dare since I was in sixth grade." Jet said.
"Oh, c'mon, Jet don't be such a killjoy!" They all laughed at Acid's joke, they knew that if they were sobor then they wouldn't have found it as funny.
"Acid, thruth or dare?" Show Pony asked.
"Um . . . dare."
"I dare you to . . . kiss Kobra."
"What? I've got to kiss Kobra? That's just weird since I'm with his brother."
"You don't have to use your tounges, just for fifteen seconds."
Acid rolled her eyes and walked over to Kobra. "Keep your hands to yourself, Kobra." She teased.
Kobra laughed a little. "If I must."
Acid pressed her lips to Kobra's, then they all started counting down.
"Five, four, three, two, one!" They shouted at the last five seconds of their kiss.
The second they pulled away, Acid wipped her lips with her sleeve and sat back down next to Poison.
"So, Ghoul, truth or dare?" Acid asked him.
"Is it true that last time you played truth or dare you had to kiss my boyfriend?" They all laughed at the memory while Poison and Ghoul blushed madly.
"How did you even know about that?"
"Kobra and Jet talk." She replied.
"Yes, it's true. I've been in love with him ever since." He joked.
Poison laughed. "You still got my heart, but I kinda want it back now."
"So you can give it to Acid? I'm crushed!"
Poison smiled and looked at his girlfriend.
"Anyways, Kobra, truth or dare?"
"I dare you to kiss Acid with tounge for ten seconds."
"Why do I have to keep kissing my brother's girlfriend?"
"It's not the first girl you and your bother've shared. Remember Death Barbie?" Jet reminded them. Death Barbie was with Kobra for six months, but she tried to sleep with Poison so Kobra broke up with her.
"I never kissed or slept with her, so it doesn't count as sharing." Poison said.
"Anyway, kiss her!" He shouted.
"Ugh. Sorry, Ace."
"'S fine, we'll just make Ghoul kiss Show Pony's ass."
"I feel like Show Pony'd like that, though." She smiled a little
Kobra kissed Acid, again, but this time he shoved his tounge into her mouth.
"If you fall in love with my girlfriend, you're dead." Poison teased while they kissed. Kobra gave his brother the finger while he kissed his girlfriend. Once they were done, Acid rested her head on Poison's shoulder.
"Jet, truth or dare?" Kobra asked.
"Um . . . every time someone picks truth, you have to kiss Acid on the cheek and you have to hold Acid's hand for the rest of the night."
"Kobra, I thought we were a team! I thought we were gonna make them pay for making us make out!"
"Sorry, Ace."
"Why does everyone keep picking on my girlfriend?"
"Because she's hot." Ghoul answered after taking a sip of his beer.
"What if I made myself butt ugly for the night, would you stop picking on me?"
"'S not possible to make you butt ugly, you're beautiful, Ace."
Acid smiled at her boyfriend and pressed her lips to his.
"C'mon, we don't wonna see that." Ghoul moaned.
"But you do wonna see me and Kobra?"
"It's 'cause you're makin' out with his boyfriend." Jet teased because of their kiss.
"Yeah, you stole my man, bitch." Ghoul joked.
"Finders keepers." She replied.
"Anyway, Poison, truth or dare?" Kobra asked his big brother.
"Truth." Jet kissed Acid's cheek.
"Is is true that you love Ace?"
"I . . ." Poison didn't want to say yes and make it look they were moving too fast, but he didn't want to say no and make it look like he didn't care about her. She knew why he was pausing and she knew that he didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying no but he didn't want to look like a freak by saying yes . . . that was at least what Acid though.
"This should be interesting." Jet said.
"I love spending time with her, but it's too early to say love."
Acid smiled at him and kissed his cheek.
"That was no fun, I thought there might be a fight so I could swoop in and make Poison realise he's ment to be with me." Ghoul said, joking again.
"He's made to be with you my ass, he's aaaallll mine." Acid said, holding Jet's hand because of his dare.
"Ace, truth or dare?" Poison asked his girlfriend.
