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Chapter Seven - Trouble

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"Hello, Acid. It's been a long time." She closed her eyes and let a single tear escape her eye.

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Chapter Seven - Trouble

Two weeks later, Acid and Poison were joined at the hip and it was almost impossible for them to be apart. Poison and Acid had told eachother pretty much everything about themselves, but Acid hadn't told Poison about what happened with Korse yet, she knew that she'd have to tell him soon and that terrified her more anything. The thought of telling him was bad enough, but she didn't even want to think about how he'd react.
Something else was bothering her, they'd had their fair share of passionate make-out sessions, but whenever things got too heated, she'd always pull away or make up an exuse so she had to leave. She wanted to have sex with him, but whenever they got close to it, she always thought of how she was abused. She wished that she could just let it go, that she could pretend that it didn't matter that much, but she couldn't make herself think of it in a different way. Poison thought that she was a virgin and that she wanted to wait, he was willing to support that, but he couldn't deny that he really wanted to sleep with her. Acid knew that he wanted to, as much as he tried to hide it, she knew that he wanted to have sex with her really badly.
Grace called Acid mom perminately, Grace missed her biological mother, but she loved Acid too much not to call her mom. Grace loved the fact that Acid and Poison were together, it made it feel more like she had real perants. Acid was also pleased that Grace and Death had become really close, they were like sisters. She knew that Death had always wanted a little sister and Grace seemed more than happy to be that sister. Grace had a mom and dad, uncles, a sister and a grandpa, it was the only thing Grace considered normal in her life.
Poison, Acid, Death and Grace were all sitting in the living room. Acid was snuggled into Poison's side and Death was giving Grace a pedacure.
Acid looked up at her boyfriend and smiled.
"I love that smile." He said.
"I love those lips." He smiled at her and she kissed him with both of her arms wrapped around his waist.
"Ahem." Death almost shouted. Death and Fun Ghoul had become really close lately, he was like the big brother she'd never had.
Poison and Acid pulled away and looked at Death. "What?" Acid asked her sister.
"I appriecate the whole young love shit, but may I remind you that your daughter's in the room and your little sister?"
"Sorry if I kissed my boyfriend, mom."
"Hey, if mom really was here, she'd be pissed, and I think that dad would tare your eyes out, Poison."
"He could try." Acid said.
"And suceed."
"Do you want me to ground you?" Acid threatened.
"And ban me from going outside into the boiling hot desert where there's nothing to do? Wow, big threat." She said with a smile.
"Rosanna Oliveson, don't tempt me, I have the power to ban you from seeing your beloved cd player and your cds."
"I love you so much, Ace. You're the best big sister I ever could've asked for."
Acid chuckled. "That's what I thought."
Acid was just about to kiss Poison again, but Dr.Death come bursting through the doors.
"Bad news, motorbabies. Korse himself is in the Zones, he's lookin' for Static Angel and Cherri Cola again."
"Who's Static Angel and Cherri Cola?" Death asked while painting Grace's toe nails lilac with traces of silver glitter inside it.
"Static Angel and Cherri Cola are my other daughters. All together I had one daughter and two step daughters, Static and Cherri are my step daughters."
"So, are we gonna be seeing aunt Static and aunt Cherri again soon?" Grace asked. She loved her aunt Cherri and aunt Static.
"Better, kid. They're probably gonna be living with us."
Grace's face lit up, she looked like a kid on Christmas who got the present she wanted the most. "For sure?"
"I'll convince 'em, kid, don't worry 'bout that."
Grace hugged her grandpa feeling nothing but happiness. Dr.Death hugged his grandaughter with a smile on his face, Grace always came first to him, everything else was second, even defeeting BL/ind. Grace was the only blood relative he had left and vice versa. He thought of Show Pony and the Fabulous Killjoys as the sons he always wanted, but never had, but Grace obviously ment more to him.
"First, we need to find Static and Cherri." Dr.Death said. He knew that finding Static and Cherri'd be hard, they always left false trails to throw BL/ind off. He'd be lying if he said that the sisters didn't impress him with things like hiding. Cherri and Static never used their radio to find people, he didn't even know if they owned one anymore.
Static and Cherri were also some of BL/ind's most wanted. All Killjoys were wanted, obviously, but the ones who were the biggest threat where the ones they always tried to exterminate. The Fabulous Killjoys, Static Angle, Cherri Cola, Dr.Death, Acid Bullets, Show Pony and a guy called Crimson Killer were the most wanted to BL/ind.
"We're gonna need to start looking as soon as possible."
"We're going out there to look for them? Why can't we just contact them?" Acid was getting worried incase she actually saw Korse again, she knew that the chances of her seeing him weren't high, but she was still scared about him.
"They don't own a radio, sweetie. Trust me, life'd be a lot easier if they did."
"Kobra and Jet'll go in Zones one, two and three. Me and Acid'll go in Zones four, five and six. Then Ghoul and Show Pony can go in Zone seven and the outer Zones." There wasn't much in the outer Zones, just waste and skelletons from the bombs in 2012.
"Sounds good. Static and Cherri usually stay in Zones three and four, but since they're closer to Battery City than other Zones they might not be there." Ghoul said.
"We'll just keep looking until we find them. If they end up coming here first, tell us through the radio, 'kay?" Jet said.
"Will do, Jet."
Acid and Poison took the Trans Am, Kobra and Jet took the Drac car that Acid stole around a month ago (which they'd panited a bright green with adjustments that clearly made it a Killjoy's car) and Ghoul and Show Pony took Dr.Death's old car before he was in the wheel chair.

