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Chapter Eight - Blood And Guns

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"I already lost mom, I can't go through that again. I won't." Grace sobbed.

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A/N I decided to post another chapter. Thankyou to Lenorebear for reviewing again! I need to go do my homework, so enjoy the next chapter and I'm sorry for any typos or mistakes ;)

Chapter Eight - Blood And Guns

"Stay away from me." Acid spat at Korse.
"Don't be like that, Alexandria. I mean, we do have a history." He took a couple steps towards her.
"I said stay away from me!" Acid shouted in his face.
Party Poison grabbed his gun out of it's sling and he pressed it into Korse's back.
"You heard her, stay away from her." After he'd messaged Ghoul and Jet.
"We saw on the cameras that you two where in love, but I must say, I didn't think you would be interested in my scraps, Gerard."
"What the hell are you talking about, asshole?"
"Alexandria didn't tell you? She didn't tell you about the time she and I had sex?" Acid was disgusted that he called it 'sex', it was nothing but rape. She wanted to speak up, but she couldn't find her voice to do it.
"You're lying. She'd never do that."
"But she did, Gerard." Poison didn't believe him, not for one second. He was about to pull the trigger when seven Draculoids emerged from the building behind them
"You really think I would come alone, Gerard?"
"You reall think he came alone?" Ghoul, Jet, Kobra and Show Pony started walking over to them with their guns pointed at them. They were all wearing their masks and helmets.
"The Fabulous Killjoys come to save the day? I don not think so." Korse grabbed Acid's wrist and he pulled her towards him. He pressed his gun into her neck, one hand was holding her neck so if he gripped it hard enough, he would choke her, his other arm was wrapped around her waist so she couldn't move.
"All of you drop your weapons or I kill her."
"Don't!" Acid shouted.
Korse lowered his lips to her ear. "Be quiet, Alexandria. It was the same voice that got you into trouble with me. Are you telling me you want that to happen again?" Acid was silent.
Korse press his lips onto her neck and kissed it. Poison could feel an uncontroled fire building up inside him when he saw Korse kiss Acid's neck. "Good girl." He whispered her her ear again.
They all hesitated, but they eventually dropped their guns.
"Iris, I'd like my daughter back now."
"Don't call me Iris, it's Static." Static said, angrily.
"Hand her over, Iris."
"Cherri," Static shouted. Cherri walked out with who I asumed was who Korse was looking for.
"How the fuck did you find us?" Cherri demanded, her blonde hair was tied into a messy pony tail and she was wearing dark glasses with headphones.
"I have my ways, Claudia."
"It's not Claudia." Cherri and Static had a thing about being called by their real names, the majority of the Killjoys out there had a problem being called by their real name, that is if they remembered it. Some Killjoys had even forgotten their real names because they'd been used to their Killjoy names for a few years.
"I just want my daughter back, in return, I won't kill any of you Killjoys."
"Yeah right." Static said.
"I give you my word, Iris. I'm an honorable man, I never betray my word."
"I don't want to go with you." A small blonde girl walked out of the small building in the desert. Her skin was tanned, her blonde hair was a sandy color and her eyes were a soft muddy brown. She wasn't wearing anything too flashy, a pair of green boots, denim shorts with a black belt and a plain white t-shirt.
"Elizabeth, it's time to go now."
"No, it's not. I'm not leaving, Korse. By the way, it's Desert Rose now."
"Your name is Elizabeth, you will do as I say and you will come with me. If you disobey me, then I'll kill all of them here, that is a promise, Elizabeth."
"If you hurt them, I swear to God."
"You have nothing against me, Elizabeth. Nothing."
"But I do, how would the citizens of Battery City like to know what you've been doing to them all this time?" She held up what looked like an iPhone. "I hacked into the Better Living account by using this, at the snap of a button I could tell everyone your dirty little secrate. What would you do then, Korse? Everyone would rebel. Think about it, how many people signed up to be drugged by your medicen, Korse?" She didn't really hack it, it was just a threat for Korse otherwise she would've done it straight away.
His grip on Acid tightened, it made it harder for her to breathe.
Poison stared at Acid wanting to kill Korse more than he ever wanted to in his life.
"What's wrong, Gerard? You want this back?"
"Let. Her. Go."
"The Party Poison has a little crush on this?" Korse kissed Acid, forcing his tounge into her mouth. Acid bit down as hard as she could on his tounge. Korse screamed in agony and stopped kissing her. Acid spit his blood out of her mouth, trying not to gag because she could feel his blood all over her teeth. Korse lowered his gun to Acid's shoulder and he shot her, waching Party Poison.
Korse threw Acid on the floor. Poison ran over to her and looked at her burnt flesh.
He held her in his arms and kissed her forehead.
"Love. Something the world could do with out, do you not agree?" Korse shot Acid again, but this time it was in her stomach. She screamed.
"I'll leave, Elizabeth, but mark my words. This is deffinately not over."
He got into his car and drove away with the Draculoids. If Poison'd had his gun, he would've killed Korse for hurting Acid. Blood was leaking out of her stomach at an alarming rate.
"We've gotta get her back to Dr. Death's."
"Poison, it fucking hurts." Acid complained with a pained look on her face.
"I know, I know. We're gonna get you back and Jet and Dr. Death'll stop the bleeding."
Acid didn't reply.
Poison picked her up bridal style and put her in the Trans Am. She was lying down on the backseats.
Acid's hands were covered in blood and there was already blood on the car seats. Kobra, Ghoul, Cherri, Static and Rose got into the Drac's car and Jet and Show Pony got into Dr.Death's car.
"This is all my fault." Rose said in the Drac's car.
"Don't blame yourself for this, it's not your fault that you're Korse's daughter." Static tried to comfort her.
"But if I'd just gone with him then she never would've gotten hurt. What if she dies?"
Kobra cringed at the thought of Acid dying. Him and Acid had become good friends and he knew that it would kill his brother if he lost Acid. He just hoped that she'd be okay, not just for her brother, but for him, the rest of the Fabulous Killjoys, her sister and most importantly, Grace. She'd already lost one mother, she'd grown to love Acid as her mom, he knew that she'd be a wreck if she died. They all prayed that she'd be okay, she ment too much to everyone to not be okay.