"Is it true that you used to have a crush on Nixon?"
Acid sighed. "Not this again."
"Is it true?"
"First of all, I was a kid so don't have a bitch fit about it like you did before, but yes. I had a crush on Nixon, I don't anymore, he's just a friend."
"Ghoul, truth or dare?"
"Take your shirt off."
"Yeah, take your shirt off." Show Pony agreed.
Ghoul stood up and took his shirt off.
Acid whistled. Ghoul sat back down with his tattooed chest on display.
"Acid, truth or dare."
"Take your shirt off."
"Oh ha ha, very funny." Acid said, scarcasticly. She let go of Jet's hand and took off her tank top, displaying her favorite lacey blue bra. All of their eyes were on her breasts.
"I'm gonna say it again, my eyes are up here. I might be drunk, but I sill know that you were staring at my tits."
They all looked away.
"Poison, truth or dare?" She asked her boyfriend.
"I dare you to give me a hickey."
He started laughing. "You want me to give you a hickey?"
"I'm drunk, I don't know what the fuck I'm saying." She took a huge gulp of her beer.
"Can I do it later? 'M not really comfertable doing it infront of the guys."
"Fine." She kissed him on the lips.
"Fuck truth or dare, who wants to drink some fuckin' beer?" Kobra almost shouted.
"I'll drink to that."
They all drunk for the rest of the night.

Poison and Acid went back to their room completely wasted after drinking for several hours.
"You still want that hickey, Ace?" Poison said the second the door was closed.
Acid smiled. "Fuck yeah."
Poison's lips started attacking Acid's neck and she moaned at the feeling of Poison's lips on her skin.
They lay on the bed with Poison on top of her. Poison's hands cupped her breasts as he passionately kissed her neck.
As much as she didn't want it to, there was a small voice in the back of her mind that was reminding her of what Korse did. To begin with, the voice was quiet and easy to ignore, but it was getting louder and louder in mind until it was shouting in her mind and filling her head with the memory of what it was like to be forced upon.
Poison's hands moved away from her breasts and they were running down her back until he reached her ass. He gave her ass a gentel squeeze and she cringed, but he was too drunk to notice what she did. Acid didn't want to stop him, she knew that he was enjoying himself, but she couldn't take the voice and the images in her head.
"Poison." She tried to say, but it came out a wisper, which he didn't hear. Tears burned Acid's eyes and she let them spill over.
"Poison, STOP!" She shouted. She pushed him away and she sat up. He sat next to Acid and saw that she was crying, but he was confused as to why.
"Ace, what's wrong?"
"I-I'm sorry." She said while she sobbed.
"Why are you sorry?"
"I stopped you . . . again. I just couldn't do it."
"Ace are you a virgin? Because, if you are, then I'm not pressuring you into anything, not that I would if you aren't a virgin."
"Tecnichly I've never been with a man that way." She didn't think that Korse even deserved to be called human because of everything he'd done, so she didn't consider him human, never mind a man.
"Look, I'm not gonna make you do anything-"
"That's not why I'm crying, Poison, but I appreciate that you wonna try and make me feel better." She took a swig from the wine bottle next to her bed. It was cheap wine, but it didn't matter. Wine was alcohol and that was all that she wanted. "There's so much that you don't know about me. Why do you even want me? I'm fucking nothing, I'm worthless." She said, recalling what Korse had said to her.
"Why are you even saying this? You're sure as hell not worthless or nothing. I might be drunk, but even I know that. You mean so fucking much to me and I want to learn more about you, Ace."
"What if I'm so fucked up that you don't want me anymore?"
"Trust me, I'm more worried about how fucked up you're gonna find out I am and not want me."
"It's not possible. I'm always gonna want you."
"Me too."
He gently kissed her lips. He could taste her salty tears when his lips pressed to hers, but he didn't care that much.
When Poison pulled away, he lay her back down again and he took her shoes off her feet. Poison took his own shoes off and he lay next to her with one arm wrapped around her waist. They both quickly feel asleep.
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