When Kobra Kid and Jet Star got to Zone one, they started looking in Zone three first. Kobra didn't want to admit it to anyone, but he was kind of exited to see Static Angel again, he'd had a huge crush on her when he last saw her. Static had long black hair with bright red streaks in it, he clearly remembered that her eyes resembled emeralds with dark eye lashes that framed her perfect green eyes, her lips where a light rose pink and her skin was fairly pale.
When they looked through all of their Zones, they found Crimson Killer, he was a close friend of Static's and Cherri's.
"Last time I checked they were in Zone five. Cherri found a perfect place to hide from Korse, but she took his prescious daughter away from him."
"Korse has a daughter? Since when?" Jet asked, shocked at the thought of Korse having a daughter.
"She used to be a Killjoy, she was called Desert Rose. Rose was a good gal and she was good friends with Static and Cherri. Korse obviously found out that they stole Rose and he's looking for them. Rose was only eighteen."
"So they're in Zone five?"
"They should be."
"Thanks, Crimson."
"Don't sweat it, Kobra."

Acid and Poison hadn't found anyone in Zone four, so they moved onto Zone five when Kobra and Jet told them that Crimson said that was the last place they'd been seen.
Acid and Poison were both wearing their masks and Acid even had her bandana on.
"Put your hands up and turn around." They heard a voice from behind them. They both felt guns pressed into their backs. They slowly turned around to see Static standing behind them.
"Static? Is that you?"
"Party? Shit, it is you!" She dropped her guns and she hugged Poison tightly.
"Look, Dr.Death sent us to look for you. We heard about Korse looking for you again."
"Yeah, he has. It's been a pain in the ass, but it's worth it for Rose."
"Who's Rose?"
She explained about who Rose was and told him about why they wanted her.
"So, who's this?"
"This is Acid Bullets, my girlfriend." It felt good for Poison to call Acid his girlfriend.
"Oh, so you're the miricle worker who got Poison to finally get a girl?"
"I guess I am." Acid said with a smile.
"Sorry to inturpt, but you have something that belongs to me and I want it back. Now." Acid's heart felt like it was beating a million mile an hour. She knew the voice. Korse.
Acid turned around to see him.
"Hello, Acid. It's been a long time." She closed her eyes and let a single tear escape her eye.

Fun Ghoul and Show Pony were looking in Zone seven when they got a transmission from Poison.
"Get into Zone . . . as quickly . . . you . . ." They could tell that Poison wanted them to go to one of the Zones he was in, but it kept breaking up.
"Poison, you're breaking up. What's going on?" Show Pony asked.
"I . . . Static and Cherri . . . Korse . . . Acid was . . . in Zone . . ."
"Poison, what Zone are you in?" They heard all they had to hear. They knew that Korse had probably found them.
"Zone five . . . quick, Korse . . . don't know . . ."
"We're coming, hang on."

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