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Chapter Nine - Knocking On Death's Door

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Poison felt as if his heart had been ripped out by someone's bare hands, he just wondered why he wasn't dead yet.

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A/N Heyo, it's me again ;) I tried to upload this chapter a couple times last night, but my computer was fucking up and wouldn't let me, so we'll see if it'll let me this time. Thankies to mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing the last chapter and I hope you enjoy the next one installment even though it's probably the shortest chapter in the story, but I'll just post another soon to make up for the length of this one . . . anyways, enjoy!

Chapter Nine - Knocking On Death's Door

Five days had passed and Acid was getting worse. She could no longer speak, she had a dangerously high temperature and there was a yellow liquid leaking out of her wound in her stomach. Jet and Dr. Death knew that it was infected, but they were still deciding on how to tell everyone about her infection. It was most likely that she would die, the only way that she would live is if a miracle came out of no where.
Static, Cherri and Rose were temporarily staying with Dr. Death and the rest of the Killjoys. Rose felt incredibley guilty about Acid, she couldn't help but feel that it was her fault that Acid was lying in the cot, slowly dying. She hated herself for being Korse's daughter, the fact of being in the same room as him sickened her, nevermind being related to him.
Dr. Death got Poison, Death and Grace to go into his room so he could tell them that Acid had an infection. They all knew that she would die soon if he said that, he just wasn't looking forward to breaking them.
"Look, I need to talk to ya all. It's about Acid."
"What about her?" Death asked. Death had barely slept since Acid was shot. Death had dark circles under her eyes, her skin was a couple shades pailer than usual, her hair resembled a bird's nest and her eyes were red and puffy from crying.
"Me 'n' Jet didn't know how to tell ya this, but . . . Acid's got a pretty nasty infection. We're doin' all we can, but we don't think she's gonna make it."
Death shook her head, refusing to believe what she was hearing. "No, she's not dying, you're lying to me." You could clearly smell the venom in Death's voice, you could almost taste it in the room.
"I ain't lyin', Death. I wish I was, but I couldn't lie 'bout somethin' like this."
Tears quickly filled Death's eyes, making her vision blurry. "She can't die, she's all the family I have left. She can't die." She broke down, crying hystericly.
Grace hugged Death, wrapping her small arms around her shoulders.
"I can't lose her. I can't."
"I'm sorry." He appologized.
Poison felt as if his heart had been ripped out by someone's bare hands, he just wondered why he wasn't dead yet. He got up and left the room without saying a word to anyone. He walked past Kobra, Ghoul and Jet in the living room.
"Hey, man. What did Dr. Death say?" Ghoul asked.
"She's going to die, Ghoul. Acid's dying. She's got an infection." He said with no emotion in his voice.
Jet looked at the floor. He knew that she was dying, he just felt guilty that he didn't tell Poison sooner.
"Jet?" Poison asked, looking confused.
"I knew, Poison. I knew that Acid was dying."
That was the end of Poison's forgiveness. Poison grabbed Jet and threw him against the wall.
"You knew that Acid was dying and you didn't fucking tell me?!" He shouted.
"We didn't know how to tell you!" He shouted back.
"Do you know how much I love her? Do you know what I'd do for her? You knew that she was dying and you never even told me!"
They were all shocked that he said that he loved her, they knew that he loved her anyway, but they were shocked to hear him admit it.
Poison noticed the silence in the room.
"What? You're so surprised that I can love someone? Or is it the fact that I admitted it? Do you know what, forget it. I'm going out."
"Where?" Kobra asked, worried about what his brother might do.
"'S not important. Don't wait for me to come back." He slammed the door and got into his car.

Poison stopped driving when he got to the outer Zones. He decided to put his radio on and My Immortal by Evanescence was playing on one of the Killjoy stations.
"I’m so tired of being here. Suppressed by all my childish fears. And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave. Your presence still lingers here, and it won’t leave me alone. These words won’t seem to heal. This pain is just too real. There’s just too much that time cannot erase. When you cried, I’d wipe away all of your tears. When you’d scream, I’d fight away all of your fears. I held your hand through all of these years. But you still have all of me." Poison let a tear run down his face, but when the tear ran down his face, more followed it before he let himself break down.
He'd lost her and she didn't even know that he was in love with her. Images of Jenna, the last girl he loved other than Acid, filled his head. He remembered how it felt when he lost her, he couldn't think of what it'd be like losing Acid.
I didn't even tell her I fucking loved her because I'm too much of a fucking idiot! He shouted in his head.
He looked at the back seats in the car, her blood was dried on the leather seats. He got out so he could get into the back and try to clean it off. All he could do was stare at the dried blood.

Rose'd had enough. Grace and Death kept crying, Poison'd run off to God only knows where and Acid was dying, she'd had enough. She was determind that she was going to fix the mess that she thought she'd made. She was going to help Acid.
At around midnight, she got out a peice of paper and started writing on it.

I can't bare this anymore. As much as you might deny it, all of this is my fault. It's my fault that Acid's dying, so I promise all of you that I'm gonna fix it. I'm going to Battery City and I'm gonna go into a Better Living hospital so I can get the right medical supplise to make her better (no pun intented).
I'll be able to get passed security because my finger prints'll match the test so they can make sure of who I am. Korse won't be alterted of my presence straight away, so that'll give me time to get the supplize. Better Living's medicens are more high tech than the normal shit people used in hospitals before 2012.
If I get caught, I'm sorry. I promise, I won't tell Korse anything about any of you. He'll have to kill me first. I love you Static and Cherri, thankyou for doing so much for me. This is how I'll be repaying you, I'll fix this.
All my love,
Desert Rose xoxo

The second she finished her letter, she ran out of the door and took a car with her.
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