After Jet and Dr. Death had worked on Acid, Poison, Grace and Death went in to see her.
Poison's heart broke in his chest when he saw her lying in the cot. She had a layer of cold sweat on her body, her eyes were close, she was only wearing a bra on her chest because she had to have a bandage wrapped around her torso because of where she'd been shot and her skin was almost a ghostly white.
"M-mom?" Grace asked.
"Hey sweetie." Acid's voice was quite.
Grace tried to block out the painful memories of when her real mom was dying, she looked exactly like Acid did, the only difference was it that she had a bandage wrapped around her chest.
"How's everyone doing?"
"You've been shot and you're asking how everyone else is doing?" Death asked with tears in her eyes, but a small smile on her face.
Acid smiled a little. "How's Poison? He okay?"
"You ask him for yourself. He's here." Death said.
"How come you haven't said anything?"
"I don't know what to say." He replied.
"Could you two leave us alone for a second? I need to say something to your dad."
"Okay, mom." Grace kissed her forehead and walked out of the room holding Death's hand.
"I messed up, didn't I?" She asked Poison.
"How did you mess up?"
"Korse kissed me."
"I know, and you bit his tounge."
Acid smiled slightly. "That was pretty fun, I just hated the fact that his blood was in my mouth and that I got shot . . . twice."
"What he said, about you two having sex, I know he was lying, but it fucking pissed me off."
"It wasn't sex, Poison. It was rape."
"He-he did what?"
She sighed. "'S not how I wanted to tell you, but yeah. He raped me. That's why whenever we've almost had sex, I've stopped. As much as I don't want to, all I see is his face whenever we get really passionate. He killed my perants and I was trying to offend him, make him feel the slightest bit guilty about it, but instead he cut me and he pinned me against the wall and then he . . ." She couldn't bring herself to finish.
"How old were you?"
"Acid . . . fuck, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have tried to-"
"Poison, I want to have sex with you, I really do, but you know why it's hard for me."
"Acid, I'm so sorry."
"'S not your fault."
"Do you need anything?"
"Yeah, you."
"I'm yours, Sugar. You know that."
"Lie down next to me then. I need to sleep, but I need to know that you're there."
"I'll always be there." He promised her. He truely ment it, he did want to say it yet, but he loved her. He loved her and he didn't know how to tell her. They'd only been together for around a month, but they'd spent pretty much every second of every day with her. He'd fallen for her.
Acid moved over so that he could get into the cot with her. While Poison slowly climbed into the cot, he was careful not to hurt her arm. When he was lying next to her, she rested her head on his chest and drifted into sleep.
When Poison was sure she was asleep, he wispered, "I love you, Ace."
He kissed her forehead and let a couple of tears escape his eyes when he thought about the possiblity of losing Acid. Even though she'd already been operated on, the chance of her getting an infection was fifty fifty. If she got an infection, she'd probably die. He didn't know if he'd be able to cope if Acid died. Obviously, if she did die, then he'd have to stay strong for Grace and Death. He knew that he'd have to take Death if Acid died, it would be wrong for him not to. Death was a sweet girl and he'd be more than happy to look after her as his own, but the last thing he wanted was for Acid to die. He just begged over and over in his head that he wouldn't lose her.

Cherri and Static tried to comfort Grace, who was crying after she saw Acid.
"I can't lose her, Cherri."
"I know, sweetie. We promise, Acid'll be okay. She's survived many things before." They knew that Acid had been shot a lot in her time, they'd heard rumours about her throughout the Zones.
"I already lost mom, I can't go through that again. I won't." Grace sobbed.
Static and Cherri cringed when she mentioned their step sister. They adored their step sister. Layla was slightly younger than Cherri and Static by two years. They were seventeen when Layla ran away, but when Poison found her again, they were both thrilled. They were shocked to find that they had a neice, but they still loved her. Cherri knew that Poison and Layla had a thing for eachother and Cherri and Static thought that they'd end up together, but they were just best friends, nothing more, nothing less. Poison was crushed when Layla died, he loved her as a brother would love his sister and he wanted to raise Grace when Layla died.
"You won't lose her, your momma died because she was shot in a place very close to her heart, but Acid wasn't. Acid's going to live, she loves you too much not to carry on living."
Grace sniffed. "You think so?"
"I know so, kid." Cherri said with a small smile on her lips.

Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid were drinking outside in the desert. It was almost dark, but it didn't matter to them. Kobra took a huge gulp of a bottle of whisky he was holding in his hand.
"Shit that's strong." He said.
Ghoul was drinking the last of his liquor, he'd almost had half a bottle in the space of a couple of hours.
"Do you think she'll make it?" Ghoul asked. They'd been avoiding the subject all night, but they had to talk about it. All of them had a strong connection with Acid now, she ment a lot to all of them, Poison and Grace imparticular.
"I don't know." Kobra said, truthfully. He wanted to believe that she would make it, but he had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was going to go wrong. He tried to ignore it and concentrate on his bottle of whisky, but the task was becoming close to impossible.
"You know that Poison's in love with her, right?" Ghoul said.
"It's obvious. That's another thing that scares me, what will Poison do if she dies? It was bad enough when we lost Layla. He was a wreck for months and if that was how he reacted when Bob died, how the fuck would he react to the one he loves?"
Ghoul hadn't thought of this before, all the possibilities ran through his head. "Do you think he'd commit suicide?"
"No. Not suicide, he couldn't do that to Grace after losing her mom and Acid, he knows that'd kill her." Kobra had more of his whisky.
"Do you think he'd try and take drugs again?" When Bob had died, one of their best friends, back in 2013, he'd managed to get drugs. Not BL/ind drugs, but actual drugs. He'd got his hands on cocain and some pills when Bob died and he did the same thing when Layla passed away.
"It's possible." Kobra admitted.
"Besides, she's Acid. She can't die. I'm sure she'll be fine." Ghoul said.
"Yeah . . . fine." Kobra decided not to tell Ghoul about the feeling he had, he knew that would only make things worse than they already were. The only thing that scared the shit out of him was, most of the time, that feeling in his gut was right.
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